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(304) Mrs jo woodage
1 October 2017 13:19:16 +0000

Hello Jack

I have just booked to see you in Uk on 27th January
At St Albans.
I am so looking forward to it.
As I have been a fan for so many years.
And just loved your concerts here.

Lovely memories. Jo Woodage.

United Kingdom
(303) V Wighton
20 September 2017 22:58:35 +0000

Hello my beloved I am back from Slovakia. I must Trencin is a really nice place so clean lovely architecture and beautiful tree lined streets.I think Roman and Kate picked up a bit with my visit, so I did the right thing, it was good to see them again. How are you? Hope everything is well with you. I see I have sent you so many letters and I notice they are still around when I scroll down, is that normal or not? Well my lap top seems to have changed some how since I was away. Every night after I have viewed and listened to you I go to bed and think, how is it possible that you Never seemed to get one of my letters that I have sent to you over the years, it really upsets me. I only ever got one returned to me that was in 2012 from the Rrazz Room. I had been giving info from a friend whom I had asked to find out about you (I didn't have Internet)
gave me some Hotel tele:No. in San Fran. phoned from South Africa and the lady told me that The Rrazz Room had moved premises, she tried to find the address and eventually gave me it, thanked her and then I posted the letter, 4 months passed and it came back Return to Sender wrong address obviously. Oh and I did sent your a beautiful card and letter to The Palladium May 2013 not that I knew that it was a 'Farewell Tour' was not given that info.It was for our 40th Anniversary of our 1st meeting May 73.I phoned The Palladium and got all the address etc. I only knew it was a Farewell Tour when I came back to this place and got Internet for the first time April 2014 that was why I came to Viva Las Vegas as I thought I would never see you again. I knew you didn't get when you asked me if I came to the 2013 Tour. Oh if only so many things I should have had, like Internet but I thought you were married forever to your previous lady and only discovered that you had parted in November 2011, so you see what happens when one assumes. I have written loads of songs to you over the years anyway here is the 2nd verse of a very commercial song I wrote to you many many blue Moons ago. I sang a counter melody to a Barry White song that one Baby keep on or something like that ok. and of course it doesn't rhyme. LOVE love love 'If you have a fear I'll help you through it If you have a problem please turn to me Now don't be afraid to love me darling 'Cause I'll love love love you baby till my dying day. Ok I had better end (Oh the last sentence is not part of the song. Goodnight my one and only love Vxxx

United Kingdom
(302) V Wighton
2 September 2017 14:51:38 +0000

Hello again, Well I am taking off tomorrow for 11 nights, going to Slovakia so thought I would just say 'please take care' Shall miss all the great songs that come up. I have not heard you sing those numbers before, they are great and you swing like mad, and I just love them. I am going to have a snooze now as I am getting a lift through to Edinburgh 2am. Early flight indeed 4am check in. I think I told you I am going to see Roman and Kate, Roman has leukaemia and I feel I have to go, they are dear friend's of mine. Remember I never stopped loving you and never will. Just know that. Always V xxxx

United Kingdom
(301) V Wighton
28 August 2017 18:42:53 +0000

Hello Without the song the World could end today, Without the song my heart is on the wane, Have I done wrong how can I make amends? without the song. With love xx

United Kingdom
(300) V Wighton
25 August 2017 22:45:55 +0000

Oh I have this feeling about someone assuming something that is not right I may be wrong of course. I have a number of male platonic friends most of them are gay. Gary used to work for me in my Restaurant in S.A. and so I met his friends Derek etc. Of course I am sure you are not interested in this but I thought I would tell you anyway. I wish I could make a comment on the songs I listen to but I don't know how to do it. Thank you for the beautiful Hollywood Musical do wish I had, had a script for that. It is the best of the best and I can't put down what I want to. Stay safe , be happy Forever V xxxx

