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  • Lou Forestieri – Piano/Conductor

    Lou Forestieri – Piano/Conductor

    LOUIS FORESTIERI began his musical life at an early age. His fascination with music and the keyboard resulted in performance beginning at age 9. Justaposed between his deep Italian roots, big band jazz, and the learnings of popular R &...
  • Vincent Falcone – Conductor/Piano

    Vincent Falcone – Conductor/Piano

    Born in Syracuse, New York, VINCENT FALCONE began studying classical piano at the age of three. During high school, Mr. Falcone was introduced to jazz and was so taken with this music, that even though he was engaged in classical...
  • Chiris Colangelo – Base

    Chiris Colangelo – Base

    “Chiris Colangelo is a driving, striving, thriving and sensitive bassist. He so much cares about doing it right. He’s a scrapper from Philly who might have gotten into a lot of brawls if he hadn’t had to protest his talented...
  • Kendall Kay – Drums

    Kendall Kay – Drums

    “Kendall Kay is a drummist, who, if the rest of us can swing, gives us the permit. He is solid and tasteful, with a great sense of time. He is a very quiet person and the perfect gentleman. Buddy Rich,...
  • Gary Nesteruk – Second Keyboard

    Gary Nesteruk – Second Keyboard

    GARY NESTERUK was born in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania. He began studying piano at age seven, and in 1976 completed an MA in Music Performance at Indiana University in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Since 1979, he has resided in Santa Monica, California, working as...
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