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(433) PhilT
2 March 2020 02:47:42 +0000

Wow-so great that Jack has a new album coming,and that it will be available on vinyl! The last time I bought a vinyl LP at a good old-fashioned record store was in 1987-it was "I am a Singer", by you-know-who!

United States of America
(432) V Wighton
1 March 2020 21:42:39 +0000

Hello my darling, Hope all going well for you over there. Seems that my laptop is about to go on the blink as it is too old and will not accept Windows 10. When I go on You Tube, up comes 'We will not be able to support this much longer up date your browser, but I can't. Now need to open a Google A/c as Google [Ireland) does not apply since UK has left the EU and will be Google USA, I don't know how to do that, oh well shall have to find someone to help me. Wish you were here you would know everything. Went to Cardiologist Monday past and he said that my heart muscle was stronger than it was last year, of course still have to take medication, but that was good although I still get tired. I will soon be leaving this apartment, apart from the very steep stairs to climb and a few other things, I cannot afford to pay this amount out every month. I am going to see another place soon, will see how it goes. I am so tired of moving like this, kick myself every day for giving up my home in South Africa. I'm sure you aren't interested in this but, that's how it is here. I do hope that you have got some Anti Viral Hand Foam for your hands, very important that you take precautions with this Corona Virus, everything is being affected by this. This is what happens Globalisation not good Markets falling rapidly, it's a bad scene being so reliant on one Country. Well my love, I will write again, next time I will tell you, other things related to many, many years ago. Don't ever think I ever stopped loving you, if you do you will be wrong. Look after yourself, be strong, keep fit and I surround you with an imaginary safety net to protect you. I love you always vxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(431) Alan London
21 February 2020 19:35:46 +0000

Hi Jane,
I first saw Jack live at The London Palladium back in the early seventies! Then in Canada a few times whilst living there, and since moving to Southern California in 1979, 'all over the place', from Beverley Hills to Las Vegas! It's been fun, and he never fails to entertain and impress, and still stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries.
The new album 'Every Other Day I Get The Blues' is in the final phase of mixing.....looking forward to it.



United States of America
(430) Mrs Jane Baker
11 February 2020 14:13:59 +0000

Please do keep scribbling Alan
As a matter of interest when and where did you first see Jack perform

United Kingdom
(429) Alan London
9 February 2020 22:11:07 +0000

Thank you Jane for those very kind remarks. I feel so privileged to have attended so many of Jack's concerts, going all the way back to my long-ago days in native England. He is THE consummate singer of both the past, the present, and mebbee also the future! His interpretations, occasionally so subtle, never cease to amaze.
Over the years, my wife and I have become fortunate in coming to know Jack and his beautiful "bride' Eleonora, and what a wonderful couple they are!
Once again Jane, thank you, and I'll keep scribbling.


United States of America
(428) Mrs Jane Baker
9 February 2020 13:09:45 +0000

Thank you Mr Alan London for your excellent reviews of the concerts you attend. I always look forward to reading them - they are NEVER BORING - always interesting
You make me feel as if I was in the audience
Looking forward to the new album
Thanks again PLEASE continue with your reviews and if possible include the playlist

