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(38) Mike from Chicago
22 December 2012 14:21:07 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s) : Wives & Lovers

Please come to Chicago. We love you here!

(37) J. Andrew White from Louisville
16 December 2012 21:17:11 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): "Our Song" "If You Go Away" oh heck, all of them

The oher favorite performers: to many to name

I saw Jack Jones in Branson the night Andy Williams died. He was great. His music has always meant so much to me. It is soothing, inspiring and supremely satisfying. He is the best of all the crooners. His music is more than entertainment---it is therapy.

(36) Laura lbrown from Live oak fl
16 December 2012 11:16:03 +0000

The oher favorite performers: Barbara straisand

I have some of your albums when you were younger ,but to put a finger on a favorite song you sang I cannot

(35) Mike Jones from Rhyl,Wales,UK
6 December 2012 14:54:59 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): She, If

The oher favorite performers: Petula Clark,Frank Sinatra,Carpenters

Hey Jack am looking forward to seeing you in Llandudno next year.I first saw you live taping the "Sound of Petula" show for BBC way back in 1974(which the BBC still have in their archives..maybe you can rescue it!) .You and Petula did some great duets on that show...she is still performing in her 80th year and 70th year of stardom in the UK!I Just got back from seeing her do a 2 hour bilingual concert in Belgium!Thanks for the pleasure your music has given me over the years!


(34) Dan Bentley from Auckland, New Zealand
5 December 2012 19:59:33 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Other side of the tracks + more

Hi to all of JJ's fans out there,

I am possibly the biggest JJ fan in Australasia. Apart from radio play of Wives and Lovers and the Impossible Dream, JJ is not well known in this part of the world and is virtually impossible to buy.

I have the full vinyl collection from 1959-70 minus "Gift Of Love". If anybody out there knows of where a good stereo copy may be located and purchased let me know.

In the meantime let us all continue to enjoy the song mastery of JJ.


(33) John Donaldd from Edinburg,Scotland
22 November 2012 09:17:04 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): If,What I did for love,In another life

The oher favorite performers: Billy Joel,Frank Sinatra,Gerry Rafferty

Great to know that Jack has such a loyal fan in Germany.My daughter lives in Mannheim with her family and we visit frequently.We found to our dismay that Jack is virtually unknown in Germany and that you can't get any of his albums in the shops!

Enjoy the Farewell Tour

All the best to you Rainer

(32) Rainer George from DortmundGermany
16 November 2012 13:43:41 +0000

favorite JJ song(s): The years of my youth

The oher favorite performers: Matt Monro

I think I am one of a few fans he has here in Germany. First heard him singing in the early 70 when his records were played in the British Forces Radio from Cologne. Saw him first live in London at the Palladium in 1992. Since that time I come over when he is playing the UK. Have all his records - LPS - and a lot of singles and CDS. He can not sing the way he did in his younger days but he is still great. Nice to see him at the Palladium next May.

Dortmund 16.11.2012

(31) Dan Bentley from Auckland, New Zealand
8 November 2012 14:43:44 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Got Allot of Livin To Do, At Long Last Love

The oher favorite performers: Sinatra

From an upbeat tempo to a contrasting slow love ballad, no other performer delivers with the classic range of JJ.

JJ epotimises in his music a more optimistic era, filled with class and style. It is unfortunate younger men such as myself were unable to see such times, however listening to JJ seems to bring some of it to life.

A truely great preformer.

(30) Bob from Overland Park, KS
11 October 2012 17:26:29 +0000

JJ song(s): Wives & Lovers (and way, way too many to list here

The oher favorite performers: Sinatra, Bennett, Andy Williams, Joe Williams

Thanks for all the good years and great music. I saw you inj Milwaukee in 1984 or 85 and thought you were GREAT. How can I get a signed picture (to Bob) to add to my rather massive collection. Hate to find you missing. Keep singing and keep swinging.

(29) Colin S Jeffrey from York, England, UK
6 October 2012 04:49:28 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Numerous!

The oher favorite performers Torme, Bennett, Damone


A 2013 British tour.

I'm especially delighted to see The Grand Opera House, here in York, on the list of venues.

Such good news will help me get through the coming winter. We have very recently endured severe floods in the York area.

My full E-mail address: