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(364) V Wighton
2 December 2018 11:59:27 +0000

Hello My Beloved, I am glad that you are all right, I get up-tight when I see awful things happening near you. I am moving to yet another flat on the 4th so I will not be able to have my nightly dose of your wonderful video's, Oh goodness what am I going to do! I will only get hooked up on the 12th of the month, so I shall just have to go to bed early and think about you, which is what I do nightly and daily and always. I don't know what I am supposed to do! Hope this new flat will be a lot better than the previous lot, fingers crossed, need to organize my life again. I am now going to take you back in time again and tell you how much I didn't know about you. So to The Caledonian we go, sitting chatting and a lady walked by and you said to me, 'That lady reminds me a little bit of my daughter' and I said, 'Oh I didn't know you had a daughter' you said, Yes, she is 14 years old now' I didn't know what to say and blurted out 'does she live in America' Well I didn't even know you had been married only that you were seeing SG. Remember I was out in Africa and we didn't get all the info on these things plus I NEVER give false promises what I said was Real and it still is and has been ever since. I even wrote a song after that night to you of course called 'In my Dreams' and in brackets I wrote (in the SF) it is in my book, I will show you one of these days, oh yeh. Was the JJ Special done after Drury Lane, I think maybe it was. Great show but all of them are. Bess the Best Rendition ever delivered so sad and so, what word can I use SPECTACULAR I pretend it was for me, It penetrates into my soul followed by the tears, you think I don't shed. My love I have to go as moving a few things now. I give you my life my love and my everything. Take good care and stay strong and I am always here for you. Moi xxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(363) Diana
2 October 2018 22:11:54 +0000

Jack, I have just watched your 1974 stage performance in Edmonton Alberta.

What a fantastic entertainer you are.

The music was superb, what I would have given to have been there that evening.

I have seen you three times in England and on each occasion you have blown me away with your beautiful voice. You are amazing.

United Kingdom
(362) Sherry McGrath
2 October 2018 21:33:47 +0000

The last time I saw you was at the Copa, NYC and my friend Bill Wright got everyone stoned in the dressing room before the show.
When the show was over and we all went to the Playboy Club, your manager came over and sat next to me and said he hadn't heard you sing that good in ages...I was flattered. We all had good times at the Palm Bay Club together and I just wanted to possibly jog your memory of another time...when we were so young.
All the best, Sherry

This will probably never reach you!!

United States of America
(361) Dusty White
16 September 2018 17:14:37 +0000
url  email

Have been a fan since the 1960's. First saw you in the late 60's in Muncie, IN You had just married Jill St. John & opened the show with, "A Hard Days Night". Prior to that I used to listen to your music under the covers as my mom insisted I go to bed. Keep going and may God Bless You!!!

United States of America
(360) Tony Allcock
29 August 2018 17:49:37 +0000

This is a message for Randall Rust, who was asking about where to find a CD copy of Jack’s album “Lady”.
I have a CD version of “Lady” packaged as a double CD with “Jack jones Sings” - in my opinion one of Jack’s finest albums, and I have them all!
This double CD is currently available on for £12 - amazing value.
Perhaps it is also available in the USA on
Hope you manage to get hold of a copy.

United Kingdom
(359) Randall Rust
27 August 2018 22:28:36 +0000

I have owned the "Lady" vinyl/album for years but want to upgrade to a CD since I no longer have a record player. However I cannot find this CD anywhere and was hoping you could direct me to a site/place where I could buy it. Thanks so much and really love most of your songs especially The Love Boat!

Best regards, Randall

United States of America
(358) Barbara
27 August 2018 13:22:21 +0000

Jack. , this person V Wrighton whose Emails you receive regularly, must be very upsetting for you.

She writes of her love for you at a time when you were In a very strong relationship with Susan George. Has she any idea at how upsetting it must be not only for you but also for your many fans.

I hope she soon realises that life goes on. 45years is too long to mourn a lost love if indeed that is what it was.

(357) Robert F.
27 August 2018 04:54:24 +0000
url  email

I myself am a musician (Vocalist: baritone/tenor range) and I grew up listening to the many hit records of Mr. Jones here in the New Jersey/New York City metro area on WNEW-AM - and I am still to this day astounded at the beauty of his singing, the subtle elegance of his phrasing - and the profound emotion with which he delivers a lyric. Few, if any singers of our past - or modern era - can hold a candle to Mr. Jones. He was, and still remains; a musical hero to me and many countless listeners; both musicians like myself - and non-musicians alike. Keep doing what you are doing - and I wish you continued success for many years to come in all of your personal and professional ventures!

United States of America
(356) Christine Wicks
19 August 2018 13:08:47 +0000

Hello Jack, I am very interested in the years you spent with Susan George and your music then. Are you both still in touch?

