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(463) Paul Kim
17 December 2020 20:27:33 +0000
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A message to Jack from one of your most dedicated fans in the U.K....
When can we expect you back in the UK to do some live shows? It’s been a while!
And when will you release a new album? it’s been a while! Your tribute to Frank Sinatra was one of your best ever albums. It proved you are at the height of your vocal powers and only whetted the appetite for more.
A couple of suggestions.
How about an album of movie theme songs. There are so many out there that you have not recorded - including dozens of Oscar winners.
Better still: an album of classic standards from the Great American Songbook that you have never recorded. Ideally featuring the great Mike Renzi on piano.
It could be a definitive Jack Jones album that would be a legacy of your talent and resonate for decades into the future.
You have given so much pleasure to so many, for so many years and deserve to take it easy.
But your fans are hungry for more not less.
You have so much more to offer.
Here’s hoping!

I write at Drop me a line if you see this :) Cheers and happy holidays.

(462) carl stevenson
15 December 2020 01:36:00 +0000

I would love to recieve an email from Jack Jones.
I was the Pan Am pilot
in 1966 who showed Jack around Tokyo and he introduced me to Julie
The next day Jack was on our flt to San Francisco and we had Jack sit in the cockpit when we stopped at Anchorage for fuel.
carl Stevenson

United States of America
(461) V Wighton
5 December 2020 17:08:21 +0000

Hello Darling I thought I should write to you as my laptop went on the blink last night, nothing came up, however, eventually a message came up saying, Trying to repair serious error or words to that effect, after a long while it came back on, but it's not good. So, I am wishing you, your wife and families an early Happy Xmas and may all your wishes come true. I have a wonderful Xmas present for you, guess what- ME - HO HO HO.I Shouldn't say such things, but, I do. Gary got in touch with me and he managed to contact Desire and her brother (they had slimming Clinics in South Africa. Desire's wasbeside my Restaurant and we were all good friends. They went to LA in l995 Robey had Clinic in Rodeo Drive anyway they moved to Las Vegas and have slimming clinics there. Phoned Desire and she was so happy to hear from me (we lost contact moving around) anyway, she said I must come to Vegas next year and can stay at her place, very kind but not good at staying in other people's homes, however, I do want to come over that's if I can afford it as the last time in Vegas, it was quite expensive. Such a pity the Rand was so devalued it really has ruined my life also my few holdings have crashed [my Paternal Grandfather left a Trust Fund which my brother and I came into 1982 when my wonderful Mother died in Zimbabwe Med.Negligence] I did many things with it, helped the World people, street children, animals, I have always helped the World. It wasn't fortunes but I bought my Apartment, put money into the Restaurant, came over with African Art to Florida got a good order, on going signed etc., never followed through. My African ladies Zulu Bead Workers were so let down, I fe4lt terrible I hired a place in Ocean Drive to display my goods, oh, you have no idea what I have done, but as I said in Vegas The Story Of My Life. I see I have made a few mistakes, sorry. Well had better finish this little story. What a shame I did not see you in Palm Beach all those years ago, but would it have made any difference, I wonder! Well, my most beloved man in the World, I had better stop rattling on, this is what happens to people who live alone, all day every day. If, you don't hear from me , it will either be Computer failure or Heart failure. REMEMBER I loved you all this time and will always be in love with you, then, now and forever. Please stay safe keep strong and sing on darling. xxxxxxxx Hugs.

United Kingdom
(460) benay a birch
29 November 2020 19:55:26 +0000

Love your singing. I have listen to you since the 6o's.

United States of America
(459) Tony.wicks
19 November 2020 12:08:27 +0000

Please help me with an order placed with Jack Jones Music on the 26th of September for the ‘Jack Jones at the Palladium’ CD. Which I have not yet received. I have tried several email addresses to contact Jack Jones Music with no response.
I would be happy if you could help. Thank you. Tony.

