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(382) Leslie
11 March 2019 00:29:12 +0000
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(381) V Wighton
10 March 2019 16:55:33 +0000

Hello I love you. Always remember that I have told you the truth and don't think I don't feel the pain of the other, as well as my own. Just know that. I hope you and all your loved ones are well and happy. I have to go now as I have 'flu and don't feel very great.
Somehow I will see you again. May everything that is good surround you and always protect you. To me you are the most wonderful human being I ever came across in my life you are perfection, that is what I observed in Drury Lane, I only saw you when I came into the room. I will relate the whole thing to you, one of these days. All I can say is thank God the THEATRE CAT followed me in, that little cat knew I was going to be embarrassed, she came to rescue me. I have always wanted to apologise to you, if I embarrassed you, but when I think about it, which I have done about all the times that time however, does make me laugh, oh goodness me. Why do I have such strange things happening to me when you are around, anyway they do happen.I'd better go now, you know the rest. Lots of hugs V xxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(380) V Wighton
25 February 2019 22:03:53 +0000

Hello, over there. How is the World treating you? I do hope very well. I think if I write too much to you, you will be cross with me and I do not want that my daring. I had a lot to do this past week, always having to sort things out in this place never runs smoothly. I do feel happier when I put on the lap top and listen to you and thank you for the beautiful songs they mean everything to me. Of course when I switch off the lap top I get miserable, I think it is called, Walking the blues over you. Do you ever hear me calling to you, I wonder! I used to do that in South Africa I would go to by big sliding windows and open them, look out over the Indian Ocean and call you name, out loud, did you ever hear me? Oh, by the way The Love Boat series is on TV here. I clicked onto it and guess what came up you and your Father singing Xmas show and then again you were there before you disembarked with your wife, Mother and Father I was so surprised that as soon as I put it on, you appeared. You know that you are constantly in my mind. Next time I write I will tell you about Drury Lane of course it is strange, of course it is always that way when you are near and when I reveal what happened to me you would have given me the benefit of the doubt, a few years later. I shall sign off now my One and only. Stay safe, healthy and happy Forever yours vxxxx

United Kingdom
(379) Alan London
24 February 2019 23:53:36 +0000

Two concerts within a single week! Did Christmas come just a tad late? With California's wintery weather, one might easily have been duped into so believing!
The Cerritos Performing Arts Theatre is a truly wonderful venue, well supported by its patrons, who thrive on exceptional music.
On February 8th, they were not to be denied - for to a full and enthusiastic house, Jack, in top form, delivered. Presenting his, of-late, program, there were many, and I mean many, standing-ovation moments. High amongst those stand-outs was the hand-thumping, foot-stomping 'Well Alright, Okay, You Win...' which featured a brilliant and lengthy organ solo by Paul (Lowden). Folks wandering around outside the theatre could well have been forgiven for thinking: 'here comes 'nother one of dem Ca'fornia Shakers!'
For me, the highlight of that evening's program was the Michel Legrand 'What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life'. It's Jack's favourite love ballad, and a song he regularly features. But this particular evening, the arrangement that he and Christian presented was both moving and almost eerily could have heard a pin drop (later Jack joked that he indeed DID hear a pin drop!) So many of the departing patrons commented on this song....this version/arrangement really does need recording!
A truly great and memorable show..and, for the more fortunate, dessert was yet to follow.
The 2019 Newport Beach Jazz Party, February 14th through February 17th, was superbly hosted by the Lowdens, Paul, Sue, and Chris. Jack headlined the performers on Valentine's Eve. Accompanied by the splendid Newport Beach Jazz Band, with Christian conducting, Jack completely changed the mood from a few days prior. He took us back into the era of the big band, and dedicated the evening to long-time close, but sadly departed, friend, Patrick Williams. Together, Patrick and Jack conceived the arrangements - a vital ingredient, of the much lauded 'Seriously Frank' collection. He performed several pieces from that album. Standing out, again to myself, was the reflective 'When The World Was Young' and "It Was a Very Good Year'. With the latter, by changing the tense of the lyrics from the first to the third person, Jack in effect becomes the 'narrator' of the Sinatra story.
An audience of music aficionados; and one of ranging generations, truly loved and appreciated witnessing such artistry, and so demonstrated with their lengthy applause. Stepping away from the Sinatra theme, Jack closed the show with 'La Mancha', which, typically, brought all to their feet.
Two great evenings, two totally different shows, both fantastic, and all within the space of a week - who could ask for anything more?

