December 13, 2011 by Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun

Love Ballad (ASPEN)

Love Ballad (ASPEN)

This album should have earned a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop. Jones reads the title track with the honesty Sinatra brought to saloon songs.

He brings the same world-weariness to the classic “I Can’t Get Started” before pushing the tempo with a lilting swing and singing around the melody with the freedom of a good jazz singer before giving it his signature big finish.

Jones reinvents some of his nearly 50-year-old hits and uses all of his tools to make this album a showcase of his still-enviable skills. The live in-studio sound means we hear a few flaws with his amazing takes. But just his remarkable version of David Gates’ “If” makes that approach worthwhile.

Jack may have to do a duets album to get a Grammy for older material, but that shouldn’t be difficult. He’s known in traditional pop as the singer’s singer.