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(250) Gary
20 November 2016 11:09:25 +0000

Here I am watching an old Jack Benny show at 5am with jack jones on antenna Tv. I look up Jack jones on Internet and he's still going strong. Absolutely amazing.

United States of America
(249) Alan London
6 November 2016 23:54:35 +0000

The 'Smith Center for the Performing Arts first opened in Las Vegas in March 2012.An elegant structure, it features three theatres, one being the cozy, intimate, 'Cabaret Jazz Theatre.
From conception, the Center's stated goal or mission, has been: 'to provide and preserve a high-quality performing arts supporting 'artistic excellence'......'

'Artistic Excellence': Jack once again displayed that to the full in his Jazz Theatre concerts of October 17th and 18th - two performances comprising much the same content, but nevertheless presented as two 'different' programs!

He opened with his 'Sound of Music' medley which culminates with a very powerful 'Climb Every Mountain'.
He performed several tracks from the recent 'Seriously Frank' album - in essence a musical narrative of the early, and most likely the best, of the Sinatra era. Naturally, 'All or Nothing At All' was included, for Jack considers this song epitomizes the Sinatra approach to life.

'I Am a Singer', initially written for Jack, he performs as a straightforward introduction and self-description of who he actually is......truly the lyrics fit, and an enthusiastic audience clearly agreed!

'Without a Song' has become a regular and popular element within a Jack concert. It takes some believing that this 'Youmans/Rose/Eliscu composition was first published in 1929! This song has surely stood the test of time: aside from Jack, it has been recorded by the likes of Crosby; Eckstine; Sinatra; Como; Sedaka etc. plus opera singers Jan Peerce and Mario Lanza.
Truly 'Timeless', for another version was released in 2011 by tenor Noah Stewart.
As is the norm, Jack's unbelievably long high-note finish resulted in a full-house standing ovation.

In contrast, ha classic, operatic, 'God Only Knows' was listened to in pin-drop silence up until the final bass-guitar note - then......eruption!

Jack mixed up the night with several jokes, and with impressionist Rich Little in the audience, some light-hearted banter flowed between the pair of them.

Jack concluded his program with the rousing 'Man From La Mancha' medley, which concludes with his stunning 'The Impossible Dream'.
Or so we all thought!
For with friend Paul Lowden coming out of the audience to join the crew and pound away on the organ, they belted out, to much clapping and foot-stomping, the late Joe Williams (who had been a friend of and influence on Jack)classic 'Well Alright, Okay, You Win'.
An incredible finale to a truly great evening of 'Musical Excellence'!

'But The Best Was Yet To Come'!

The following evening's program followed much the same roadmap of the prior....... 'cept it was most definitely ;not' the same. Jack sings 'how he feels', and says that he is also much influenced by what he judges to be the mood and makeup of each individual audience - and so it was.

So when Jack once again began the 'Alright, Okay..' number, with Jillean Williams, widow of Joe, in the audience and joining in a sing-along, he launched a 'wild party'.
When Vegas regular, singer Clint Holmes joined in for a part-duet, it turned into a 'wild and rocking party', with the entire house on their feet, clapping with the beat, and stamping with their feet. In all honesty, irrespective of artist or venue, I have 'never ever' previously witnessed such levels of excitement and enthusiasm.

Toning and calming things down some, Jack closed with the Frankie Laine/Carl Fisher 'We'll Be Together Again' - his way of messaging: 'till the next time'.

On my way out, a Vegas friend, within the entertainment world himself, remarked to my wife and myself: "Over the years I've seen them all, but with his impeccable timing, phrasing, and breath control, Jack is simply the best!"