United Kingdom
(427) Alan London
7 February 2020 22:13:30 +0000

Palm Desert January 10th,

Another full house, another brilliant concert. The McCullum Theatre once again received their Favourite Son - their Favourite Singer, and of course, he did not disappoint.
Once again, a variation in his programme, and on this occasion, Jack was accompanied by a nine-piece band which included, of course, Christian, Chris, and Wild Man Paul.
Naturally many fan-favourites were scattered throughout, notably: Wives and Lovers; I am a Singer; Without a Song; and The Love Boat, (Gavin Macleod, aka Captain Stubin, was in the audience, and he received a rapturous reception).
Jack also revealed that he has a new album nearing completion, and its genre is : The Blues! An album taking a different tack....of music that he loves, and featuring some of his own compositions and arrangements.
One of its great tracks, which he preformed, is Dave Tull's skit on wealth, Every Other Day I Get The Blues. The song takes a few good natured digs at good friend Joe Williams (Every Day I Have The Blues), all kinda tongue in cheek, and it's a fun song.
Staying with the Blues theme, Jack then went on to give us the 'always-looked-forward-to' Well Alright, Okay, You Win. It never gets old, and the McCullum fair shook with the ongoing stomping and clapping. And of course, we were treated to brilliant solos from Christian, Chris, the Wild Man, as well as guest saxophonist Tom Scott.
But for me, as well as many others, the highlight was Jack's Gershwin Medley. From Summertime through to Bets, You Is...such emotional songs, so emotionally arranged, and so emotionally performed. No need to poll the audience to back up my opinion..... a single glance around the theatre at the myriad of spellbound expressions told all!!! Just take the time to listen to this medley on Jack's Live at the Palladium album....and you will get it! And believe me, you will struggle not to hit the repeat button over and over and over again!
Diamonds are Forever, but sadly, great performances are not! And so, Jack wrapped up the show with Frankie Laine's We'll Be Together Again - let's hope that will not be too long.
A truly great show, from The Master of His Craft - NOBODY Does It Better!

On a personal note: For many years now, I have appreciated the quality of Jack's music, and have been so fortunate to have attended so many of his concerts. He has so many fans around the world that have not been so lucky. And so I write these reviews for their sake, to let them know just how brilliant he remains, and how his music continues to be, in his own words....'Inventive'. Just hope I don't bore too many of you who log into this excellent web-site.

Alan London
Seal Beach

United States of America
(426) V Wighton
5 February 2020 22:31:17 +0000

Hello My Darling, How are you? Hope all is well with you. Do you know that tonight 5th a whole 2 years since last I saw you and don't ask me where it has gone, the days just melt away here. I will not be able to listen to you for a while as it appears that I have to update the browser. I, of course do not have a clue how to do that, so I will have to go to PC Curry's, who seem to do these things. I guess if I don't go the laptop will go dead or something like that. The store is quite a distance away so hopefully my friend Jennifer can drive me there of course I will pay her if not have to get a cab, oh the joys of not having one's own car. I do wish I could see you apart from viewing you on the laptop, one day I have to see you again, after all I didn't come all this way from South Africa for 3 encounters. One thing I have learnt is the truth even though it's cost me my life but you're worth it my love. Once this is up and running again I shall be checking you out every night, maybe tomorrow I can still use it, don't know how long they give one to sort it all out. So, my darling take very good care of yourself, stay safe, stay healthy and always remember I did not do what you thought. My forever love, always moi v xxxxxxx and hugs xxx

United Kingdom
(425) Patti Howard
24 January 2020 04:18:55 +0000

Thank you, Jack, for a lifetime of beautiful music with your gorgeous voice always in my life.

United States of America
(424) Phil T
14 January 2020 13:48:57 +0000

Happy 82nd,sir!

I bet you could even make the 'Happy Birthday'song sound romantic...

United States of America
(423) Jackie Wright
14 January 2020 11:03:00 +0000

Happy Birthday Jack. Come back to England soon!

United Kingdom
(422) V Wighton
13 January 2020 21:15:54 +0000

Hello My Love, For tomorrow:- A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my most wonderful man in the World. Have a great day enjoy and wish you many many more. Sending you my deepest love, hugs,xxxxxxxxxxx, wish I could hold you close.v

United Kingdom
(421) Beejay
11 January 2020 06:20:31 +0000

Just doing some genealogy catching up. I am Anita Mrajska's cousin, it all just breaks my heart. Best to Jack from my family, sincerely.