United States of America
(378) Kreis McGuire
12 February 2019 21:56:26 +0000

Hi Jack,
You're one of the greatest and I thank my father for buying the "Wives and Lovers" album in the early 60's.I was hooked for good. My father Don McGuire was an original member of "The Hilltoppers" singing group in the 1950's. Their biggest hits were "Trying" (52'), "PS I Love You"(53')"I'd Rather Die Young" (53), "Till Then (54')and "Marianne" (57").Didn't know if you remembered The Hilltoppers but lead singer Jimmy Sacca and Dad always talked about how great of a voice you have.
Dad passed away 9/7/2018 and the founder of the group, Billy Vaughn (of The Billy Vaughn Orchestra) passed way in 1991.
Hope to see you in concert if you're anywhere close to Bowling Green, Ky.
You're the best Jack and keep it going my friend!
Kreis McGuire

United States of America
(377) Corine Sutherland
9 February 2019 07:17:45 +0000

Wonderful show, tonight, at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. Mr. Jones is fun. I liked him. He has good jokes and was friendly with the audience. Good singing. Very talented.

United States of America
(376) V Wighton
6 February 2019 23:36:31 +0000

Hello most wonderful man in the Universe, how are you, way over there? Trust you had a marvellous time in Palm Beach and everything went swingingly well. So last night was one year since I last saw you and it has been an awful year. I mean one night of happiness in one year is not exactly a great deal of happiness, still better than nothing. Just played LAB and do you know that it is 49years ago when I first took that album in my hand and got connected in a very strange way and have been connected ever since. That is way over half my life oh my goodness. Guess it will always be the same for me. I do so wish I could come and see you and somehow I will. I will tell you this, I have never been so immobilized in my life as I am now. In South Africa I had everything in place but I threw it all away and I am afraid this Country is highly expensive compared to many. I have never had to live like this before and I do kick myself every day for coming back to this place, that I don't even like. Well, it was my decision and I only have myself to blame. I should have found another way to come to see you, too late, she cried. Sorry I am moaning. So, My Dearest better sign off and 'break a leg' on all your up-coming gigs. Take good care of yourself. Miss you with much love moixxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(375) Nancy Hiller
5 February 2019 01:35:32 +0000

I think you are very handsome.I love your music.Will you please send me an autographed picture? My address is 3717 Agape Village Rd Macon ga31210

United States of America
(374) Nancy Hiller
5 February 2019 01:35:29 +0000

I think you are very handsome.I love your music.Will you please send me an autographed picture? My address is 3717 Agape Village Rd Macon ga31210

United States of America
(373) Kevin Champagne
2 February 2019 03:24:33 +0000

Just hooked up a new turntable and had to throw on a scratched up "The Impossible Dream" to hear "I Will Wait For You". I listened to this album of my mother's a lot when I was young. Upon revisiting it, the songs, arrangements, and your voice are what makes this a great album. I'm a musician and music teacher, and this is one of the albums that inspired me when I was very young. Thank you!

United States of America
(372) Windel L Vernon
29 January 2019 02:29:57 +0000

Thanks to my childhood friend Cecil Wright, I made the richest musical discovery in Jack Jones. I couldn't afford records, but my buddy's family were fortunate to have access and generous enough to invite me to listen and I'll be eternally grateful because I'm still listening and discovering your voice and more recently the pianist who accompanies you on the "If you ever leave me" album. The combination is so good I can almost taste it. You send my sense of romance soaring at age 76. Thank you.

(371) V Wighton
28 January 2019 20:53:10 +0000

Hello My Dear, I hope that the 30th January will be a fabulous evening for you. I see that you are to be Honoured in Palm Springs and so you should be. You have given the World so much of your life through your amazing talents. Your beautiful voice has I am sure consoled many a broken heart or made them cry, but, crying is good gets some of the pain out, anyway, the World is a better place 'cause you are in it. Wish I could have honoured you. You have a great night. By the way, I missed you by 1 week in 1996 I was in Miami Beach. I picked up a paper at the Hotel to browse through it, turned a page and there you were. I wasso elated, I was coming to see you, but checked the date and the paper was1 week old, this is my luck. I was so disappointed, that would have surprised you. You take care and sing up a storm. Wish I could be there. Till then love xxxx

United Kingdom
(370) V Wighton
13 January 2019 14:28:08 +0000

Hello My Darling, I just want to say Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow,Hope you have a great day and wish you many, many, many more. Pity I am so far away but send you a BIG HUG. Enjoy yourself. All my love to you. Always yours Stay safe Vxxxxxx Thanks for being you xx

United Kingdom
(369) Christine.wicks.
13 January 2019 13:55:34 +0000

Hi Jack,

I am listening to "Diary" on the your Bread album. The best.

