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(118) manny z. umali from bulacan, Philippines
9 September 2014 00:17:01 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Lady, True Picture, Lollipops and Roses

The other favorite performers: Sinatra, Don Mclean

I am from the Philippines and am a huge fan of Mr. Jack Jones. Always listen to the great music of yours. I missed your concert at the Araneta Coliseum last year but I promise I will not miss it the next time around. Hope I could have a glimpse of you or if am lucky enough, to hug you and say thank you for making my listening to your golden voice and your music a very rewarding experience.

Thank you very much,

Manny Umali

(117) lynn johnson from carmichael
31 August 2014 22:27:38 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Toys in the attic

The other favorite performers: gorme and como

So many great memories of 60's music but wives and lovers,call me irresponsible and the best toys in the attic all within 12 mths.who else did that? Saw jack at a mcgovern political rally at my college in sacramento in 68.such unexpected treat and i couldnt even vote then! Didnt think to get an autograph.keep on keeping on for all of us.thank you, lynn johnson another boomer admirer.

(116) Kay Macy from Plano
29 August 2014 17:58:38 +0000

favorite JJ song(s): I Can't Believe I'm Losing You

The other favorite performers: Michael Buble, Tony Bennett

I have never seen you in person and that is one item on my bucket list. I have loved your songs since I was in college. My husband and I used to dance to your music and make love to them. He has been gone for 12 lonely years. Perhaps, I may get to Vegas to see you before I kick the bucket.

Love you and your music,


(115) Anne casey from Camarillo
28 August 2014 11:28:05 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): L.A. Breakdown and Don't Be Scared


if we come to see you in Las Vegas in November, any chance you'd sing these two old songs that I love? Might walk to hear them once more. :-)

long time fan,


(114) Alan London from Seal Beach CA
17 August 2014 15:28:23 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Music Of The Night

The other favorite performers: N/A

My wife and I attended Jack's Sarurday show at The Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, and what a treat it was - made the more by his lovely wife Eleonora having arranged a table for us adjacent to the stage. As per the norm Jack provided us with yet another evening of exhilerating music.

In total contrast to the larger, at times cold, venues, The Catalina is actually quite small, but warm, intimate, and even cozy. It can conjure up images of those genuine night clubs that were so regulalry featured in many of the old, classical, black-and-whites!

Jack, in his element, one could tell, immediatey gelled with an audience of all ages (which included several prominent musicians, all of whom so obviously appereciate his unique skills) and soon had them whooping it up from all corners of the room. Down amongst us rabble a few times, there was much 'hooping and a-hollering' - the atmosphere was electric...........and it was oh so apparent that Jack was having a much fun as the rest of us!

Looking back, it's been many a year since we saw Jack perform in such a 'comfortable' environment........and both my wife and myself appreciated how fortunate we were once again to enjoy the experience, and hope that it will not be too long a-fore we are able to do it again!

Thank you Eleonora for arranging such a wonderful evening, and thanks again Jack for the fabulous show..........which, by the way, was far too short!

Alan and Maureen London

(113) Loisanne Nichols from New Castle
17 August 2014 04:43:48 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): All of them

I said I would write when I found out just how we are related. Your grandfather, Daniel, and my great-grandmother, Annie, were brother and sister. IMy Goddaughter found this info on, along with an obit of your grandfather's. In the abit, it states that your father received the news of his father's death while returning after performing for the king and queen of England, along with Gracie Fields and Dinah Shore. Since my mother and her sister have passed away, there was no one left to ask. My grandmother was Jenni Williams/Owen. Her father was Gomer Williams, married to your grandfather's sister, Annie. It was on my bucket list to find this info, and I would also like to see you in person. When you were last in Wilmington, DE, I found out about it after the fact. I wish you could write to me, and let me know when you might be coming back this way. I live in New Castle, DE, just outside of Wilmington.

(112) Deborah Fenoglio from Brownsburg
12 August 2014 07:57:49 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): She

Hello . I was able to fly to LA to see Jack at The Catalina Club in June . I watched him perform on Friday night and again on Saturday night . I have been a fan of Jack's since I was 18 years old . Finally, at the age of 61, I decided to make a weekend of it . I flew from Indianapolis to LA on Thursday night and did a turn around flight on Sunday . Both concerts were magnificent . He began the evening with , LA Breakdown, which was perfect . He performed nonstop . No breaks . Because of his lovely wife, I was able to have a picture taken with Jack and he also signed an album cover that I had packed in my suitcase . I had an amazing seat and two amazing nights of pure entertainment . Believe me folks... He's still got it . Nobody should be able to hold their notes that long . I don't have a bucket list per se, but if I did, I can now check a huge one off of the list . Thank you Eleonora and Jack for a night of magic . Deborah Fenoglio

(111) Nicholas Acciardo from goodyear, AZ
31 July 2014 09:04:19 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Love Boat Theam

The other favorite performers: Barry Manilow

Greetings Sir,

It is wonderful to relive great memories thru your songs! Thanks always for the trip down memory lane...

Can I request an autograph photo?

Warm regards,


(110) Chuck & Diane Stewart from Wells, Maine
24 May 2014 11:33:48 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Many Many!!!!

The other favorite performers: Buddy Greco ,

Hey there Jack, We hope that you will read this note. It has been a while since we last saw you.

Our son Scot and his wife ,Robin plan to see you when you play Seattle in June.They hope to get a chance to say hello. Scot admires you almost as much as I do. He has been an admirer of you since he was a young teen. Remember the Cape Cod Melody Tent? Scot spent some time there,and Diane and I spent our time trying to keep him away from Diane Carrol!!!. Please let me know if you get this note. Chuck Stewart

(109) Ed Petrocelli from Mt. Sinai, NY
9 May 2014 06:36:33 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): 1964 Christmas Album

The other favorite performers: Frank Sinatra

I would love to be able to buy Jack's 1964 A Jack Jones Christmas Album. This was a cherished part of my family's Christmas every year and in my opinion No One ever sang those classics better. If you know where i can buy the album (in any format) please let me know. Thanks!

Ed Petrocelli