United States of America
(420) Ed Bergman
9 January 2020 19:03:27 +0000

Was totally blown away some years ago at the Palmer House in Chicago (late 60's or early 70's) Have since seen you several times in Kansas City (even you and Dad at the Starlite Theater) and fleetingly cocktail parties afterwards. Of more recent years in Branson, MO. my wife & I sat in the front row and you came down and sang a tune DIRECTLY to HER. (At least she thinks so) I think it was Les Brown's (?) son sitting behind us and we didn't get to say a quick "Hello" because it appeared you guys may have had a little socializing to do. Unfortunately age has taught me the tune "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", but before leaving this earth hope to enjoy you at least 1 more time; perhaps in CA., or certainly if you're ever around the Kansas City area. (Sorry to hear about Jack Sheldon) Keep Swingin'

United States of America
(419) V Wighton
7 January 2020 20:48:11 +0000

Hello My Darling, I see your next gig is coming up, sure it will be a fabulous Show, as always, 'Break a leg. Oh, I am missing all your shows. I come back to this Country to see you and I have seen you, 5 nights in total, then you are gone, just like before, but, you never leave me, my mind never lets you go, it never will. Surely one of these days I will be able to be with you and talk to you (try not to get tongue tied) How come I can talk to anyone else, but you! WHAT DO YOU DO TO ME? Next time, I will speak to you like the first time we met. Stay safe, healthy and happy and sing a song for me, please. I love you totally, you are everything to me. Always v hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(418) Mark Bradshaw
5 January 2020 00:31:33 +0000

Hey Jack
Wishing you a healthy 2020 mate.
I have had the pleasure of seeing you 20 or so times in the uk once you may remember at the Sage in Gateshead my daughter was with me in my seat in row 1 and you came down,held her hand and sang Lady ..I'll never forget that as she won't either (she's 21 now).
I listen to your voice daily thanks to on line music and boy would I be thrilled to see you back here.Just fly to London do 3 nights and we will all come and see you and your ageless voice.
When I say we I mean all the people that love your music in the Uk and despite Brexit we will make sure you get in but might not let you out.
You are the main man Jack Jones.
All the very best to you and Thanks.

Mark Bradshaw

United Kingdom
(417) Phil T
2 January 2020 04:02:45 +0000

Happy New Year,Jack!
First post of 2020!
Hope your resolution is to release more music this year.
Also hope we can get some comments on here
other than those strange messages from

United States of America
(416) V Wighton
22 December 2019 17:55:03 +0000

Hello My most beloved, I just want to wish you and all your family, a Very Happy Xmas and when the New Year comes around I hope the year ahead, will be a healthy one and full of wonderful surprises. I am not going out at all, although I have been invited to go to my friend Paula and her family for Xmas, I don't want to intrude, I will just sit and watch a movie, that will be fine. Enjoy yourself I will be thinking of you, asI always do. Sending you my one and only All My LOVE ALWAYS vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(415) V Wighton
8 December 2019 18:22:17 +0000

Hello My Dearest, Just a note to tell you, you are always in my mind. How I wish I could have come to see you before now but I have to pay out so much to live in this Country it is difficult. I have never had to live like this. I was ok. in South Africa I had every thing organized now my life is in total disarray just as I need it to be together, to be able to do what is in my heart, I am stuck, what a scene. Somehow there must be a way I just have to find it. Sorry to moan and groan, just want you to try and understand. I hope you are coping with everything and staying healthy and strong. I have loved you at least 2/3rds of my life and you know how old I am, that's a loooong time. I am closing off now my darling. You take care, I am always with you. With love and hugs vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(414) Tony Allcock
22 November 2019 20:57:31 +0000

A message to Jack from one of your most dedicated fans in the U.K....
When can we expect you back in the UK to do some live shows? It’s been a while!
And when will you release a new album? it’s been a while! Your tribute to Frank Sinatra was one of your best ever albums. It proved you are at the height of your vocal powers and only whetted the appetite for more.
A couple of suggestions.
How about an album of movie theme songs. There are so many out there that you have not recorded - including dozens of Oscar winners.
Better still: an album of classic standards from the Great American Songbook that you have never recorded. Ideally featuring the great Mike Renzi on piano.
It could be a definitive Jack Jones album that would be a legacy of your talent and resonate for decades into the future.
You have given so much pleasure to so many, for so many years and deserve to take it easy.
But your fans are hungry for more not less.
You have so much more to offer.
Here’s hoping!

United Kingdom