United Kingdom
(458) V Wighton
15 November 2020 22:45:20 +0000

Hello You wonderful You, Just dropping a quick line as I am not, feeling very good. Hoping that all is ok with you, one and all and managing to cope with the changed World we are all experiencing. I must admit, for me it is very difficult by myself, as I am sure it is for many who are living alone. Perhaps I was a fool to give up having a relationship again. 15 years now since I ended my last one. Do you know why I did that it was because I cannot ever find you again in anyone and so I just stopped going out, other than with my friends. Why do I have to have such absolute love for you, through all these years, Why? Oh well, my darling that's the way it will always be. I am really not feeling good taking myself to A&E to get a scan on upper spine neck and head area as had a few horrible turns, let's hope it can be resolved, maybe it is caused by tension as I sure have a lot of that. I do so wish I could come over there and talk to you, someday, somehow, I will, once this Covid 19 is brought under control. I do hope the USA will get things under control as today in New York looked like Anarchy such heavy looking people DT supporters, who would have thought that would occur. Do you ever think there could be peace, my love, with such extreme creatures on the Planet. Please stay safe and sound, don't take any risks and always remember how much I love you. Wish you hadn't thought that thought I was there, at The Palladium, I was under the impression that you had left me, you understand why I got that idea. I did come the next night as I was going to talk to you. I discovered that Douglas Saunders was Stage Managing and therefore he would get Sandra and me through the Stage Door, but as usual blocked, Douglas had a night off anyway we did hear and see the Show from 2 chairs placed in the aisle by the Manager for us to sit as the Theatre was fully booked. I talked my way in. I wanted to ask you things, but no that was not to be. I an definitely ending off now love you, love you hugs and xxxxxxxx v

United Kingdom
(457) Tim
2 November 2020 13:22:24 +0000

A suggestion, on the off chance this will get to Jack himself. The opening line to Please Be Kind - change it to 'This ain't my first affair'
Surprisingly, everything else still fits, possibly even better.

(456) V Wighton
21 October 2020 20:56:39 +0000

Hello My Darling, Thought I had better drop a line see how things are with you. As always, I hope all going well and that you are staying safe, strong and not taking any risks, of course that goes for all your loved ones as well. I have had an X-RAY on my pinkie at last. Seems I have to have Plastic surgery done, going on Monday to Hospital go through with Dr. as to what they are going to do. It happened due to that bad fall I had 4 weeks ago. That's my exciting news. Thank you for all the wonderful numbers, don't know how I would manage without them. It's amazing that a certain song came up, one that I had been thinking about all last week and saying to myself, 'I wonder if we will ever play Checkers all day' of course I would play Checkers all day and every day with you, if you wanted! Not much to relate from this dreary little place, I don't think I have ever been as depressed with my surroundings as I am with this place, anyway grin and bear it, I guess. Next time I will relate one of my tales. I love you always. Going to listen to a few numbers and then off to bed. Please take care my wonderful man lots hugs and xxxxxxxx's V.

United Kingdom
(455) V Wighton
27 September 2020 17:49:05 +0000

Hello My Darling, Just a quick letter as not very well at present. Had a fall and hurt myself. Crossed road to bus stop as there were no cars around, short cut as 'was carrying very heavy shopping bags put my foot up to pavement and tripped lunged forward into the bus shelter, hit my chin on the seating area [but I didn't see stars] then both knees hit the concrete put my hand out and twisted it, sat upright still somehow with the bags. A man came from out of the blue to help me end all I wassaying was, Don't bleed, please don't bleed, as I am on blood thinners, anyway he helped me up and I thanked him, saying I will be ok. How I managed to get on the bus and off the bus carrying all these things I don't know. Left hand badly bruised palm and all fingers pinkie looked broken left knee and leg painful and swollen. Got Dr next day said finger not broken but should be, amazed that the cut under chin only bleed for a moment very bruised, looksas if someone has given me a punch. The pain has subsided a lot and I take Arnica tabs. very good for getting rid of bad bruising. What an eventful shopping spree that turned out to be. Difficult to put on all your wonderful video's. I do hope as always, that you are safe and sound and of course your loved ones. Keep healthy. I hope the Dictator doesn't continue, that's all I will say. I love you with all of my heart and more. FOREVER V. Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(454) Connie
10 September 2020 00:14:40 +0000

Today I discovered Jack Jones singing "If You Go Away". I played it about thirty times and got nothing else done all day. How utterly magnificent it is. All the feeling is there in the most beautiful delivery: the desperate hope descending descending into the finality of loss. Every step the melody descends, his voice grows darker. But remains gorgeous. And the arrangement is simply elegant. I really hope this response I very inadequately express might reach Mr. Jack Jones---how else to express gratitude for his matchless artistry.
Appreciatively, Connie

United States of America
(453) V Wighton
6 September 2020 21:53:52 +0000

Hello My Darling, Trust you are all ok and staying safe and sound. I've been checking CNN regarding all the unrest over there, so sad, let's hope things will improve for the African Americans and others. Racism is a terrible thing. Extremists always ruin everything and that's a fact. Well 3 weeks ago I had my birthday, oh my, the number is sure increasing (HELP). I was trying to compose a song for you, have only got 1 verse so far, here it is :- I wonder if you know how much I've missed you, Through all these years that now have flown away, Yet here I am and you, are still in my heart, Loving you as I did yesterday......4/4 slow beat. So on that note I will say goodnight my love and wish you were not so far away. Take care of yourself, stay strong and keep singing. With love always v xxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(452) Peter
3 September 2020 20:59:37 +0000