United Kingdom
(299) V Wighton
25 August 2017 22:08:53 +0000

Hello Dear Jack, Have I done something wrong I wonder. Read the Catalina write up and it sounds like the gig was tremendous. A great pity I could not be there but I did fly to Vegas also just for your two gigs. I would probably have been there if I had not had to organize a trip to Slovakia to see my friends Roman and Kate, married couple I knew in South Africa for many years and unfortunately Roman has Leukaemia and is not at all well. They were very kind to me in S.A. and I never forget kindness so I feel I should go. 11 days I will be there from early September. If I have done something to upset you then I am sorry, perhaps I am too forthright when I write letters, but I just write the truth, that's all. Please don't be angry with me. Take care best lovexx

United Kingdom
(298) Alan London
16 August 2017 20:17:26 +0000

The Catalina Jazz Club has long been a favourite venue of Jack's. With a tradition of promoting musical excellence, and a collection of faithful patrons ready and more than willing to demonstrate their appreciation for such, the Club provides the ideal forum for him to display his incredible vocal talents.

The Catalina was first opened as a jazz club in 1986 by Bob and Catalina Popescu. Prior, the premises (on Caluenga Blvd.) had been occupied by an Italian restaurant! Local jazz musician and friend, Buddy Collette, persuaded Bob and Catalina to 'reach for the moon' when presenting their inaugural performer. They took his advice; the great Dizzie Gillespie was their first guest. The house was packed, and since that evening, the Club has never looked back. In 2003, The Catalina moved to its current location on Sunset Blvd. where for nigh on fifteen years an impressive array of 'who's-who' jazz musicians have graced their stage.

Accompanied by Christian (Jacob), Chris, Kendall, with close friend Paul (Lowden) on the organ, to sold-out audiences, Jack guested there on both August 4th and 5th. I was fortunate enough to attend the second (Saturday eve), and what a blast it was!

He opened the show with his 'Sound of Music' medley which, with its redounding climax, immediately whetted the crowd's appetite for more of the same. 'Sing For Your Supper' is becoming a regular program feature. The song carries a particular nostalgia for Jack; from the film 'The Boys From Syracuse', it was the sole occasion on which both mom and pop, Irene and Allan, appeared on screen together.
'All or Nothing at All'; Jack's presentation never grows old, and true to form, it received a tremendous ovation. His album, 'Seriously Frank' of which that song was a highlight, was actually debuted at The Catalina, complete with a twenty-two piece band....many in Saturday's audience were there that evening - fond memories.
Jack completely owns both 'Without a Song' and 'I Am a Singer'; the one song just naturally feeds into the other - folks were cheering, clapping, and a-stomping at their powerful conclusions.

Famed jazz vocalist Deborah Silver recently released a new album, 'The Gold Standards'. which raced to the top of the charts. A prominent feature in her collection of 'American Songbook' hits, is a duet with Jack, the Gershwin brothers' 'I've Got a Crush on You'. Deborah flew in from Florida especially to perform, on both evenings, the number with Jack. They harmonized so perfectly together, it's a shame they had no time for more!

Jill Whelan, a cast member of the long-running TV series 'The Love Boat' (she played the captain's daughter), was in the audience. So naturally Jack sang its famous theme song. His current arrangement is so far removed from the original - this one truly rocks, and concludes with a bang!

Jack included a couple of his huge hits - 'Wives and Lovers', and 'Lollypops and Roses'. The latter he sang, at their table, to a Japanese couple who, not for the first time, had made a special flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, solely to attend both of his concerts. Using their phone, they were able to video the entire song, thus providing them with a very special memento to take home.

Jack informed that singer/composer Paul Williams had been in the audience the previous evening; he then sang one of Paul's best, thought-provoking, and emotional compositions: 'Isn't That What Friends Are For?'. Each line, each phrase of this 'Poem' rings true, the more so with the manner in which Jack delivers for thought indeed!
Jack first included this song on his 1974 album 'Harbour' which, by consensus, was considered to be way ahead of its time. Fortunately, this song, and several others from 'Harbour', are included in the album 'I Never Had It So Good', which is available from the Official CD Store.
Also included in the collection is the Beach Boys' classical, semi-operatic 'God Only Knows'. It matters not which arrangement Jack chooses to use, an aura of mystique envelops whenever he sings it. Aside from the superb bass and piano solos of Chris and Christian, once could hear a pin drop...... until the final chord - truly mesmerizing!