Your love touched my soul. C.

United Kingdom
(355) Alan London
12 August 2018 22:14:58 +0000

Catalina Club, July 2018

Two concerts; consecutive nights; same venue; similar programme content yet, entirely different shows! It's been said and written many times afore: Jack Jones rarely sings a song EXACTLY the same way.....twice! Perhaps influenced by his own mood at the time, the tone of the audience, or the surrounding environment, so he delivers the lyrics accordingly. At times the variations can be oh so subtle, at others, markedly noticeable. But irrespective, he never deviates from transmitting to his listeners, the full intent of the composer's message. A far cry indeed from the parrot-like repetitions we frequently hear from many of his contemporaries.
And so it was at Hollywood's Catalina Club, July 20th and 21st.

Hollywood....Home....from whence came his roots. So it was natural that he should open with Larry Marks' part-pleading 'LA Break Down and Let Me In'. This song is a feature on the brilliant Full Life album.
Over the years, many song-tributes to Los Angeles have emerged, perhaps the most prominent being Sinatra's 'LA is My Lady'. Forget all of those...most musical pundits agree that 'this singer-this song', leave all other melody-homages to the city, way behind, and flailing in its dust!

Superbly accompanied by Christian, Kendall, Chris and Paul, Jack did what he does best: 'Sing For His Supper'! Interspersed between such regular entries as 'Without a Song; The Love Boat; The Impossible Dream; The Sinatra Collection' and many more, were all-time favourites that included 'A Day in The Life Of a Fool; Midnight; She's Funny That Way', and Leon Russell's moody 'A Song For You'. A 'brace' of audiences soaked all in and lapped it up!

'Well Alright, Okay, You Win''s long been a number that 'Jack's Crowd' wait for with an anticipated enthusiasm. It fires them up - and one can bet there's gonna be hooting and a-hollering, and much foot-stomping! Saturday in particular, we were treated to an extra-long and brilliant organ solo by Paul, which set the crowd on fire.
Sadly, this song inevitably signifies that Jack is nearing the end of his concert - and so it was. For his programme 'Envoi', he once again sang the Frankie Laine 'We'll Be Together Again'. It's a fitting closure, being his own way of conveying: Till The Next Time.

LA Break Down And Let Me In....the Hollywood crowd certainly did welcome Jack 'home'....and judging by their reception, they may just make it a shade difficult for him to 'get back outa Town'!

Great Jack....just Great!

United States of America
(354) Tony Allcock
24 June 2018 07:29:09 +0000

I have noticed that on Jack's itinerary for August it says simply "Record". Does this mean that Jack is recording a new album? Please, please, please let it be true! Does anyone know or have any information?

United Kingdom
(353) franklin
8 June 2018 20:23:20 +0000

mr jack jones
Uk tour this year 2018
at Canterbury -Kent England , UK
message from a big male fan
Dear jack , in florida at the Tunderbird hotel 18401 collins ave on vacation
sir, you were unbelivable that night the impossible dream
is the cake still there?
respect to you Sr. Franklin Jones

United States of America
(352) Simon Templar
6 June 2018 08:49:20 +0000

Just saying 'Hello,' Mr. Jones.

What's with all the weirdos writing you love letters?

Be well,

United States of America
(351) Cheryl L. owens
3 May 2018 22:36:55 +0000

A handsome man of 80 years and going strong!

United States of America
(350) Cheryl L. owens
3 May 2018 22:36:51 +0000

A handsome man of 80 years and going strong!

United States of America
(349) V Wighton
2 May 2018 20:07:20 +0000

Hello My Darling, At last I can drop you a line. Been so busy with this move, a lot to organize and 'am pretty tired. Do hope everything well with you and your back much better. No I never saw that in the press, perhaps this area did not print it. I am sure if it had appeared here that one of my close relatives or Sandra my friend would have informed me, as they all knew how I felt for you and still do. Why are you still disbelieving me? I have told you the truth and the letter I wrote to you and handed in to the Stage Door girl at Kings Theatre 2016 covered many of the unusual happenings I experienced from the moment I took that LA Breakdown Album in my hand 1970 and all the strange things that happened thereafter, well, not all but almost all. The girl told me, after the Show, that you had received it, did you or did you not get it? Seems you never receive my letters or my card and letter I sent to The Palladium 2013 for our 40th Anniversary of our first meeting. I did not know it was farewell tour till I came back to this dreary place Oct.30th 2013.If you are not receiving my letters, where do they go? Anyway, you can take a dig at me, I know my nature and I sure do not have a Wooden Heart, far from that my darling, I am a very gentle person and who knows one day you may discover that for yourself. Tank you for all the wonderful songs oh I see I have said tank you instead of Thank you it must be the Irish coming out in me. I am not Irish but I was educated in Northern Ireland, Bangor County Down great place so much music around then and I attended a marvellous Private College. Those were really happy years I had my Drama, Dancing, Ballet, Tap and Acrobatic and I played piano, then I was whisked away to darkest Africa due to my brother's ill health. My Mother hada sister in Northern Rhodesia now Zambia, I was 13yrs old, that was a shock to me, a Bush town, however, Douglas my brother's health improved rapidly which was a blessing. Dry heat did the trick. I do not know why I am writing all this stuff to you, oh well you know me a bit ridiculous. So my beloved, please take good care of yourself and are you laughing now 'Cause I'm not xxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(348) Darren Frank
20 April 2018 03:50:29 +0000

