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(370) Juli
14 August 2018 22:04:42 +0000
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(369) Glory
14 August 2018 16:07:02 +0000
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(368) Sharron
14 August 2018 09:12:26 +0000
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(367) Jack
13 August 2018 21:54:40 +0000
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(366) Alan London
12 August 2018 22:14:58 +0000

Catalina Club, July 2018

Two concerts; consecutive nights; same venue; similar programme content yet, entirely different shows! It's been said and written many times afore: Jack Jones rarely sings a song EXACTLY the same way.....twice! Perhaps influenced by his own mood at the time, the tone of the audience, or the surrounding environment, so he delivers the lyrics accordingly. At times the variations can be oh so subtle, at others, markedly noticeable. But irrespective, he never deviates from transmitting to his listeners, the full intent of the composer's message. A far cry indeed from the parrot-like repetitions we frequently hear from many of his contemporaries.
And so it was at Hollywood's Catalina Club, July 20th and 21st.

Hollywood....Home....from whence came his roots. So it was natural that he should open with Larry Marks' part-pleading 'LA Break Down and Let Me In'. This song is a feature on the brilliant Full Life album.
Over the years, many song-tributes to Los Angeles have emerged, perhaps the most prominent being Sinatra's 'LA is My Lady'. Forget all of those...most musical pundits agree that 'this singer-this song', leave all other melody-homages to the city, way behind, and flailing in its dust!

Superbly accompanied by Christian, Kendall, Chris and Paul, Jack did what he does best: 'Sing For His Supper'! Interspersed between such regular entries as 'Without a Song; The Love Boat; The Impossible Dream; The Sinatra Collection' and many more, were all-time favourites that included 'A Day in The Life Of a Fool; Midnight; She's Funny That Way', and Leon Russell's moody 'A Song For You'. A 'brace' of audiences soaked all in and lapped it up!

'Well Alright, Okay, You Win''s long been a number that 'Jack's Crowd' wait for with an anticipated enthusiasm. It fires them up - and one can bet there's gonna be hooting and a-hollering, and much foot-stomping! Saturday in particular, we were treated to an extra-long and brilliant organ solo by Paul, which set the crowd on fire.
Sadly, this song inevitably signifies that Jack is nearing the end of his concert - and so it was. For his programme 'Envoi', he once again sang the Frankie Laine 'We'll Be Together Again'. It's a fitting closure, being his own way of conveying: Till The Next Time.

LA Break Down And Let Me In....the Hollywood crowd certainly did welcome Jack 'home'....and judging by their reception, they may just make it a shade difficult for him to 'get back outa Town'!

Great Jack....just Great!

United States of America
(365) Sylvia
12 August 2018 22:06:00 +0000
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(364) Blake
12 August 2018 21:24:53 +0000
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(363) Florentina
12 August 2018 09:37:38 +0000
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(362) Ivy
12 August 2018 09:07:23 +0000
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(361) Tristan
12 August 2018 04:20:27 +0000
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(360) V Wighton
8 August 2018 22:24:46 +0000

Hello my darling Just want to tell you I loved you then AND in between and love you still and always will even though you don't believe me. Everything I have told you is the truth, all the unusual happenings everything. Do you still keep my letter from Hallem Towers? Do you really think I could have changed in a matter of weeks! No I didn't, I haven't changed in Decades. You thought the wrong thing darling, even though it must have been horrific it wasincorrect. I would have dedicated my whole life to you in every way. I do realize that you are married and I respect that but I need you to know the truth. I have to go to bed now as not too well, had blood taken say it seems the Thyroid is a little out of sync have another test 3 weeks time Dr said it can happen but sort itself out. Let's hope it does, but I am getting very tired probably as I stress out. Don't know where you are but hope all is well with you. I am always with you, you know. Goodnight my love moi xxxxxx

United Kingdom
(359) V Wighton
15 July 2018 17:21:48 +0000

Hello My Darling, Thought I should drop a line and hope you are feeling fine. Wanted to say 'Break a leg' at The Catalina next weekend. So wish I could have come to see you but I can't. Why when I come all the way back from Africa to see you and then I get stuck in this darn place, seems I always end up in Mid-air. Suppose I should be used to that by now, all these years without you. You are never far from my mind though, I shouldn't tell you this, but I have carried you and me together inside a locket everywhere I go since after The Drury Lane episode, the photo's are so old now they are going yellow, oh my God. Maybe next letter I will tell you about Drury Lane strange things, there were always strange occurences when you were near to me. I am the one who experienced all of them, maybe my connection is stronger or something. I am packing yet again, have to move from this place not what it appeared to be when I viewed it. I'm really exhausted now and glad you can't see him at present, not up to your standard but hopefully I shall rejuvenate again, stress is a real downer. Sing me a song and say a little prayer for my love. Thank you, as always for the Great songs. Please take good care of yourself, stay fit and well and safe. Eternally I am Yours moi xxxxxxxxXXXX

