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(406) Tony
22 August 2019 18:28:18 +0000

Please, Mr Jones,

For your next album, please be sure to include Here's To Love, and All Cried Out, to fully enclose my favorite Harbour.

(405) Tony
22 August 2019 18:24:17 +0000

Thank you so much for the autographed "I Never Had It So Good" CD, which arrived two days ago. It played in the car, from the beginning of a long drive: and there I was, singing along to every good memory of my youth which you brought flooding back on that trip.

(404) Antoine
20 August 2019 06:13:40 +0000
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(403) Annmarie
19 August 2019 22:57:47 +0000
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(402) Winifred
18 August 2019 05:28:49 +0000
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(401) Elizabeth
16 August 2019 13:02:37 +0000
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(400) Cheri
15 August 2019 11:19:05 +0000
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(399) V Wighton
11 August 2019 22:54:27 +0000

Hello My Dearest, I wrote a letter earlier today to you and it was quite a long one but, just before I was about to send it to you it vanished, I don't know if I pressed something, anyway, I couldn't sit and write it again. I see that you have lined up gigs at The Catalina next month. I don't think I would come there, as I know your family and Lady will be there and I would hide away in the corner, I probably would not be able to talk to you. I was wondering about the songs that you have written, you mentioned them on the video Barry Mann number, well I would love to hear a few, as I am sure many of your followers would like that too. I know that they will be good you are probably too critical of your work, so please put up a couple of them, Pretty please. Are you annoyed at me, I do hope not. I never know quite what you think! So, my beloved I am off to try and sleep. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and healthy. I am shocked at the awful things that are going on in the States, so much evil in the World, if only I had a magic wand to wave across Planet Earth and create a beautiful, caring, loving place for all creatures great and small. Goodnight darling, I love you xxxxxv

United Kingdom
(398) V Wighton
6 August 2019 22:21:43 +0000

Hello Darling, Just a note to tell you I am back from Blackpool, with my tail between my legs. Wasted journey, a bit like an obstacle course, nothing went right. Got back last Wednesday night totally exhausted. Missed my nightly music, but I did take my photo of you, with me. I will write to you Sunday. Hope all ok with you my love. Have to get some shut eye as still tired. Oh, by the way before I forget, I have Never ever said Goodbye to you, that word will never be uttered when it comes to you. Look after yourself, stay safe, stay healthy and always remember I have always been in love with you. Till Sunday that Sunday in Spring lots of love, hugs and xxxxxxxx's v

United Kingdom
(397) V Wighton
21 July 2019 16:39:20 +0000

Hello my darling, Just a little note to tell you I am going to Blackpool tomorrow to look for a flat, as I really cannot live here anymore. It is not my 1st choice but I was there 30 years ago, oh my,
I did lots of gigs there so it is familiar, of course I would rather be close to you. I will check it out. I at least know a family there whom I met all that time ago and have remained in touch with ever since just as I tried to remain in touch with you, but the letters never seemed to reach you, why, I know not. Hopefully, I be able to co-ordinate renting there and give the 28 days notice required in this flat, as I don't want to end up paying 2 rents again, fingers X'd. If all goes well I shall get things in order and then try to come and see you. Wish I knew what I am supposed to do, I really need direction. I am going to miss my nightly viewing of you, but, I just close my eyes and you are there, actually I don't even need to close my eyes as you are always there. I do hope all is well with you, all those thousands of miles away, so far from me. I do wish I could come to the Catalina Jazz Club. Have to go and finish my packing, I am travelling light this time, first time in my life. Take care of yourself my beloved, I love you so very much I always have. Wish me well. As always, yours alone vxxxxxxx and hugs

United Kingdom
(396) Edward Ponas
14 July 2019 21:11:12 +0000

Jack, my name is Edward Walter Ponas, Ive been doing ancestry, and just found out that your father is my Uncle, you are my cousin My dad is Edward Williams Jones, I was born In Old Forge, Pa. My grandfather and your father were brothers. My grandfather was John C Jones. I know this is a long shot. But, I would love to talk to you. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this little note. Sincerely, Edward Ponas

United States of America
(395) V Wighton
30 June 2019 16:26:50 +0000

Hello my wonderful man, I was going to write and tell you about what happened before Sheffield, but I can't go through it all. I will only tell you that the week before your show, I had to organize my Father's funeral, hadto get my Mother back from Africa, where she lived and so many things. Daddy lived in Yorkshire. My Aunt came with me and I thought I had arranged every thing. Friday 13th February was the date of the funeral, well, unfortunately my Mother never got to the funeral, her flight was delayed and she missed her connection. See how things go wrong in life. I had not seen my mother in five years, she was devastated, so was I. On Saturday, I said, 'Mummy, I hope you will understand and not be upset with me, but I have to go to Sheffield tomorrow as I have to see Jack, please forgive me.' Mummy said, I understand , you go and I will see you when you gat back to Scotland. My mother knew everything as I used to write and tell her, how wonderful you are. I would never have left my mother but my love for you was and is so great. My emotions were all over the place, so many shocks, from the depths of despair and when you came in view, to this immense happiness that you create in me. Then when you walked off, the last night, I was again crashed and back in Scotland I crashed even further. I had to look after my Mother, I looked after my mother many times. Perhaps you can understand that my mind was all over the place and not taking in things. I ask your forgiveness, but I didn't know. I wasn't going to write all this, but I have. I do hope you are ok and doing well. I have lived all this time thinking the wrong thing until 3 years, come August. You'd better go now 'cause I love you much too much--a lot.vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(394) V Wighton
26 June 2019 23:17:37 +0000

