Dear friends and family in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Germany:

My wife Eleonora is going in for an urgent, unforeseen surgical procedure and I am obviously needed here.

It breaks our hearts to have to postpone the tour and this time we were headed to Aberdare, the birthplace of my Grandfather-Daniel H. Jones, as one of our stops(hence the “coming home” tour). I had just completed an entirely new show and was looking so forward to doing it for you all. It seems the rescheduling will be for the same time next year.

Eleonora will be fine, thanks to the wonderful and alert doctors we are working with. She is so very grateful for your emails and FB posts!!

We are deeply grateful to all the venues for being so understanding and to Robert Pratt for his kindness!

Summer is soon approaching, and may you all enjoy it with good health!



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