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(166) Shawn M. McFall
26 April 2015 05:51:01 +0000

I found your site tonight and am very happy to see you are still busy singing. Hopefully, after your wife is better, I will be able to see you perform! BTW Love your sense of humor on your page/site.

United States of America
(165) Sunni Welles
25 April 2015 23:13:29 +0000

Hello Jack, It's so wonderful to know that you're still singing! I am too an am so enjoying my senior years. God bless you and your's my old friend. Sincerely yours now and always, Sunni Welles

United States of America
(164) John and Phyllis Giles
23 April 2015 14:17:21 +0000

dear Jack, So sad to read about you Wife,s Surgery.We both wish her a very speedy recovery. of course you had to cancel your tour,your place is by her side. We are both very dissapointed we will not now be able to see your show in Bury St Edmunds in May but look forward to seeing you next year. All our best wishes especially to your Wife. best regards, From Phyllis and Doug. UK

United Kingdom
(163) David Vargo
11 April 2015 18:45:27 +0000

Dear Mr. Jones I'm sure you hear this sort of thing all the time but I would imagine one could never tire of hearing stories like this. When I was little boy growing up, we had a brand new hi-fi in our living room and my mother played your albums all the time. She was a homemaker/stay-at-home mom. My dad went to work and earned the living. It was a happy life and a happy home. The sound of your voice singing all your familiar hits always takes me back to those wonderful days and I am a child again, surrounded by warmth, home, and loving parents. Now, at work, I have my earphones on and listen to your albums through digital media sources - especially when I need to feel happy, calm, and safe. Thank you for sharing the gift of your stellar voice with all of us. Keep singing!

United States of America
(162) Lisa Lord
10 April 2015 15:25:11 +0000

Devastated the tour has been postponed hope Eleanora recovers quickly

United Kingdom
(161) Keith
9 April 2015 15:13:52 +0000

Have just found out that the tour in the UK has been cancelled. Had bought tickets to surprise my wife for her birthday which is tomorrow(10/04/2015). My wife has been such a loyal fan of Jack for many years and i thought at last i had a great birthday gift for her. Bummer.

United Kingdom
(160) Rainer George
1 April 2015 17:52:15 +0000

Dear Jack Bad news I do hope your wife will get well soon. My best wishes to you both. R. George Germany

(159) Jane Baker
30 March 2015 23:10:35 +0000

Thank you for your message So sorry to learn that your UK tour has been postponed. I send my best wishes to Eleonora for successful surgery and a complete recovery I look forward to seeing you both whenever the tour is rescheduled and to listening to your new programme – hope it includes I’ve got your number There is a beautiful Welsh song - We'll keep a welcome .....till you come home again to Wales. I hope you will perform again in Wales if possible in Aberdare

United Kingdom
(158) Patty Sachs
23 March 2015 16:21:21 +0000

cyf36 Dear Jack: Each time I see mention of your name, photo or video of one of your songs, I am reminded of my dear life-long friend, Kelly Ryan who admired you so much. You were her idea of perfect. She has passed now, but in my every thought and prayer, I recall our times together...singing on a stage or while riding bikes in the rain. Best of everything to and continued success. P.S. Kevin and Dodi Henry are our mutual pals.

United States of America
(157) Kenneth J. Mate
28 February 2015 03:22:49 +0000

Jack: We first met back in the 1970's when you were doing the Palace Shows at Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario for Wilks and Close. The private parties you hosted were always a "blast" and it was great to meet all of Hollywood and New York who attended them. All the best in your upcoming tour of the U.K. Come back to Canada and perform for us again my friend. All the best for the future. Regards, Ken