Hello My Darling, Have I told you lately that I love you. No, well I do very much. I will write to you at the w/end. I do so wish I could talk to you and hopefully one day I will. It is difficult to keep inside me all the things I want to say and for so many years. Next letter I will tell you about the week prior to my coming to Sheffield, perhaps you will understand things then. I would never ever have done that, I am not a coward, you know. I must try and sleep tonight and not go through all the beautiful times, which I have done oh, so many times over the years, I even talk to you as if you were there, how bad/sad is that. Goodnight Sweetheart and as always, KEEP SAFE AND STRONG AND HEALTHY and Always keep singing. With all the love in the World VXXXXXXXX Keep the Faithxxxxx

United Kingdom
(393) V Wighton
2 June 2019 17:05:53 +0000

Hello my love, Trust all well over there with you and all your family. I just want you to know that I will really try to get over to see you this year. I have not got the means I used to have, remember I came back here from South Africa, a very devalued currency, hence my situation here, a very expensive place the UK is. Personally I think the UK should revise it's whole Monetary system and get it back to a more balanced state. I am on my high horse today. Had I had more Capital I would have come over there and stayed for a while, in the hope of seeing you and talking to you, to be near you is all I ask. I cannot help the way I feel. I am not the one who Orchestrated this in the first place when I took that LP in my hand 1970 and had that strange experience. That came from a much higher hand and so it goes on and on. Oh well my darling, one day. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and healthy and remember I didn't do that. With love hugs and xxxxxxs's V

United Kingdom
(392) Pit Vogt
1 June 2019 06:11:06 +0000
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Thanks for the beautiful song "Love Boat", which I hear up and down - just beautiful !!! We wish you a lot of success, Pitt Vogt

(391) Lorraine michaels
29 May 2019 21:14:40 +0000

Hi Jack, when are you back in the UK?

United Kingdom
(390) V Wighton
19 May 2019 17:23:09 +0000

Hello My Darling, Tomorrow, at the Midnight hour, will be the Anniversary of our first meeting, 46years have gone by from that wonderful happy time and it is still crystal clear and never fades, as are all the moments I spent with you. If only we could have sat down and chatted in Sheffield, I probably would not be writing this to you but you got cross with me. I only turned away out of shock and it was misread but it is understandable I guess. Somehow, I have to turn my life around here as I cannot take the monotony of this existence I have here anymore. I do kick myself for coming back to this Country I never liked the place really not that I am a party type (other than chatting like we used to) but I like music round me, here they like Pubs and as you know I don't drink and have never liked Pubs drinking holes. Do you know the last evening I was out in this Country, was when you were appearing in Glasgow, you must admit a great life I'm having, at least in South Africa, Roman Kate Jan Ingrid and I went out for dinner and show. Oh well, c'est la vie. I love you so much, keep strong and healthy. Lots of hugs and xxxxxx's V

United Kingdom
(389) V Wighton
2 May 2019 22:02:27 +0000

Hello, Are you ok I really need to know. I think you still don't believe me. I have only told you the truth,
that is all I can tell you. I am not trying to intrude on your life, I did not come back here to do that. I respect marriage and always respected your marriages. I thought you moved on and therefore I kept my distance and eventually went back to Africa, where my brother lived. He was in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls and I in South Africa which is a short flight away. That is what happened. All I need is to speak to you and one day I do so hope that will come about. I hope all is well with you, I do worry about you. You are always on my mind and ALWAYS have been. I wish you and all your loved ones everything beautiful. I love you and that is the way it is for me, but that's my problem. Take good care, stay safe, keep healthy, mon cher send hugs xxxxx V

United Kingdom
(388) Tony Allcock
22 April 2019 09:55:30 +0000

This is a message for Susan Rutkowski. You are searching for a recording of Jack Jones singing Love With the Proper Stranger.
It is featured on three different CD collections: All The Things You Are: The Love Collection is the first. It is also on Jack Jones Greatest Hits MCA and The Best Of Jack Jones.
All three CDs are available to buy on in the USA and in the UK. All reasonably priced.

United Kingdom
(387) Susan Rutkowski
16 April 2019 15:01:24 +0000

I have been looking for a recording of "Love with the Proper Stranger" lately. Can't find it, and am wondering if I need to buy the DVD and have it transferred to cd so I can listen endlessly. Is there a recording? And yes I am still your biggest fan.

United States of America