She Loves Me

Track listings:

1. She Loves Me (Bock & Harnick)
2. Real Live Girl (Coleman & Leigh)
3. Our Language Of Love (Monnot, More, Heneker & Norman)
4. Close Your Eyes (Petkere)
5. When I’m Not Near The Girl I Love (Lane & Harburg)
6. I Believe In You (Loesser)
7. The Lamp Is Low (Ravel, DeRose, Shefter & Parrish)
8. On The Side Of The Tracks (Coleman & Leigh)
9. Wouldn’t It Be Lovely (Lerner & Loewe)
10. My Mood Is You (Sigman)
11. Hit The Road To Dreamland (Mercer & Arlen)
12. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Carmichael)


with Jack Elliott & his Orchestra
Recorded March 3-4, 1963