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(276) Deborah
12 May 2017 13:14:40 +0000

I always loved Jack Jones' voice, style, performance , looks , all of that. I've have been watching old shows of Jimmy Dean and Dinah Shore - he was a guest and terrific! I decided to search and I am delightfully surprised to see and hear - he is still vibrant and going strong with entertainment. Yay! I plan to order a CD later. I want to return many times to listen and view JJ on this website. Thanks - you made my morning.

United States of America
(275) Alan London
11 April 2017 23:08:17 +0000

To those who have yet to visit the city of Santa Barbara, my advice is to place it at the head of your 'To Do' list.
Santa Barbara, which is Spanish for 'Saint' Barbara. is located on a strip of the Californian coastline between the Santa Ynez Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. Renowned for its Mediterranean climate, the area is oft referred to as the American Riviera. In 1602, Spanish explorer Vizcaino gave the city its current name. In 1769, French missionary Juan Crispi tried to rename it, Laguna de la Conception, however, Santa Barbara it remains.
Santa Barbara, featuring a style of architecture that combines both Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival, boasts a host of diverse visitor attractions. These include numerous performing arts venues, the most notable being designated 'California Historic Landmark', the Lobero Theatre. Originally built as an opera theatre in 1873 by Italian immigrant Jose Lobero, in the early nineteen-twenties, it was converted into a fully-fledged theatre.
Proud of their city's dedication to the arts, the folks of Santa Barbara, particularly those I chatted with prior to Jack's March 24th concert, were thrilled that, following a lengthy absence, he had returned to their city, and to this venue in particular. Those very same folks, when our paths crossed later, were to a one buoyed at having been able to be a part of an outstanding display of unique artistic skills.

To a packed house, Jack opened his program with 'Sing For Your Supper', a song from the Rodgers and Hart musical 'The Boys From Syracuse' - which in turn was derived from Shakespeare's 'Comedy of Errors'.
Martha Raye performed the song in the film version - the sole occasion Jack's father, Allen, and his mother, Irene (Harvey), appeared together on screen. This number led into Jack's very own 'I Am a Singer' and on to the 'Sound of Music' medley, with a tremendous ovation to follow.
Jack performed several tracks from the much-acclaimed 'Seriously Frank' album; 'All or Nothing at All' with its powerful climax, and the 'first-love' pleading 'Teach Me Tonight'. But far and way above was Sammy Cahn's moving 'Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry'. One of Jack's all-time favourite love songs, he delivers it with such passion and emotion, his audience hang on to their breath - (no pocket coin-rustling permitted!), lest a change of note or phrase be missed!

'Without a Song'. It's been around since the late nineteen-twenties, and has been recorded by many artists. But this is a song that Jack has clearly taken a hold of, grasping it firmly between both hands; he now 'OWNS' it! Once again he amazed all with his vocal power, bringing the entire audience to their feet.

This Friday eve, amongst us was composer and Jack-close friend Alan Bergman. He took time to explain how between he, wife Marilyn, and Michel Legrand, the classical 'What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life' love-ballad evolved, and how Jack's recording of it followed. Yup, this evening's arrangement differed some from the original, but was naturally.... wildly received.

In a lighter mode, with its composer Charlie Fox present, Jack belted out 'The Love Boat', and had the entire audience tapping and clapping to the beat.
'God Only Knows'.......a Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)composition that many have lauded as the greatest song ever, and was recorded, under his direction, on Jack's album, 'The Full Life'. It is indeed a superb song, and one that, over the years, Jack has consistently given us a 'never-to-be-surpassed' deliveries. On Friday however, Jack and Christian (Jacob) provided an arrangement subtly, noticeably different, but equally excellent!

In a nationwide tour, Jack played the part of Don Quixote in the musical version of 'Man From La Mancha'.
When he performs 'The Impossible Dream', we see him take a step back into that role. This song is also HIS!
He gives it the full treatment, and again, the final 'Impossible Note' had all on their feet!

Rocking things up some, Jack, Christian, Chris and Kendall, joined by Jack's close friend, 'Wild Paul Lowden' belted out the Joe Williams 'Well Alright, Okay, You Win...' With all of us clapping and stomping...... what a wild session!!!

Jack then toned things down and closed the show with Frankie Laine's reassuring 'We'll Be Together Again'.
Santa Barbara sure hopes so, and so does the Lobero Theatre!

United States of America
(274) Karen Marie
8 April 2017 18:40:09 +0000

Handsome man, beautiful music, well-chosen songs, plus a wonderful stage presence are just some of the reasons I have purchased Jack Jones albums since those early days when I had only babysitting ca$h. And just when you think things cannot possibly get any better, now digital technology allows us to hear every crystal clear note. Your life has enriched my life. God Bless. xoxo Karen Marie

United States of America
(273) Vicki Titus
5 April 2017 18:43:31 +0000

Love your music. Still have that great voice!!!

United States of America
(272) Mary Ann McKinnon
21 March 2017 13:07:20 +0000

Hi Jack, you have been my favorite singer for many, many years and have many of your albums. I, along with friends, attended one of your concerts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the early '60s and I spoke to you after the show - I'm sure you remember!!! Congratulations on your 80th birthday tour - sure wish I could see one of your performances again. But since I cannot, "thanks for the memories". By the way, my favorite song is "Lollypops and Roses". My husband once gave me these since he knew I loved the song.

United States of America
(271) Mike
10 March 2017 11:26:12 +0000
url  email

Best Regards Jack!

United Kingdom
(270) Dale Maran
5 March 2017 08:13:10 +0000

Your hit record, lollypops & roses was one of the first singles
I bought back in 1956 or 57. Not sure of the date but I was in 7th grade and you and Johnny Mathis were my favorite singers. I have added to that list, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, and of coarse the late, great Frank Sinatra. Being a native Long Island girl, I worked in Manhattan which introduced me to live jazz. Your singing has always has a jazz beat, even when you sing with an orchestra, it swings. Thanks for years of great music, wishing you many more singing engagements.

