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    I have long been baffled as to why so few of Jack’s RCA albums have been available on cd – not even a greatest hits as far as I know.

    Anybody any information?

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    I’m one of the few Jack fans who likes the RCA years more than the Kapp ones.
    Jack owns the rights to these 70s LPs and is gradually releasing them on this site.

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    John Donald

    I have heard that “Breadwinners” may be reissued in the not too distant future.

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    Jack’s RCA Victor albums are the best of his career… superb arrangements, excellent choice of songs and faultless production make for a top class back catalogue that vinyl record collectors search for enthustically amongst second hand record shops and are well sought after along with other 60’s & 70’s lp’s of Jack’s fellow top class singers and friends Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams and Matt Monro.


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    Rob W

    There are many Jack fans who love the RCA years! I keep scouring sites for releases. My vinyl has completely worn out. Bread Winners, Together and Harbour are fantastic. My mum used to play them to death when I was a kid. I think I might be a little young for a Jack fan….

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    Richard Perrine

    I had thought that maybe the RCA recordings got caught when GE (?) walked in and closed RCA….everything RCA was gone like it got hit by a phaser .
    I miss listening to many of the songs from the RCA years…..it really get’s bad around midnight.

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    I like you saying “it really gets bad around midnight”! 🙂

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    Romy Jones

    I’m longing to be able to hear “Hushed Whispers” from ‘Without Her’ / “I keep Leavin’ Houses Behind” from ‘A Time for Us’… and the whole ‘L.A. Breakdown’ album (masterwork)… without clicks and pops. Please, someone… make it happen before I die 😉

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    Yvonne Probert

    Please does anyone know if there is any chance of ” Harbour” being released ?

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    Yvonne,the album “I Never Had it So Good”(available on this site) contains nearly
    every song from “Harbour”.The order is different(and several songs from “Full Life”
    are added),but I think the only excluded song is the opening track “Here’s to Love”.

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    Colin Binns

    I had ‘Breadwinners’ by Jack Jones on vinyl, but someone borrowed It and I never saw It again. Are there plans to release It on CD please. It’s a wonderful album

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    It’s been some time since Jack has rereleased one of his RCA classics at the Music Store.Perhaps he’s been distracted with other projects,such as his new albums?
    “Together”,”What I Did for Love” and “With One More Look at You” would be my top
    choices for reissue.I’d also like a collection of his 45 singles,many of which have
    never been featured on an LP.
    I seem to recall an interview where Jack indicated that he found some unreleased songs in his vault-wouldn’t those be wonderful to hear?
    Old or new-please keep the music coming,Jack!

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