United States of America
(248) John Primerano
5 November 2016 15:00:54 +0000
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kuD27 Dear Jack: SALOON SONG WILL AIR ON WDCB'S MIDWEST BALLROOM, HOSTED BY JOHN RUSSELL THIS EVENING FROM 5PM TO 7PM, CENTRAL TIME. Forgot to include time in last message. I suppose thatwould be 4PM -6Pm Pacific time where you , no doubt, are. Thanks again, John Primerano

United States of America
(247) John Primerano
5 November 2016 14:52:47 +0000
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e2sp5 Dear Jack, I am a singer-pianist-songwriter active inthe Mid-Atlantic region with a cd, SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF HEAVEN, receiving world-wide airplay and reviews.TONIGHT, NOV.5th, ON WDCB OUT OF CHICAGO, A SONG TO WHICH I WROTE BOTH WORDS AND MUSIC, "SALOON SONG" WILL BE THE 4th SONG PLAYED ON MIDWEST BALLROOM HOSTED BY JOHN RUSSELL. I HOPE YOU CAN TUNE IN AS I BELIEVE SALOON SONG WOULD BE AGREAT SONG FOR YOU AND A POTENTIALLY MAKE AN UPCOMING CD OF YOURS A BIG SELLER. I had the pleasure of meeting you twice, as I said in my question to you for CROONER RADIO. Once at The Opera House in Delaware and then in Philadelphia when you appeared with Peter Nero(then-conductor) and the Philly Pops. That was shortly before Buddy Greco left for the UK. Buddy and I had been communicating and he mention to me that you and he had been at a party, lamenting the fact that there were no good songs been written anymore. When I said hello to you for Buddy and mentioned the party, you looked from signing two CDs(your tribute to the Bergmans; GREAT writers) and said, "that was MY party!" My girlfriend snapped a picture of you at that moment and it is on my photo gallery on my website. I'd like to tell you more about SALOON SONG, which seems to receive the most comments from people around the world. I have fans from Australia to Canada and have done many radio interviews including8 appearances on Hawaii public radio and a live 1hr & 20 minute interview from Lagos, Nigeria. I believe SALOON SONG would be a great, strong song for you, especially with your new CD, SERIOUSLY SINATRA, coming out. The New York Sheet Music Society has termed SALOON SONG the "21st century's 'ONE FOR MY BABY'. You can see me perform it in concert on youtube at JOHN PRIMERANO PERFORMANCES or hear an excerpt from it at my aforementioned website. I've been heard many times on AMERICAN STANDARD BY THE SEA and know Dick Robinson, as well as his staff at Robinson media for many years. I believe we have a mutual friend in Adrian Brigham and I am somewhat acquainted, though we've met in person years ago, with Mike Renzi through a mutual friend, bassist Dick Lupino. I am not just dropping names, just showing that I am a veteran in the business myself. I am also an actor and have done commercials, appeared in many films and played a priest in the CBS-TV series, HACK. Tony LoBianco is a friend and I've studied with him. We met as a result of my 38 plus year friendship with Andy Murcia and Ann Jillian I have told many a fan, friend and musician who has not played your act to run, not walk, to see you if they can. I say they will not only hear great singing but witness true showmanship, which is sorely lacking in our business these days. Thanks for all the great singing; I'm looking forward to hearing you on CROONER RADIO, who requested my CD for airplay. I do hope you'll take the time to check out my sites as I believe your recording SALOON SONG would be mutually advantageous to us both. Wish you'd play the Mid_Atlantic region more often, but I know AC is tough and the Philly Pops are doing mostly tribute shows. Thanks for your time, your talent and the pleasure you've given me and all your fans. Very truly yours, John Primerano,

United States of America
(246) mary and phil hunt
21 October 2016 12:52:53 +0000

hi jack
we have seen you a few times, even had a photo of you with us in Cardiff st davids hall, seen you in London , we were woundering when are you coming to wales in 2017 as we love to see you again,
thank you
mary and phil hunt.