United States of America
(269) Derick
5 March 2017 02:43:16 +0000

Good site and it was nice very cool!

(268) Matthew Hartt
1 March 2017 20:43:48 +0000

Hi Jack: Deepest appreciation for your wonderful singing through the years. Recently I purchased a cd with your recordings of Because of Love and Here's That Rainy Day. Absolutely magnificent interpretations!!
God bless you Jack. Take care and I know your Canadian fans would love to have come to Toronto.

Matthew L6zHt

(267) Carol and Bill Rosenberg
16 February 2017 13:34:30 +0000

Thank you for your Datona performance. Good wishes to you in the upcoming year. We hope that you will have plans so we can see you again next spring, perhaps a little closer in SW Florida.

United States of America
(266) Lorna Constable
15 February 2017 19:04:50 +0000

Hello Jack. I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing you perform last night at the Peabody in Daytona. Just wanted to say thanks for providing me with so many hours of sheer joy listening to you over and over and feeling that I can never get enough of hearing that glorious voice that you have been gifted with.
My only regret was not hearing you sing Our Song and Call Me Irresponsible in person but alas thank God for CDs. Wishing you good health and continued happiness.


United States of America
(265) V Wighton
14 February 2017 21:48:19 +0000

Hello Hope you are safely in Daytona Break a leg I am not an envious person in any way but I do envy your audience tonight they can hear and see you and I cannot lucky them. Maybe I will get to Vegas later this year and you will be appearing somewhere that would be great. Can you believe it Jack that tonight it is one whole year since I saw you I just do not know where it has gone don't forget to sing a song for me how about Somewhere that's a nice number. I hope it is warmer than here sure it is it's like living in the Arctic here Take care of yourself my best to all your lovedones and my very best love to you always V

United Kingdom
(264) Bob Morton
11 February 2017 04:15:23 +0000
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Sure would like to get a message to Jack about the Pilot who few the Bob Hope around Thailand in 1965. Elwyn Whitsitt who lives in Texas is fighting cancer and I would love to see if Jack would give him a call to cheer him up.

United States of America
(263) tony ellingham
27 January 2017 12:37:05 +0000
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Hi Jack i am a singer in the uk, and have recently started a swing band that we have talked about for years and doing small venues in Kent and amazingly selling out most.
I was hoping to come and see you a couple of years ago at the Pheasantry in Chelsea a venue we have appeared at but you did not come over as your wife was ill, i was hoping to meet you as the promotor i know.
We feature a lot of your material and over the years have been an inspiration to me, are you coming over to the uk at any time

United Kingdom
(262) val wighton
14 January 2017 20:39:12 +0000

hello A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JACK wish you many many more.May this birthday year be healthy with lots of happy times ahead enjoy your day. I have now moved into the Abertay Stonelee Guest House 65-69 Monifieth Road,Broughty Ferry,Dundee DD5 2RW. If you Google it I will go outside and wave to you ha ha.
Oh wow Dundee long time 20th May how far away always thousands of miles. I hope you be upset with me as I am sending you the Poem-Ode I wrote for you many decades ago I want you to have it if anything happens to me you will never get it and it is yours I wrote it November the year of Sheffield I hope you like it I know I am not a Browning or a Wordsworth but it comes from deep within me From VW to JJ TITLE 'Until the end of time' Oh gentle rain that falls so softly on my cheeks or is it the tears flowing from my lonely eyes -Why don't you come to me my darling I promise to be soft and warm for I need to feel your strength and love surrounding me -Please let me shelter against you -These nights I'm here and you're so far from me all I can do is sit and yearn for your return and when you do return together we will see the Sun and our World will be complete and you and I will live and love as one until the end of time. Happy Birthday luv xxx


United Kingdom
(261) Linda kay
14 January 2017 18:33:27 +0000

Hi Jack....Happy Birthday! you have been my favorite singer since I was 14 in 1963! I have seen you in Vegas, Redondo Beach ,special concert and art show in San Pedro, and of course all of your albums, t.v. performances....Your special talent is amazing, so perfect, my favorites are the Bergman s songs and Michel Legrand .....what are you doing the rest of your life thrills me every time....if you remember I told you to do the Gershwin album...wishing you happiness and love....wish I could see you at Catalina club....always, Linda Kay.

United States of America
(260) Annie
14 January 2017 12:10:21 +0000

Wishing you a very "Happy Birthday", Jack!
I do hope you have a lovely day.

As an admirer of your singing talents for many years and having seen you in concert in the UK on many, many occasions, I do hope it won't be too long before a new UK Tour is announced as I would love to see you perform on stage again & hear your superb voice in concert once more.
My best wishes to you and Eleonora for a happy & healthy 2017.

United Kingdom
(259) Michelle and Dan Bellantonio
13 January 2017 17:47:26 +0000

Early Happy Birthday and Hope for many more. We enjoy your music and it has a very special place in our hearts.

United States of America
(258) Bob Morton
26 December 2016 00:27:33 +0000
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I interviewed you at Ubon Thailand Christmas 1965. The Pilot who flew you and the troupe around Thailand, Elwyn Whitsitt lives in Texas and has just found out that he has pancreatic cancer. I know he would be thrilled to hear from you. He's on Facebook. Would you consider make contact with him?

God Bless,


(257) Mike
22 December 2016 01:22:34 +0000

God Bless you, Jack. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Your Christmas album, "White Christmas" was always played during Christmas time at my house throughout my childhood. To me, it is the definitive Christmas album and I play it every Christmas season to this day.

United States of America