May 15 2013, by Lesley Dedman, Bournemouth Echo

In a packed Pavilion, Jack Jones immediately drew his audience to him as old friends, which indeed many of them were.
Jack last sung in Bournemouth at the Winter Gardens in 1984 ? and most of that audience seemed to be there tonight, one fan even coming from Austria to see him again.
Opening with a medley of hits like Summertime and I Got Plenty of Nothin’, the legendary Jones voice may not have been so much under control as during earlier years, but the power and range were superb and his phrasing and timing immaculate.
Jack is still the technically accomplished singer’s singer and as the voice has aged, the professionalism and emotion has come to the fore.
He showed his versatility with an energetic version of Going to Kansas City, loud, fast and fun, whilst giving his fusion of Imagine with From a Distance, true softness and meaning.
At times Jack went into the audience crooning and reaching out, and in true British fashion, his fans, many of whom he knew by name, politely shook hands with their hero!
In the second half, with his usual humour, Jack thrilled his appreciative audience by taking off his jacket and tie in a semi strip-tease, before treating us to The Man from La Mancha, sung with great command and fervour.
His six-piece band were a great act in themselves, and carried him along when Jack lost the words to The Music of the Night. The audience clapped even more loudly after the 75 year old confessed to having had a senior moment.
There was a lot of nostalgia throughout the show, with poignant and humorous memories of family, friends and past successes, but I don’t think the fans who gave him a standing ovation will allow this to be a farewell tour.