While in New York to select her coronation wardrobe, Princess Ann is photographed dancing with Riff Manton (Jack Jones), son of impoverished producer George Manton. A dress designer, Balenko, gives Riff a large commission when Princess Ann buys her wardrobe from him and Riff uses the money to help his father produce a hit show, a Juke Box Jamboree. (IMDB)


Jack Jones (Riff Manton), Jo Morrow, Brian Donlevy, Marjorie Reynolds, George Jessel, Johnny Otis, The Nitwits, The Treniers and Earl Grant Trio


Directed by Arthur Dreifuss


“The Freeze” (Tony Savonne / Joe Saraceno)
Sung by Jack Jones

“Make Room for the Joy” (Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
Sung by Jack Jones

“Juke Box Jamboree” (Fred Karger / Richard Quine / Stanley Styne)
Sung by a chorus during the opening credits
Also performed by Jack Jones and Earl Grant with the Earl Grant Trio