'Well Alright, Okay, You Win'..... of late Jack has included this Joe Williams classic towards the conclusion of his concerts, and it never ceases to rev up audiences. Rousing solo sessions by Paul (organ), Kendall (drums), Chris (bass), and Christian (piano)add still more fuel to the fire of audience enthusiasm and participation - the 'old' Catalina shook as the song finished!

Calming things down, Jack closed with one of his favourites, Frankie Laine's 'We'll Be Together Again'.....his way of a fond 'Adieu, until we meet again'.

Look forward to it!

Alan London

United States of America
(297) V Wighton
15 August 2017 22:50:51 +0000

Hello again my dearest man on Earth. I do love all the songs that come up and I am sure you know how I feel about your singing by now, after all it is 47years since I was first introduced to you via L.A.Breakdown and the unusual event that occurred, which did come true. There are always unusual things happening when you are near believe me. Well tomorrow Wednesday is my birthday and I will be 3years 7months and 2days younger than you, I wonder how on earth did I get to this age so quickly! I will no doubt be celebrating sitting at this Lap Top, as I do each evening, listening to you which will be fine by me. I do miss South Africa in many ways, especially my home which I sold to come back here impetuous perhaps but I had to do it to get here. I didn't come back here for the great British weather shall let you figure out why I came. I am alone here I do chat to people where I have a coffee but that is it. I have not been in a relationship for a long time 13years, well that is a bit too long, but guess I am like that song with the lyric 'there's little old mixed up me' I gave up trying to replace my only love and there you have it. Hope I don't annoy you writing to you like this. Trust all is well and you keep strong, I do worry Goodnight my love xxxx

United Kingdom
(296) V Wighton
8 August 2017 19:19:55 +0000

Hello Dearest Jack, How are you? Maestro of all singers. Thank you for all the wonderful numbers I am able to listen to each night, sure lights up my life. After hearing 'In all my humanity' Where do I Start etc., and with such immense feeling I now know the true inner you. I believe we are on the same page when it comes to the World and it's unjust ways. I was very young when I became aware and have always stood up for justice for ALL LIFE ON EARTH. One day maybe more people's minds will evolve to a higher level of compassion and understanding rid themselves of the bad emotions. Let's hope so. Thank you for being you Jack. Maybe next year I will find somewhere. Keep well Love you Always xxx V

United Kingdom
(295) mr. bob
1 August 2017 21:45:29 +0000

dear jack: i have enjoyed your music since about 1960, i am 75, a little younger than you. my uncle was a musician in phila. doing local gigs mostly, was in the house band at Palumbo's in s. philly where all the great performers of the 40s-60s played, that's who taught me about good music. i was listening to frank, basie and you when other people my age were into rock and roll, now as i listen to r & r i am appreciating that are in my top five for voice greatness, in no special order: matt monro, sinatra, damone, darin and you. quite a list, all superb in every respect of vocalizing. i never got to see any of the others, i hope you will be in the phila. area in your 80th tour, i will see you, god bless and good heaqlth, keep singin'

United States of America
(294) joan
1 August 2017 17:27:32 +0000

Miss you, my favorite vocalist. Wishing in the New Year that you will have a GIG in New York City or New Jersey.

United States of America
(293) Christopher Barrios
1 August 2017 05:05:29 +0000

Mr. Jones,

A fan since the 70's! My friend Wendy and I are looking forward to seeing your show this Saturday @ Catalina Jazz Club. Have a marvelous engagement! Best wishes.

Christopher Barrios

United States of America
(292) albert
1 August 2017 03:15:29 +0000

greetings! love your wonderful voice and presence. my wife and I love listening to your performances.

