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(453) V Wighton
6 September 2020 21:53:52 +0000

Hello My Darling, Trust you are all ok and staying safe and sound. I've been checking CNN regarding all the unrest over there, so sad, let's hope things will improve for the African Americans and others. Racism is a terrible thing. Extremists always ruin everything and that's a fact. Well 3 weeks ago I had my birthday, oh my, the number is sure increasing (HELP). I was trying to compose a song for you, have only got 1 verse so far, here it is :- I wonder if you know how much I've missed you, Through all these years that now have flown away, Yet here I am and you, are still in my heart, Loving you as I did yesterday......4/4 slow beat. So on that note I will say goodnight my love and wish you were not so far away. Take care of yourself, stay strong and keep singing. With love always v xxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(452) Peter
3 September 2020 20:59:37 +0000

Thank you so mush for your songs! Your music is a cure for my soul! ))
My best wishes from Russia! )

(451) V Wighton
9 August 2020 20:37:52 +0000

Hello My Beloved man, How is everything going with you over there in the US, I do hope that you and family all staying safe and sound. So many awful things going on in this World. Keep looking on CNN charts trying to see what is happening in your area, but, hardly ever mentioned, hope that is a good sign. I wasgoing to write one of my many unusual stories for you, however, I am very tired so will do so the next time. I am always thinking of you and of course play all the songs most nights and listen most days to Sincerely Frank (The Shadow) I remember you saying that the 1st time we met. It is a great CD present and past. Great Arrangements you sure swing my baby and the best arrangement of All Or Nothing At All, best I have heard. So my darling I will sign off and next time I will tell you a Tale of my Wondrous and Tragic Love Affair. I send with my Ultimate Love to you. Hugs and xxxxxxxxxxx's Always V.

United Kingdom
(450) Ray Cork Jr.
15 July 2020 03:42:29 +0000

This is Ray Cork Jr. and I was Jack Jones producer for 2 albums with RCA back in the early 70's. When I spoke with Jack a few yrs back, he said he lost his copies of the unreleased material, and if I had any he wanted them. I found LP acetates of the material, and want to get that to him. Please contact Jack with this info, or contact me with his contact info, so I can get this to him. Thank you. Cell Ph 479-899-7716

United States of America
(449) Ray Cork Jr.
15 July 2020 03:40:04 +0000

This is Ray Cork Jr. and I was Jack Jones producer for 2 albums with RCA back in the early 70's. When I spoke with Jack a few yrs back, he said he lost his copies of the unreleased material, and if I had any he wanted them. I found LP acetates of the material, and want to get that to him. Please contact Jack with this info, or contact me with his contact info, so I can get this to him. Thank you. Cell Ph 479-899-7716

United States of America
(448) V Wighton
12 July 2020 17:40:35 +0000

Hello darling, So, how is it going over there, hope you are keeping safe. America sure is having a very hard time in many ways. I do wish people would wear their damn Masks, however, you can't teach common sense, it is the same here. I watch CNN regularly and 'am shocked by the high rate of deaths, poor people. I won't mention what I really feel about the Heads of State but the 'top guy' is a really strange fellow!! I am still indoors but will have to venture out again one of these days, cannot stay locked up forever. I see you were going to go to South Africa, great. Why did you never come over there when I lived there? Are you still believing what you thought a long time ago, I hope not, remember. there are 2 sides to every story and you should have given me the benefit of the doubt, how tragic that you didn't. as I was waiting in London for your return however, it was obvious at the Palladium that you had moved on. That broke me in two. I have Never recovered from that and then Manchester, that broke my Spirit and changed my life forever. Did you think I went unscathed? I was very ill after that. Oh well, it's only me a little blip on Earth, but a little blip, Bwho loved you more than anything on Earth.
You'd better go now, look after yourself and loved ones. What can I say, oh yeh, I love you always hugs xxxx moi xxxx

United Kingdom
(447) Alan London
21 June 2020 21:48:52 +0000

Tony Allcock:
This Pandemic has mucked all up, and that includes the fabrication of CDs, and all and sundry. I guess once we return to some form of normality, Jack will release it. Hang on there, 'cos having heard a couple of songs live, believe me,it will prove worth waiting for!
Stay safe my friend,

Alan London

United States of America
(446) V Wighton
14 June 2020 16:57:39 +0000

Hello My Beloved, Do hope all well with you and yours. I only got this installed a few days ago. Don't know if this will reach you as my Email will not come up, seems the format has changed. Just want you to know I am thinking of you always. Like so many others I am still locked down but grateful I am still around. I will end off, perhaps this will not be accepted and go through hope it does. Always remember I have loved you all these decades, in case anything should happen to me. I have Never loved anyone else. Take good cars of yourself my darling with love vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(445) Tony Allcock
12 June 2020 10:21:43 +0000

What’s happened to Jack’s new forthcoming album “Every Other Day I Get The Blues”? It seems to have been in the pipeline for so long.
Does anybody have any news about its release?