Thank you so mush for your songs! Your music is a cure for my soul! ))
My best wishes from Russia! )

(451) V Wighton
9 August 2020 20:37:52 +0000

Hello My Beloved man, How is everything going with you over there in the US, I do hope that you and family all staying safe and sound. So many awful things going on in this World. Keep looking on CNN charts trying to see what is happening in your area, but, hardly ever mentioned, hope that is a good sign. I wasgoing to write one of my many unusual stories for you, however, I am very tired so will do so the next time. I am always thinking of you and of course play all the songs most nights and listen most days to Sincerely Frank (The Shadow) I remember you saying that the 1st time we met. It is a great CD present and past. Great Arrangements you sure swing my baby and the best arrangement of All Or Nothing At All, best I have heard. So my darling I will sign off and next time I will tell you a Tale of my Wondrous and Tragic Love Affair. I send with my Ultimate Love to you. Hugs and xxxxxxxxxxx's Always V.

United Kingdom
(450) Ray Cork Jr.
15 July 2020 03:42:29 +0000

This is Ray Cork Jr. and I was Jack Jones producer for 2 albums with RCA back in the early 70's. When I spoke with Jack a few yrs back, he said he lost his copies of the unreleased material, and if I had any he wanted them. I found LP acetates of the material, and want to get that to him. Please contact Jack with this info, or contact me with his contact info, so I can get this to him. Thank you. Cell Ph 479-899-7716

United States of America
(449) Ray Cork Jr.
15 July 2020 03:40:04 +0000

This is Ray Cork Jr. and I was Jack Jones producer for 2 albums with RCA back in the early 70's. When I spoke with Jack a few yrs back, he said he lost his copies of the unreleased material, and if I had any he wanted them. I found LP acetates of the material, and want to get that to him. Please contact Jack with this info, or contact me with his contact info, so I can get this to him. Thank you. Cell Ph 479-899-7716

United States of America
(448) V Wighton
12 July 2020 17:40:35 +0000

Hello darling, So, how is it going over there, hope you are keeping safe. America sure is having a very hard time in many ways. I do wish people would wear their damn Masks, however, you can't teach common sense, it is the same here. I watch CNN regularly and 'am shocked by the high rate of deaths, poor people. I won't mention what I really feel about the Heads of State but the 'top guy' is a really strange fellow!! I am still indoors but will have to venture out again one of these days, cannot stay locked up forever. I see you were going to go to South Africa, great. Why did you never come over there when I lived there? Are you still believing what you thought a long time ago, I hope not, remember. there are 2 sides to every story and you should have given me the benefit of the doubt, how tragic that you didn't. as I was waiting in London for your return however, it was obvious at the Palladium that you had moved on. That broke me in two. I have Never recovered from that and then Manchester, that broke my Spirit and changed my life forever. Did you think I went unscathed? I was very ill after that. Oh well, it's only me a little blip on Earth, but a little blip, Bwho loved you more than anything on Earth.
You'd better go now, look after yourself and loved ones. What can I say, oh yeh, I love you always hugs xxxx moi xxxx

United Kingdom
(447) Alan London
21 June 2020 21:48:52 +0000

Tony Allcock:
This Pandemic has mucked all up, and that includes the fabrication of CDs, and all and sundry. I guess once we return to some form of normality, Jack will release it. Hang on there, 'cos having heard a couple of songs live, believe me,it will prove worth waiting for!
Stay safe my friend,

Alan London

United States of America
(446) V Wighton
14 June 2020 16:57:39 +0000

Hello My Beloved, Do hope all well with you and yours. I only got this installed a few days ago. Don't know if this will reach you as my Email will not come up, seems the format has changed. Just want you to know I am thinking of you always. Like so many others I am still locked down but grateful I am still around. I will end off, perhaps this will not be accepted and go through hope it does. Always remember I have loved you all these decades, in case anything should happen to me. I have Never loved anyone else. Take good cars of yourself my darling with love vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(445) Tony Allcock
12 June 2020 10:21:43 +0000

What’s happened to Jack’s new forthcoming album “Every Other Day I Get The Blues”? It seems to have been in the pipeline for so long.
Does anybody have any news about its release?

United Kingdom
(444) Mark Bradshaw
20 May 2020 02:30:38 +0000

Been looking for a video of Jack singing if I could as I found it years ago but lost it..
Just found it again..he sings it from the heart what a bloke he is.
I've seen him many times in the UK..what I would give to see him just one more time.

United Kingdom