(291) David & Connie Grubbs
1 August 2017 02:27:48 +0000
url  email

We went to see you in the early '70s in St. Louis. We were newly married and as you celebrate your 80th Birthday next year, we'll celebrate our 49th Anniversary. Have always loved your performances! If you ever get to The Villages, Florida, we have a guest bedroom for you and Eleonora. You can play golf and only sing if you want to sing.
God Bless!
David & Connie Grubbs
The Villages, Florida

United States of America
(290) V Wighton
27 July 2017 18:57:11 +0000

Hello Just a little note and hopefully it will get to you. Trust all well with you. I cannot believe that by the time I will see you next 2 years will have passed still it is better than decades don't you think of course that only happened because I was in the dark and was unaware. At least now I can enjoy listening to you seeing I eventually hooked up to the Internet and now is my nightly entertainment albeit that it makes me very sad and happy at the same time. Do so wish I could fly over to the Catalina show. Perhaps I should take flying lessons! Well my dearest Jack take care and keep well and just know that I am here for you if you ever need me, told you that once remember. With love Vxx

United Kingdom
(289) Eugene Cambre
26 July 2017 15:42:17 +0000

Most beautiful voice ever. Your music has carried me through a few hard times - you may have no idea how many people were helped through your songs of life. So glad to see you are still spinning the world.

United States of America
(288) V Wighton
25 July 2017 12:41:03 +0000

Hello Dearest Jack Tried to write last night but after all I wrote suddenly it vanished, I do not know what I do to cause that. Hope all ok with you. I am very glad that I have this Lap Top and at least know how to bring up all your numbers which I do regularly always makes me feel better of course you always have had that effect since 73 everlasting. Listening to your Seriously Frank CD I can relate to most of the songs not all of course. You sure swing away Jack on some of the numbers also really like the arrangements. The 'All or nothing at all' think that is the best tempo also arrangement I have heard you sing it so good my love of course I sing along with you. I do hear present and past very important. Well better end just in case this vanishes. Please take care and try and behave yourself (just joking) My love always to you I'll be seeing you Vxxxx

United Kingdom
(287) V Wighton
25 July 2017 12:40:59 +0000

Hello Dearest Jack Tried to write last night but after all I wrote suddenly it vanished, I do not know what I do to cause that. Hope all ok with you. I am very glad that I have this Lap Top and at least know how to bring up all your numbers which I do regularly always makes me feel better of course you always have had that effect since 73 everlasting. Listening to your Seriously Frank CD I can relate to most of the songs not all of course. You sure swing away Jack on some of the numbers also really like the arrangements. The 'All or nothing at all' think that is the best tempo also arrangement I have heard you sing it so good my love of course I sing along with you. I do hear present and past very important. Well better end just in case this vanishes. Please take care and try and behave yourself (just joking) My love always to you I'll be seeing you Vxxxx

United Kingdom
(286) V.Wighton
12 July 2017 20:21:17 +0000

Hello My Dearest Jack, Hope all well with you in your life. I just wrote a whole letter to you and I do not know what I hit but the whole thing disappeared and I just cannot write it out all again tonight but I will write again tomorrow, I'm sorry. So silly with this Lap Top. Where is the song I wonder. At least I have booked for your Show's in Perth and Glasgow I am not familiar with these places now have to find Hotels etc. I don't really like going on my own at night and standing outside the Theatres flagging Cabs down there are some very strange people around these days oh well I do it only because it is you never for another would I do this. I am now going to listen to my favourite singer for an hour or two. Till tomorrow Goodnight from here With love always V XX

United Kingdom
(285) Lonnie Swonger
11 July 2017 00:06:11 +0000

Just a note from an admiring fan. I was reminded by an old Jimmy Dean repeat, of all things, the quality of your ability to be classy and to stay in your style despite the situations! I doubt you have plans to come to Idaho, so consider this a thank you for your career and may you have a great Birthday tour. Be well


Lonnie Swonger
Nampa, Id

United States of America