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(186) John Fradley
7 October 2015 17:23:22 +0000

Jack Jones is the benchmark for contemporary singers. Whether interpreting the music of Aznavour or James Taylor; the result is pure musical genius. He is also a man of quiet dignity and a generosity of spirit, that is deep and genuine.

United Kingdom
(185) George McNamara
2 October 2015 11:11:45 +0000

Hi Jack, We would love to see you in 2016, please consider coming to Massachusetts! Maybe Worcester or Boston? You are a wonderful talent, Jack, and we are so blessed to have you and your music and your voice around for as long as we have so far. Every time we watch "The Love Boat" reruns....we get to hear you once again! Best Regards, George and Carol McNamara

United States of America
(184) Paul King
7 September 2015 14:34:07 +0000

Great to see you recording Frank Sinatra's greatest. Frank had great taste in selecting material, but frankly (pun intended) you are a much, much better singer.

United States of America
(183) Chuck & Diane Stewart
26 August 2015 14:29:40 +0000

Hi Jack We just enjoyed your version of Imagine/From a Distance . As always it brings tears to my eyes. It is so beautiful and meaningful. thank you sincerely. We miss not seeing you in the New England area this summer. There are many great memories of our fantastic get-togethers. (lobster in the backyard) If you get a chance, please drop us a note. Chuck

United States of America
(182) Jeffrey Lyndhurst
17 August 2015 22:11:04 +0000

Loved this guy for a long time. Very nice! Please keep me informed of any tour dates in Northern Claifornia. J

United States of America
(181) walter HRUBY
5 August 2015 15:53:31 +0000

Wish your wife all the best.

(180) Alan London
24 July 2015 21:38:28 +0000

Sunset Boulevard's Catalina Jazz Club, warm, cozy, kinda old fashioned; with its famed locale, he place has the quaint and recurring habit of tinkering with my thoughts each time that I visit. Persistently the club stirs up cobweb-reminisces of an era past - one only spotted these days in the black-and-white movie classics. Now toss into the mix a big band, and a very good on at that. One could surely be forgiven for sneaking the occasional over-the-shoulder peep....mebbee that WAS 'Bogie' who just sidled in through the back door....and could that perhaps be 'Kookie Byrnes' lounging against the front desk, one hand snazzing the teeth of his signature comb, the other juggling a bunch of car keys? On Saturday, July 11th,Jack and the band, maintained the feel of yesteryear when he debuted his 'Simply Sinatra' programme: a celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of that singer's birth. Commencing the show with his oh so powerful rendition of 'All of Nothing at All' (could this really have been first introduced in 1939???), Jack, his famed and unique interpretation skills on full display, entertained us with a string of Sinatra classics, each of which are featured on a soon-to-be-released album which, he informed, is currently in its final editing mode. A MUST-buy, not only for Jack and Sinatra fans, but for all lovers of good music! Wildly enthusiastic, the audience whooped and hollered at every number - each of them all so for their delivery! For many, myself included, the evening's showstopper was the sentimental 'It Was a Very Good Year'. Subtly changing its 'story-line' from the first to the third-person i.e. substituting 'He' for the original 'I', Jack in effect, transformed the song into a moving 'Ballad of Frank'. Its poignant conclusion, in which the 'Ervin Drake' lyrics somberly reflect on the 'autumn years', and life is likened to 'a vintage wine from fine old kegs, from the brim to the dregs, pouting sweet and clear', so touchingly delivered (and don't they apply to each and everyone?), brought the house to its feet for a long - a very long, standing ovation. It was at that moment that I envisaged those famous 'Blue Eyes tinged with an Envy-Green'. For Jack had demonstrated once again that HE is 'The Master of the Craft!' At evening's end I chatted to a couple of folks and their friends, all first-timers to both The Catalina and a Jack-live. Common theme from all: "A singer's singer! Truly an eye-popping performance, with nary a hint of psychedelic-lighting enhancements!" Enough said!!!! Thank you Jack and Eleonora for yet another memorable evening of wonderful music. Our love to you both, Maureen and Alan London

United States of America
(179) Mae Koen
20 July 2015 18:55:43 +0000

My husband and I were going down Memory Lane musically and thought about your song Wives & Lovers, some good solid advice that holds true to this day. So good to see you are still doing it. BTW I am a background singer with Aretha Franklin. I saw the Sweet 16 video with you Aretha and BB. Ms Franklin sings Sweet 16 in her show. I have more of a history of the song now seeing the 3 of you do it together and you certainly held your own. I hope to see you perform some day. Your voice is impeccable!

United States of America
(178) Bob & Tina Jenkins
19 July 2015 00:17:39 +0000

Jack, My husband and I LOVE your music, we've seen you at Catalina's Jazz Club a few times. We are listening to you on our Pandora, can't wait to see you again. Thank you so much for a great "Sinatra" show. Loved it.

United States of America
(177) judy airheart
14 July 2015 06:40:02 +0000

Need to correct a previous comment with "Hear" misspelled here, how embarrassing. Moral of this story is don't post on the internet after a couple of cocktails at the Catalina Club.

United States of America