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(324) Mrs Jo Woodage
14 January 2018 19:39:07 +0000

Wishing you a very happy special birthday Jack. So looking forward to seeing your show at St Albans .we would love to meet you after show .
Your voice is lovely.
Jo x Brian xx

United Kingdom
(323) V Wighton
13 January 2018 17:45:43 +0000

Hello My Darling, A Very Happy Birthday to you. I wish you many many happy and healthy years ahead and go on forever. Not long now till you embark on your Tour which I know will be e great one, asalways. This time I sincerely hope I will be able to talk to you properly, I really need to as it is important. Please. I am unsure what that number means! Can't send a tweet as I need help with it, don't know what I have done but it won't go through. You know some moments of one's life remain the most beautiful of all. I hope you get this in time for 14th.Enjoy your day. I love you for all time. Hugs and X's Always Vxx

United Kingdom
(322) Linda k.
13 January 2018 02:28:07 +0000

Hi Jack...Happy 80th b day on the 14th of have brought such joy to my life since your first album when I was 14...saw you many times in Vegas, Orange County where I told you to do the Gershwin album and redonda beach when the bartender charged you for your drink...also in San Pedro and the art gallery after ...when you had Nicole I had my daughter via are like fine wine, better with age...among my favorites is “what are you doing the rest of your life” many others....your singing has meant so much to me over the years...I almost went to Catalina club in l.a. but was overwhelmed at the thought of seeing you in person....enjoy your birthday....hope to see you again sometime...With Love, Linda K. Torrance

United States of America
(321) Mike Williams
10 January 2018 22:50:45 +0000

Hi Jack
I reckon I was your first fan in the Uk.
I used to listen to American Forces Network (AFN) on the radio and when I heard you singing on the Station I wrote to Pete Murray at the BBC to tell him about you.
Looking forward to seeing you in London on Jan 28.
Keep going please.

United Kingdom
(320) V Wighton
1 January 2018 13:10:08 +0000

Hello My Darling A very Happy New Year to you may it be a Healthy and happy and full of wonderful surprises year. Here I am back from the Emerald Isle and I must say it was, a nice break. All there were so kind to me and I must say I prefer it to this place. Gary was looking after 3 Jack Russles (don't know if that is spelt correctly}anyway they were so beautiful and always on my knee. Gary is such a caring person and had to meet all his friends so all went well. I, unfortunately caught a bout of 'flu there still have it 6 days now sure it will go soon. At last got my Hotels booked for February. Decided to go day before shows as it is a schlep to rush around on the day.Booked The Royal St. George Hotel Perth, hope it is ok and will go to Glasgow on 4th to The Hilton Hotel William St. Glasgow seems to be near the Venue. I am seated both places close to the Stage Perth Orchestra Stalls C33 and Glasgow Arena Stalls B1 both aisle seats so I do hope you will be around. Better end off now but first I must thank you yet again for all the beautiful songs that come my way and you always treated me nicely, you are a gentleman my darling and a multi-talented one at that. You are the Best of the Best in the whole World and I love you with all my being. Take care of yourself and my best wishes go to your family too. I will be in touch before The Event love you forever Vxx

United Kingdom
(319) Tony Allcock
29 December 2017 15:09:41 +0000

What’s happened to the Forum on the Jack Jones website? It no longer appears to available or accessible.

United Kingdom
(318) V Wighton
21 December 2017 20:40:42 +0000

Hello Beloved, Just a little note as I am going to Dublin 2moro, back on 29th or 30th. Hope all well with you and yours. Thank you for all the double-up's, are you a Wizard? make me smile, also the brilliant 'ON THE MOVE' so funny in parts and you and Tony Bennett stimulates my mind and believe me it sure needs to be stimulated. Had a bad fall last week icy pavement, my ankle and foot were horribly swollen and very bruised couldn't put it down 2days even the pain killers didn't work throbbed non stop something like my heart. I also damaged the groin on the other leg, however it could have been a lot worse. Little better now. So my darling I will wish you and all your family a wonderful Xmas, enjoy the festivities and I will be in touch when I return. I am not taking the Lap Top too heavy. I send you oodles of love and more love. Always yours V.XXXXX