United Kingdom
(245) Jackie Brooks
26 September 2016 14:36:19 +0000

I have only just found this site. I already have your album 'Sing me a love song Charlie' on vinyl but now I don't have a record player! I have been searching to buy a copy for download or CD & now so chuffed that I've found it on here! Yay!
Great website but thought there might have been an option to join your fan club. I want to keep track of your next UK Tour! (Please,please come back!) My late mother was your biggest fan & I grew up hearing your music. I love being able to listen to you now, close my eyes & I'm with my mum again. Thank you for instilling such wonderful memories for me Jack.
God bless you xx

United Kingdom
(244) Matthew Hartt
12 September 2016 01:12:29 +0000

Hi Jack. I sing too. I was going to use some of my Andy Williams catalogue (I still weep over his loss) But I'm going to give Jack Jones a try. Its amateur singing for sure for me BUT its still singing. I've studied voice (I am a belcanto singer) and to sing with a band is my #1 bucket list wish. Thank you for your wonderful gift of singing all these years. Continued blessings

Deacon Matthew Hartt

(243) Matthew Hartt
21 August 2016 22:16:02 +0000


Hey Jack

Get a little closer to Toronto will ya?

Lots of love


(242) Alan London
2 August 2016 23:05:11 +0000

Saturday July 23rd: an evening of great music, with Jack once again at his very best. The Catalina Club (in Beverley Hills), with its intimate atmosphere and superb acoustics, remains one of Jack's favourite venues - he has fun, and just enjoys performing evident it is!

His audience already enthused, Jack commenced with a 'Sound of Music' medley, and then moved on to several tracks from his most recent album, 'Seriously Frank'. 'All or Nothing at All', with its powerful climax, never fails to rouse, and so we all were.
His subtle first-to-third conversion of 'It Was a Very Good Year' turns this song into a musical narrative of the Sinatra life, from the early, carefree years, to a later time - a time for sober reflections.

Folks leapt out of their seats in wild applause as Jack sang and once again proved: 'I Am a Singer!'

'Without a Song'........a favourite of Jack's - each time he sings this, neck-hairs rise in awe as, with the final phrase, he reaches 'The Impossible Note!'

Amongst the audience that evening, was Charlie Cox, who along with Paul Williams, composed 'The Love Boat - the theme song for the TV series of the same name. It turned out to be a huge hit for Jack, and so he serenaded Charlie, but confessed later, that when approached to sing the intro, never in his wildest dreams could he ever envisage the adventures of a cruise ship ever evolving into a hit television series!

Michelle Legrand's 'What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?' is a moving, beautiful, and very romantic love ballad, one which Jack performs like no other. This particular evening, he devoted the song to a charming couple who were celebrating their own love story - a very, very special wedding anniversary....his singing of it made their night!

In a lighter moment, Jack has us all chortling as he took the Neil Hefti/Bobby Troup 'Girl Talk' and transformed it into a promo for 'Botox'!

When Beach Boy Brian Wilson, together with Tony Asher, wrote 'God Only Knows', between them they created a gem. A song that has been voted (Rolling Stone magazine) as 'one of the greatest of all time'; that Paul McCartney has named his 'favourite song of all time'; and has oft been referred to as a 'classical opera of harmonic sophistication'!
Brian Wilson's collaboration with Jack produced possibly 'the greatest arrangement of all time', and it is a feature of his 'The Full Life' album.......if you can ever come across a copy - grab it........ 'cos it's a real classic!
When Jack gave us the same arrangement on Saturday, one could have heard a pin drop. The lyrics are stunning alone - with his delivery........riveting! The lengthy, melancholy, 'soprano-like' conclusion, adds weight to those 'operatic' comparisons!

'The Man from La Mancha and The Impossible Dream!' Jack 'owns' this song. True, many have recorded it with some success, but Jack's version leaves all others floundering in its wake! When he hit that final, 'ridiculously-high', never-ending note, I'll swear we all wrapped hands around our vino to buffer against glass shattering!

Frankie Laine and his pianist Carl Fisher wrote 'We'll Be Together Again'. Jack closed the evening with this song, and his interpretation seemed to convey: 'This is not Adieu, but Au Revoir'.......let's hope it will be very soon!