United Kingdom
(358) V Wighton
29 June 2018 22:52:50 +0000

Hello my darling, Just a little note to say hi and to send you all my love. I do so wish I could come and see you at the Catalina in July but I cannot afford to fly over at present. I will try my best to somehow see you again, I have to see you and talk to you, it is important I do this, this is why I am here purely to see you. That's what I wanted to tell you. I am going off to bed now. Oh, I had a dream a few Friday's ago, I came over to you to try and heal your back, did it get a bit better? I do wish it would. Goodnight my love, stay well and safe and asalways thank you for all the wonderful songs, I listen to every night. Why did everything go out of synch my love? XXXXXXX

United Kingdom
(357) Tony Allcock
24 June 2018 07:29:09 +0000

I have noticed that on Jack's itinerary for August it says simply "Record". Does this mean that Jack is recording a new album? Please, please, please let it be true! Does anyone know or have any information?

United Kingdom
(356) V Wighton
10 June 2018 20:22:07 +0000

Hello my darling, How are you? Hope all well over there. This is a short note to tell you how much I love you and wish I could come over there and speak to you, which is what I need to do, face to face. One day I hope that will happen. Still enjoy all your wonderful shows nightly but always sad about so many things. I have given everything up coming back here to see you. Does that not relay something to you! I do not even like this place, never did. Just want you to know this. I will write soon. My heart has always been yours, never forget that. Take care, stay safe, oodles of love moixxx

United Kingdom
(355) franklin
8 June 2018 20:23:20 +0000

mr jack jones
Uk tour this year 2018
at Canterbury -Kent England , UK
message from a big male fan
Dear jack , in florida at the Tunderbird hotel 18401 collins ave on vacation
sir, you were unbelivable that night the impossible dream
is the cake still there?
respect to you Sr. Franklin Jones

United States of America
(354) Simon Templar
6 June 2018 08:49:20 +0000

Just saying 'Hello,' Mr. Jones.

What's with all the weirdos writing you love letters?

Be well,

United States of America
(353) V Wighton
20 May 2018 23:27:50 +0000

Happy 45th Anniversary of our 1st meeting, should be around about this time over here as you were having a TV Interview. Do you remember what I said to you when you signed my programme? I was only teasing you. I know you remember. Little did I know sitting talking with you and Joe that it would change my life forever, even though I already knew I would meet you at some point in my life due to the LP incident 3 years before. Here I am, back in the same place, a place I really do not like. I am sorry I wrote that letter to you, regarding my friend, I was so very shocked. Seems it was food poisoning, all very sad. Are you angry with me again? hope not. I am off to bed as it is getting late, every night, I must get to bed earlier, time difference! Well my beloved look after yourself, I do so hope I will see you one of these days. Be happy, stay healthy, keep singing. I've always only loved you, I know you do not believe me but it is the TRUTH xxxx

United Kingdom
(352) V Wighton
15 May 2018 17:33:15 +0000

Hello my darling, Thought I had better check in. Have had a pretty awful week as Carl the man I met at the Guest House when I came over from South Africa and helped him out with food and litter for his cat, was found dead in his flat. The lady owner of the Guest House phoned me and gave me the horrible news. We have always stayed in touch all of us. She told the Police that I would be able to assist them as Carl and I chatted all the time. He is the person who helped me with the computer when I never knew what to do. I spent a few hours with the Police and they said that I had given them a lot of info. Carl does not have any relatives in this country and it then fell on my shoulders to go and identify him. Not a nice thing to have to do but he wasa good friend to me and I wanted to say a farewell to him. I also went with Catherine to the SSPCA where the Police have taken Martin, Carl's beautiful cat, at least he came out when he heard my voice, he is very timid and I am not allowed animals in this flat. I am so very sad about poor Carl and poor Martin. Catherine and I will probably never know what happened to Carl and I will never know where Martin is as we are not relatives. I will write again soon as 20th May is our Anniversary Sunday 45years ago exactly, can you believe it. PLEASE take good care of yourself and remember I have always loved you xxxx

United Kingdom
(351) Cheryl L. owens
3 May 2018 22:36:55 +0000

A handsome man of 80 years and going strong!

United States of America