Hi Jack,
Well I finally moved to Palm Desert. Been a long time since I have seen you. From Pepperdine to CPK on El Paseo. Hope to see you see - we both are good friends with Freddie Levenson. 818.6055603

United States of America
(347) Paul
11 April 2018 22:00:23 +0000

Just dropping a note to say Hi and how much I've enjoyed your music since my childhood--Thanks for the memories!! and hoping your swing around NYC for another show(s) God Bless

United States of America
(346) V.Wighton
10 April 2018 22:54:52 +0000

Hello I will not be able to hear your wonderful songs for 2weeks as I am moving to another flat.This goes off tonight only connecting me 23rd April How will I survive oh well have to play the CD'S Take care beloved and remember I love you. Hope your back is bit better mine is pretty sore from all the packing. Stay safe always xxxx

United Kingdom
(345) Alan London
8 April 2018 18:28:41 +0000

March 3rd. Palm Desert

You just knew it promised to be a special night - from the moment one entered the foyer of the McCallum Theatre, with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK' emblazoned across its walls, to the rapturous welcome Jack received when he strolled onstage to join Christian, Kendall, Chris, 'Wild Man' Paul, and on keyboard, special guest for the evening, Bill (son of Harpo) Marx.
EVERYBODY was clearly ready for a party, and Party we did!
Following his opening 'Sound of Music' medley, Jack quipped of having 'Sung For His Supper' for nigh on sixty years, and then proceeded to do so once again!
He featured several tracks from Seriously Frank including, of course, 'All Or Nothing At All', which thundering climax continuously brings audiences to their feet, as do favourites 'Without A Song' and 'Man From La Mancha'.
Naturally, with Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing) present, Jack tipped his cap and rocked the theatre with 'The Love Boat'.
'Where Is Love' has been a recent addition to Jack's regular programme, and this evening he also introduced the 1929 Neil Moret ballad 'She's Funny That Way', a song he'd included during the recent UK Birthday Tour. Another insert was the Brazilian-originating 'Morning of the Carnival', best known as 'A Day in the Life of a Fool'. Featured on the 1966 album Jack Jones Sings, Jack's interpretation was critically-lauded as one of the best ever!
And from the 'Liverpool album he gave us 'Dio Como Ti Amo (God, How I love You)'. This song was composed by Domenico Modugno who, incidentally, also sang it as the Italian entry in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest.
Jack has long said that both his and Eleonora's favourite love song is Michel Legrand's 'What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life', and how it shows, for his delivery nigh on 'cracks', so steep is the emotion. He then sang another Legrand classic, the 1966 Oscar-nominated 'I Will Wait For You', originally from the French Musical, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
'Love Theme From The Sandpiper': a Johnny Mandel composition from the 1965 film of the same name, it won both a Grammy and an Oscar. It's been recorded by EVERBODY, Jack included, from Jack Sheldon's trumpet solo to the Central Band of The Royal British Legion! WE know the song as 'The Shadow of Your Smile. Jack and Christian's current arrangement of that classical and oh so romantic ballad, far surpasses ANY of the other one-hundred-plus versions already out there. It's the best that I and many others whom I spoke to, have ever heard. To me personally, it was the highlight of Jack's programme.
Back down amongst his audience, Jack belted out his own 'I Am a Singer', and on its powerful conclusion, Eleonora and daughter Nicole came on stage, wheeling a huge birthday cake that had Jack's portrait iced across its top. They then led the entire theatre, ushers an' all, into a cheery, celebratory chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.
An emotional moment indeed; one which clearly moved Jack. Amongst so many fans and friends, there was but one song with which he could close the evening out: Paul Williams' 'Isn't That What Friends Are For?', and those of us familiar with the lyrics attempted to keep tune and join in!
A truly memorable evening with Jack's voice performing mind-boggling acrobatics!
An evening, which if recorded would have made for a great CD but.... as a DVD, we'd all be enthusing on a MUST-BUY'!

United States of America