United States of America
(241) Mike Landers
29 July 2016 07:11:20 +0000


I have a great feeling you've been singing longer than I have been alive but let me tell you, your mastery allows me to TOTALLY connect with your songs, be they covers or originals. Long story short, "Wives and Lovers" was introduced to me a few years ago but it wasn't until "I've Got Your Number" surfaced that I remembered the name. I have been going back through your catalog ever since and will be buying "I've Never Had it So Good" thanks to that INCREDIBLE version of "God Only Knows" which we were treated to at your awesome shows this past weekend at Catalina Jazz Club in LA. As a younger fan, I really really appreciated taking my girlfriend and watching the master at work. Your "It was a very good year" was STUNNING and who could have expected "The Man of La Mancha!"

At any rate, I will stop rambling but they way you worked the crowd and commanded your voice are just two of the reasons you are a true legend and a treasure to the music community. Kudos to you and your amazing band and I am so glad I happened to check Catalina's schedule to make your Saturday nite show! Hope you do get to put out a book with your incredible career--I'd be first in line to buy.
Best regards sir!

Mike Landers

P.S. If you ever need a writer, I'm pretty sure I know a guy who could fit the bill and would gladly work for peanuts. Or at least maybe a slice of bread. haha.

United States of America
(240) Mary Callahan
28 July 2016 00:41:23 +0000

waiting for you to come to Boston!!! Love Boat....... Lol
want to hear all your wonderful songs!!!!!

United States of America
(239) Carol Fox
22 July 2016 00:00:13 +0000

Dear Jack,

I grew up in Palm Springs, and during my junior and High school years, my parents and I would go to the Palm Springs Police Show, where you and all the stars performed outside. (including Phil Harris, his wife Alice Faye, Frank Sinatra, (who gave me three autographed albums when my dad (a doctor) did an insurance exam on him, Rose Marie, and many more! One year, Rose Marie fainted on stage and my dad sprinted up to the stage to help her. I remember how great you were then and was surprised to see that you are still performing, since my husband just saw an ad for your performance at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood this weekend. We will try to go! I can't believe over 50 years have elapsed, and you are still going strong! Kudos to you!!


United States of America
(238) Maiki
17 June 2016 13:47:38 +0000

I am very impressed with your singing

(237) Angelika
17 June 2016 13:45:58 +0000

You have very pretty voice :)

(236) Andy
17 June 2016 13:44:48 +0000

Your voice and the music that you do is beautiful.

(235) Shelley Sipes
6 April 2016 08:29:24 +0000

Your voice and the music that you do is beautiful. My favourite song that you do is "Toys in the Attic". Would love to see in concert but I do not see you coming to Denver or Fort Collins, CO. Take care, Shelley Sipes

United States of America
(234) SJ
3 April 2016 23:56:11 +0000

Watching Jack Jones perform this past week was magical. His voice, charming personality and interaction with the audience created a stirring performance. Jack Jones is a singer’s singer and no one interprets a song quite like him. So many of our audience members have told me that it was a truly memorable evening of well-loved songs. comments from Cindy Garren, Director of Cultural Programs Alan Jay Wildstein Center f/t Performing Arts Avon Park, FL

United States of America
(233) Mia Swart
1 April 2016 09:01:02 +0000

I am anxiously searching for the sheetmusic or chords from 'I am a singer', the best song by Jack Jones ever!!! Can anybody help me please?

South Africa
(232) Heather
25 March 2016 01:35:34 +0000

Amazing time at the Bridgewater hall in Manchester, please please tour again x

United Kingdom
(231) David B Friedman
24 March 2016 04:59:20 +0000

I had emailed , but not sure if getting to Jack Jones or his people. Re having bought Seriously Frank and love makes the changes at Mccallum at show....having seen Jack in Vegas and at Catalina Club.....and bought dvd there also...anyways....the love was has all the Frank Sinatra songs from that do not have any Bergman songs ....can this be corrected....they were pre signed cds by JJ. would like a response if possible. Thank you

United States of America