United Kingdom
(444) Mark Bradshaw
20 May 2020 02:30:38 +0000

Been looking for a video of Jack singing if I could as I found it years ago but lost it..
Just found it again..he sings it from the heart what a bloke he is.
I've seen him many times in the UK..what I would give to see him just one more time.

United Kingdom
(443) Lou
19 May 2020 12:43:14 +0000

Jack is one of the BEST performers in entertainment TODAY.

United States of America
(442) Harry S. Anchan
21 April 2020 02:12:27 +0000
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My mother bought your "Impossible Dream" LP in 1967. Needless to say, I became a fan. Nobody, but nobody, else on this planet does this song better. She is 92 today and still a huge fan. Today, during this virus outbreak, this is truly an anthem. God bless you, Jack.

(441) Karen Kmeck
19 April 2020 02:30:24 +0000

Congrats. Was just watching you on Password Plus. Googled you and saw the announcement. Still as handsome as ever.

United States of America
(440) Vicki Forte
17 April 2020 18:40:30 +0000

Always been a huge fan...absolutely love every album!

United States of America
(439) Mrs Jane Baker
9 April 2020 13:09:29 +0000

Easter 2020 is going to be very different from any we have ever known
Please observe whatever precautions are advised by your country
Please take care and keep your spirits up by playing Jack
I suggest we all play Jack singing We'll be together again on Easter Sunday 12 April at 5 pm British Summer Time
With best wishes to Eleonora and Jack and to all Jack's fans throughout the world
Stay safe and well

United Kingdom
(438) Christine Wicks
31 March 2020 13:21:09 +0000

Hello Jack

I have increased my Jack Jones collection with two albums .... “Write me a love song Charlie” and “Lady”.

On the Charlie album “Anniversary” is a brilliant interpretation and so cleverly written. On the Lady album “Alone again” is so dramatic I love listening to both.

My all time favourite is “Bread Winners” I could listen to it every day.

I still have two L.P’s from the early seventies that I purchased after seeing you for the first time at the London Palladium and still enjoy playing them.

I hope to see you again on stage where you belong. Regards, Christine.

United Kingdom
(437) Mrs Jane Baker
29 March 2020 12:18:08 +0000

With so many of us in Lockdown and staying at home I am enjoying playing Jack whilst doing the housework etc. I often join in and sing along!!
Thank you Jack for helping me through these very difficult times. Listening to you brings back so many happy memories

United Kingdom
(436) Alan London
27 March 2020 00:11:25 +0000

Whenever we are faced with a menacing threat that we cannot see, and just don't understand, then, understandably, we become scared. As social-animals, in normal times, we turn to friends for solace, for a comforting hug. But these are not normal times, for the evil-virus forbids us such acts of affection. And so, within our self-confinements, we experience increasing stress and increasing anxieties.
It thus becomes essential that we seek other means by which to reach out and encourage one another to remain firm, resolute, and to see this nightmare through. There is a light at the tunnel's end, but it's still a ways off, we must be patient.
I trust Jack won't mind me utilizing his website to myself reach out to its many readers, his host of world-wide admirers, and to all lovers of fine music, to wish for the health and safety of all.
I've had a further thought, and mebbee some of you will laugh: there may just be a perhaps as yet hard-to-see positive within this thick veil of murk. Have you noticed people, world-wide, irrespective of creed and religion, shoving aside their differences, and instead taking up arms to confront this evil - together! Wouldn't it be something if, once the enemy is vanquished, things stayed that way?
I'll finish with a further thought and suggestion: take a mo to listen to Jack's brilliant 'Imagine/From a Distance' medley...its message kinda sums everything I have just written!
Stay safe everybody.

Alan London
Seal Beach

United States of America
(435) Mrs Jane Baker
19 March 2020 00:21:34 +0000

Composer Don Black has an hour long show on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday evenings starting at 11pm
Last Sunday - 15 March - it was a request programme and Don said that Jack was THE most requested singer and played Once upon a time
The preogramme is available on BBC sounds -Jack's record is on approximate;y 45 minutes after the start

United Kingdom
(434) Mike Moran
17 March 2020 19:40:05 +0000
url  email

I'm a serious fan. Very impressed with your sidemen (Dave Grusin? Mike Renzi?) I am Kitt Moran's accompanist, so it matters a lot to me. We saw you in Vegas a few years ago. Great!

United States of America