United Kingdom
(317) Robbie Packard
21 December 2017 20:15:19 +0000

HAPPY holidays tO you & YOURS Robbie

United States of America
(316) Gillian Harvie
21 December 2017 12:16:35 +0000

Dear Jack, My 84 yr old mother has always been your biggest fan and followed your entire career. We are coming to your UK tour and will be at the New Brighton gig on the 31st Jan. We sadly lost my Dad (Frank) this year (also born 14th Jan though 5 years your senior) so you are now the only man in her life :-) It would really make her year if you could give her a mention and blow her a kiss during the show. Her name is June Lucas. Kind regards, Gillian x

United Kingdom
(315) Allan Radman
17 December 2017 08:27:38 +0000

I loved your dad's voice - especially in the Marx Brother's A Night at the Opera. Alone & Com si com sa. I must've played those a thousand times on YouTube. If I could ever sing, it would be like your dad.

United States of America
(314) Nikki
15 December 2017 14:15:16 +0000

Been a fan since I bought my first album
My question is....
You appear all over but never in New York
Even Frank Sinatra played New York.
Would you be so kind to do a NY gig
Awaiting your reply.

United States of America
(313) Jen Smith
26 November 2017 05:15:39 +0000


Do you ever come to the Wahington DC area? I would love to see you. I love your voice.


PS - maybe you should set your guest book to US then UK as that appears to be what most of the people who right are from. Not really sure what the last four posts are about.

United States of America
(312) V Wighton
21 November 2017 22:35:11 +0000

Hello my darling Hope all well over there. Tomorrow will be 3years since I saw you in Vegas, can you believe it. It was so wonderful to see and hear you again some things never change. I think you must have mesmerized or hypnotized me or something ized me 40 odd years ago for as soon as I see you my World becomes beautiful again. Thanks for all the wonderful songs I missed a couple actually the mouse arrow missed them. It goes all over the place at times. Your Imagine/From a distance is Powerful nobody can follow that also your Without a song' as Dean would say 'You are singing too good' Great impersonation of Dean spot on my love. What now I wonder, well whatever the party wants so will it be. I wasn't well for a few weeks even though I still listened in, to my favourite man in the World, apart for 2 nights had to go and lie down. One aches inside so much, when one loves someone for so long and only has a few moments of great happiness with that person and it never dies no matter how many years go by. I love you so much. Take care stay safexxxVXXX

United Kingdom
(311) Amy Hernandez
12 November 2017 12:17:29 +0000

I live in Florida

United States of America
(310) Lon Spector
11 November 2017 11:21:50 +0000

You've no doubt heard
the expression
"Knock em dead!"
That's a percise
description of what
Jack Jones does!
I glad I heard him
before I died!

United States of America
(309) Alan London
3 November 2017 21:48:21 +0000


That just about sums up Jack's long-awaited return to California's Orange County on Saturday, October 28th.
In the past he's spoken regularly of 'sensing' the nature of his audience, and how that can slant the tone of his performance. Before he uttered a word, the packed house at The Irvine Barclay Theatre enthusiastically let him know how pleased they were to have him back. And boy, did he, Christian, Chris, Kendall, and 'Wild Man' Paul, respond in kind.
Up and down, on and off the stage, Jack mingled with his guests, mixing lyrics with greetings, hellos and jokes, and even trading good natured ribs about his flowing white mane with a super, fun-loving gentleman, himself the owner of a fine, polished dome!

Jack opened the show with his 'Sound of Music' medley, and swiftly moved into 'Sing for Your Supper'. The highly acclaimed 'Seriously Frank' album does, and always should, feature prominently in his program. 'Teach Me Tonight', 'For Once In My Life', and the Sinatra philosophy 'All or Nothing at All' - we've seen and listened to Jack perform these numbers several times in the past, but regularly, there will be a subtle, but still discernable arrangement variation. After the concert I mentioned this to Christian who confirmed that they are constantly 'tinkering'.

Jack's good friend Pat Williams arranged and orchestrated the 'Seriously Frank' collection. In 1968, he did the same for the 'Where Is Love' album; as an addition to his regular program, Jack sang the title song.

'Wives and Lovers' is always fun, for Jack goes down and roams around the audience doing just that - having fun!
Then he immediately drew us back into a silent, very romantic mood with the beautiful, never ageing, Bergman's 'What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?''s one of his and wife Eleonora's, favourite love-songs.

