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(86) victor pinzon from Scottsdale
23 October 2013 11:34:19 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): She and Music of The Night

The other favorite performers: Frankie Laine, Sinatra

I was very fortunate to coordinate Jack's Seaport Village appearance on behalf of The Salvation Army years ago. At the time, I should have asked Jack for an autograph, but I felt uncomfortable in doing so. Have all of his recordings since his first Capital effort, and I look forward to seeing him at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert soon. I am in the process of buying two of Jack's Live from Liverpool cd for m yself and a friend who is from Liverpool. Her name is Allison, and she is also a devoted fan. Is there any way Jack could autograph the recordings for us? I know, a tall request, but it would be great. Let me know if I should but them at the JJ Store and send them to you for signing. I am very apopreciative of any help you can provide.

(85) lorraine michaels from Liverpool
21 October 2013 07:15:07 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Here's to life, Here's that rainy day

The other favorite performers Sinatra, Bennett, Ella

Hi just checking in. Not written for a while and meant to write in praise of Jack's fabulous tour ( better not be the last Jack!! ) of the UK this summer. Really can't wait , like all of the fans, til the next visit. Come back soon Jack..... We love you here.

(84) Jay Leonhart from New Yoirk
20 October 2013 16:05:35 +0000
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Favorite JJ song(s): most of them

The other favorite performers: Sinatra, etc

Hi Jack,

Jay Leonhart here. I'd love to tal;k to you about songs and your gig here in January.


(83) John Michael Perry from New York City
28 September 2013 07:48:23 +0000
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Favorite JJ song(s): call me Irresponsible

The other favorite performers: impossible Dream

Great Legendary Icon!!!

(82) John Michael Perry from New York City
28 September 2013 07:46:46 +0000
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Favorite JJ song(s): call me Irresponsible

The other favorite performers: impossible Dream

Great Site,for one of Musics Legendary Artists!!

(81) Jeff Herzfeld from las Vegas
8 September 2013 23:12:41 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): too numerous

The other favorite performers: Johnny Mathis,Sinatra-the list goes on

Saw you again at South Point-just fantastic!! I Mentioned that if you close your eyes,one couldn't tell much difference between the "old" videos that are shown prior to your show,and when you hit the stage,re your voice.Amazing.

Love all the songs-others that are favorites,include Love With The Proper Stranger,Call Me Irresponsible,Toys in the Attic. However,you could sing the phone book,and make it come to life,somehow,even in a romantic way,I bet.

Anyway,as long as you continue to perform,I'll always come to see you-cause as your song says-"You Are A Singer!!!!!!

(80) Steve from SF
6 September 2013 23:23:47 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Our Song

Hey..........another one..........sing "OUR SONG" when you come to SF.


(79) Steve from SF
6 September 2013 23:19:07 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Lady

Jack when you come to SF...Feinsteins Club-Nikko Hotel Sept 19 - 21.

Sing "Lady"...I'll be there!!!

(78) Liz Anderson from Honolulu
4 September 2013 00:03:02 +0000
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Favorite JJ song(s): Too many to list

The other favorite performers: Most are no longer alive.

Dear Elenora,

I am so elated that you are coming to Hawaii. We talked about it briefly in San Francisco when Jack performed at the RazzRoom.

I'm happy it's coming to fruition. Peter and I bought tickets for both nights.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you before your arrival or during your stay. I volunteer for the Hawaii Opera Theatre (airport pickup, Whole Foods etc) .

The Halekalani is a wonderful hotel and very accommodating. It's the closest we have to a Four Seasons in Waikiki.

(77) Colin Jeffrey from York, England
16 June 2013 04:02:40 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): If, I had a Dream, More

The other favorite performers: Damone Torme Bennett

Saw Jack at the Grand Opera House in York, England, recently.

Excellent for a 75 year old. Well received by the audience.

Was slightly disappointed there was no swing, up-tempo, arrangements.

(76) Mark from Essex
13 June 2013 02:32:47 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): If/shadow of yr smile

The other favorite performers: Matt Monroe, andy Williams

My partner and I were lucky enough to attend your concert in Eastbourne UK on June 1st. It was a magical evening, with many of our favourites included in the song selection. We would agree with others that you are in fine voice, definitely the best concert we have attended. Sitting in the centre of the 3rd row we really enjoyed your interaction with the audience, and only wished we had been able to shake hands with you.