My question, do you read these messages?

Regards, C.

United Kingdom
(368) N.
9 January 2019 20:33:53 +0000

I love to watch your old videos and this is a sort of different question than most people ask, but I am a writer so I contemplate these things and pay great attention to detail. How did you develop your stage persona? Your walk, gestures, eye contact. To stand on stage and just sing and to make a life of that is to be quite vulnerable. The psychology of such performance interests me. What do you have to say about that? Sincerely, N.

United States of America
(367) V Wighton
30 December 2018 22:16:30 +0000

Hello My Dearest Hope you had a great Xmas and now I wish you a very very very very Happy New Year a healthy one full of wonderful things and surprises also lots of great gigs. Try and get one that lasts at least 3 or 4 days. I was thinking last night about that pay check thing didn't get it then but do now and all I can say is that at least that guy got the letters although not very nice ones, whereas mine never seemed to reach the person I sent them too and they were nice letters. I phonedall over the place when I was in South Africa to no avail although one person Joan from International Ventures Inc. said they used to represent you but, no longer did, nice lady, at least I did try on a number of occasions. Well better not keep you and all I can say is Tarara ra dig dig dig (maybe I missed a tara ra ra not sure. You take care of yourself and remember you are the most Precious person in the Universe to me. Send you everything that is beautiful love always moixxxx

United Kingdom
(366) V Wighton
23 December 2018 18:21:02 +0000

Happy Xmas to you Darling and to all your family, hope you all have a wonderful time. I was writing a whole load of things to you and then it cut out cannot do it all again. Thanks for everything this is not a place to write what I want too public. Take good care of yourself. Stay strong, stay safe all my love goes to you moixxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(365) Lawrence Falco
7 December 2018 13:18:26 +0000

Hello Jack,

I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to this world with your wonderful talent. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of your songs. I wish you would come perform in the NY area. I fashion myself a singer and would love to have just one percent of the talent that you do. Happy Holidays,


United States of America
(364) V Wighton
2 December 2018 11:59:27 +0000

Hello My Beloved, I am glad that you are all right, I get up-tight when I see awful things happening near you. I am moving to yet another flat on the 4th so I will not be able to have my nightly dose of your wonderful video's, Oh goodness what am I going to do! I will only get hooked up on the 12th of the month, so I shall just have to go to bed early and think about you, which is what I do nightly and daily and always. I don't know what I am supposed to do! Hope this new flat will be a lot better than the previous lot, fingers crossed, need to organize my life again. I am now going to take you back in time again and tell you how much I didn't know about you. So to The Caledonian we go, sitting chatting and a lady walked by and you said to me, 'That lady reminds me a little bit of my daughter' and I said, 'Oh I didn't know you had a daughter' you said, Yes, she is 14 years old now' I didn't know what to say and blurted out 'does she live in America' Well I didn't even know you had been married only that you were seeing SG. Remember I was out in Africa and we didn't get all the info on these things plus I NEVER give false promises what I said was Real and it still is and has been ever since. I even wrote a song after that night to you of course called 'In my Dreams' and in brackets I wrote (in the SF) it is in my book, I will show you one of these days, oh yeh. Was the JJ Special done after Drury Lane, I think maybe it was. Great show but all of them are. Bess the Best Rendition ever delivered so sad and so, what word can I use SPECTACULAR I pretend it was for me, It penetrates into my soul followed by the tears, you think I don't shed. My love I have to go as moving a few things now. I give you my life my love and my everything. Take good care and stay strong and I am always here for you. Moi xxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(363) Diana
2 October 2018 22:11:54 +0000

Jack, I have just watched your 1974 stage performance in Edmonton Alberta.

What a fantastic entertainer you are.

The music was superb, what I would have given to have been there that evening.

I have seen you three times in England and on each occasion you have blown me away with your beautiful voice. You are amazing.

United Kingdom