Of course we were waiting for, and were treated to 'Without a Song', 'The Impossible Dream', and his semi-autobiographical 'I Am a Singer' - without their inclusion, there'd sure be a huge void in the evening. He did not disappoint, and all three, with their powerful climatic conclusions, led to standing ovations.

Of late Jack has reintroduced the Paul Williams 'Isn't That What Friends Are For?' ballad into his program. From his 'Harbor' album, it has long been one of my favourites. Take a moment, take note of the lyrics, for therein lies a message.....'we miss friends the most when they're gone'. A poignant sentiment - and quite demonstrably shared by the 'friends from Orange County'!

Within the audience was a friend of Jack's: celebrated bandleader, composer, and brilliant saxophonist, Tom Scott. And how his nimble fingers danced across the pod-caps of his sax as he accompanied Jack in the 'Botox' spoof of 'Girl Talk'.
Not finished, he remained up on the stage for a truly rousing 'Well Alright, Okay, You Win', which featured amazing solos from Tom, Christian, Chris, Kendall, and 'Wild Paul Lowden'. This song brought the house down.....or perhaps it was up! For not a soul remained in their seat after the final chord!

Calming things down afore the riot police arrived, Jack closed the evening with the Frankie Laine 'We'll Be Together Again''s now his adieu song, beautiful, but it 'allus' seems to come around too soon!

General consensus at concert's end.....truly incredible!
And as a postscript, it needs recording that during the show, a lovely gentleman, seated in the front row, introduced himself as....'Jack Jones'! Accompanying him was his young grandson......another 'Jack Jones'!
So, on Saturday Oct. 28th, we were treated to 'Three Jacks for the price of One'!

To repeat: WOW!

United States of America
(308) Dalex
2 November 2017 22:06:03 +0000

Great memories! great music!

ps. a lot of guests from afghanistan!

(307) Art Ross
28 October 2017 16:03:07 +0000

Still hoping that Jack will once again come to the Big Apple in the near future. Fond memories of his Algonquin and Regency gigs. Miss him so much here in the Northeast.
Once in a lifetime singer much like his idol.

United States of America
(306) V.Wighton
25 October 2017 00:29:54 +0000

Hello sweetheart, Only me again, no doubt you will be getting tired of my writing to you, or maybe not! As always I trust you are staying well and behaving yourself, just joking about the behaving or, am I. It is very late here nearly 1am but had to check in with you before I retire. Seems I go on this Laptop later and later so I really must start listening to my one and only favourite singer, a bit earlier. Seems I am going to Dublin for Xmas, this was not on my agenda, however, Gary the gay guy who used to work for me in my restaurant, in South Africa 1993, phoned and said I must go over there instead of being alone in this place. He has paid for my ticket, most kind of him so I will be in Dublin's Fair City. I have been there before and I do quite like the place, certainly more than I like this place where I am at present. See you have a gig coming up on the 28th October well baby Break a leg you will be as amazing as ever and I will be thinking of you, of course I am always thinking of you anyway. I get really upset as I am always looking back to the Happy times and not realizing certain things, it has devastated me and I do get down and there is nobody to turn to, but I do have some respite when I listen to you and don't you Ever fly away before I do, you are my life. I love you xxx I should not be writing all this Vx x

United Kingdom
(305) V Wighton
10 October 2017 16:33:09 +0000

Hello my love Hello my love, an echo Somewhere from a distant shore. I am glad you are safe as I was worried when I heard about the terrible tragedy in Vegas and so many poor souls losing their lives and hundreds of injuries, all due to a demented person. I cannot understand how someone could become like that. My deepest sympathies go out to all the families. Now I see all these Wild Fires devastating California, I hope to God you are not near that. Oh so many horrible things going on. You must always stay safe. I still listen every night to all your songs and I really love the 'double up sound', quite unique. I know this sounds selfish but I wonder, after you have done the next rounds over here, will you just disappear again? I would find that really difficult to cope with! Sometimes, I think that you think that I never shed a tear well not so. Over all these years had I encapsulated [if that is the correct word} all my tears and released them all at once, they may have created a new Ocean. You don't know my side and also nearly all the songs I choose, I send the lyrics back to you from me my darling. Better end off and remember I don't only love you I am in love with you, always have been.Take good care of yourself and your family. Yours forever V.xxxxx

United Kingdom