This small disappointment was forgotten the following morning as we met Eleanora at breakfast in our hotel. It really meant a lot that she was so gracious and willing to talk with us at length about you and your music. Wishing you all the best and hoping we will see you again live in concert in the future.

Mark and Joanne

Essex UK

(75) Karl Johansen from Edinburgh
11 June 2013 06:37:14 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Entire With One More Look At You album

The other favorite performers: Dusty Springfield, Jackie Trent, Lou Rawls

Jack's recent concert at Edinburgh's Usher Hall was fantastic/

I have been a fan since I was 16 (now almost 64) so as this is his farewll UK tour I was determined I was going to meet him and I did briefly coming out the stage door. We spoke for a minute and I thanked him for the music over the years and we shook hands.

To me Jack is one of the most exciting male singers around, and still has the ability to raise the hairs on the back of my neck when he hits the high notes.

Thank you Jack and please do come back soon.

(74) jim doolan from glasgow
3 June 2013 15:52:40 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): i cant get started&somewhere theres someone

The oher favorite performers: steve lawrence&sammy davis

I was at theGLASGOW......gIG, WHERE awoman in the audience offered jj a whiskey . 7 We went to london for the weekend,with tickets for the Palladium mydaughter had got me.Our seats were perfect,just behind JACob Cottier& his mum.JJ sung great,my favourite was without a song,but loved them all.His rapport with the audience&bruce Forsyth was great.SIRBRUCE SUMMED IT UP PERFECTLY SAYING,yOUR the best,you not only sing the song,you liveit.Icouldnt agree more.I HOPE jACK brings out a Dvd or blue ray soon&a new Bossa Nova feeling album,then i will think im in a musical heaven

(73) Linda Jones from Blandford
3 June 2013 08:42:07 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Impossible to chose

The oher favorite performers: All the greats

First saw you at the Dome in Brighton where you first introduced us to If and have been to every tour since culminating in 3 concerts during the final tour. Last night at Southsea was very special for all your fans and you have left us with wonderful memories which we will treasure. Hope you enjoy getting home for a well deserved rest. Love to you both Linda Jones

(72) Norman Giller from Andover, Hampshire
2 June 2013 16:03:40 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Any and all

The oher favorite performers:Sinatra/Bennett/Davis/Torme/Fitzgerald/Vaughan/O'D

Safe journey home, Jack and the lovely Mrs Jones. Thanks for the memories and for keeping beautifully sung music aiive. Please come back to the UK soon. You are STILL The Master, love and best wishes, Norman Giller and partner Jackie Wright

(71) Mrs Jo woodage from Ascot,Berks
20 June 2013 12:38:47 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): I am a singer

The oher favorite performers: Neil sedaka

I have been a fan for many many years,and last night we went to see jack perform the most lovely concert in Eastbourne, we enjoyed every minute,it was a lovely touch ,that jack leaves the stage and comes and shakes hands with his fans,he is such a super singer,I just hope that is not the last time he will visit the uk. Thank you For a lovely evening. Jo and Brian woodage

(70) john best from eastbourne
2 June 2013 06:25:39 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): without a song

he oher favorite performers: elvis


Saw you show in Eastbourne last night, we have been following you since the 70s and last night you were Better than ever. What a way to go out not with a bang but with an explosion.

Best wishes for the future

Barbara & John.

(69) Chrissy from Stockport
30 May 2013 15:59:05 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): Dio como ti amo

Thank you for yet another wonderful evening inLLandudno after the Bridgewater and Buxton. See you on your next tour. Take care of you xx

(68) carole seddon from leigh
28 May 2013 11:47:00 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): If

Thank you for singing 'If' we saw you at the Bridgewater Hall and it made our night when we could speak to you and your lovely wife, a wonderful night. We have been fans since the first time we saw you in the late 60's early 70's. (Broadway in Manchester and the London Palladium) Please keep coming back to Manchester.

Carole & Tony Seddon

(67) Gerard Howe from London
27 May 2013 12:19:05 +0000

Favorite JJ song(s): If .and so many more

Mr Jones. My Lady Wife Eileen and myself had the pleasure of seeing your show at the London Palladium last night. (26th May 2013.) We enjoyed greatly as we did see. your show in 1972 at the same place. Same theartre just a while ago..

may I say you looked good and sound good as you did in 1972 ad the voice. Allowing for being 75 and here I am 71 who wishes he could sing a quarter of what you do.

Sir I and my My Lady say Thank you very much for the enjoyment you have given us.

God Bless you