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(346) V.Wighton
10 April 2018 22:54:52 +0000

Hello I will not be able to hear your wonderful songs for 2weeks as I am moving to another flat.This goes off tonight only connecting me 23rd April How will I survive oh well have to play the CD'S Take care beloved and remember I love you. Hope your back is bit better mine is pretty sore from all the packing. Stay safe always xxxx

United Kingdom
(345) Alan London
8 April 2018 18:28:41 +0000

March 3rd. Palm Desert

You just knew it promised to be a special night - from the moment one entered the foyer of the McCallum Theatre, with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK' emblazoned across its walls, to the rapturous welcome Jack received when he strolled onstage to join Christian, Kendall, Chris, 'Wild Man' Paul, and on keyboard, special guest for the evening, Bill (son of Harpo) Marx.
EVERYBODY was clearly ready for a party, and Party we did!
Following his opening 'Sound of Music' medley, Jack quipped of having 'Sung For His Supper' for nigh on sixty years, and then proceeded to do so once again!
He featured several tracks from Seriously Frank including, of course, 'All Or Nothing At All', which thundering climax continuously brings audiences to their feet, as do favourites 'Without A Song' and 'Man From La Mancha'.
Naturally, with Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing) present, Jack tipped his cap and rocked the theatre with 'The Love Boat'.
'Where Is Love' has been a recent addition to Jack's regular programme, and this evening he also introduced the 1929 Neil Moret ballad 'She's Funny That Way', a song he'd included during the recent UK Birthday Tour. Another insert was the Brazilian-originating 'Morning of the Carnival', best known as 'A Day in the Life of a Fool'. Featured on the 1966 album Jack Jones Sings, Jack's interpretation was critically-lauded as one of the best ever!
And from the 'Liverpool album he gave us 'Dio Como Ti Amo (God, How I love You)'. This song was composed by Domenico Modugno who, incidentally, also sang it as the Italian entry in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest.
Jack has long said that both his and Eleonora's favourite love song is Michel Legrand's 'What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life', and how it shows, for his delivery nigh on 'cracks', so steep is the emotion. He then sang another Legrand classic, the 1966 Oscar-nominated 'I Will Wait For You', originally from the French Musical, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
'Love Theme From The Sandpiper': a Johnny Mandel composition from the 1965 film of the same name, it won both a Grammy and an Oscar. It's been recorded by EVERBODY, Jack included, from Jack Sheldon's trumpet solo to the Central Band of The Royal British Legion! WE know the song as 'The Shadow of Your Smile. Jack and Christian's current arrangement of that classical and oh so romantic ballad, far surpasses ANY of the other one-hundred-plus versions already out there. It's the best that I and many others whom I spoke to, have ever heard. To me personally, it was the highlight of Jack's programme.
Back down amongst his audience, Jack belted out his own 'I Am a Singer', and on its powerful conclusion, Eleonora and daughter Nicole came on stage, wheeling a huge birthday cake that had Jack's portrait iced across its top. They then led the entire theatre, ushers an' all, into a cheery, celebratory chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.
An emotional moment indeed; one which clearly moved Jack. Amongst so many fans and friends, there was but one song with which he could close the evening out: Paul Williams' 'Isn't That What Friends Are For?', and those of us familiar with the lyrics attempted to keep tune and join in!
A truly memorable evening with Jack's voice performing mind-boggling acrobatics!
An evening, which if recorded would have made for a great CD but.... as a DVD, we'd all be enthusing on a MUST-BUY'!

United States of America
(344) V Wighton
8 April 2018 14:05:25 +0000

Hello Darling, Hoping all ok with you and your family. I am moving flats this week the lady owner is selling so have had to find yet another place. I have got something not really me, but will have to do. I really wish I had not sold my home in South Africa, should have thought it through more and found another way to come to you, I really have lost so much in this overly expensive UK it's a Con Country believe me. I shall miss listening to my nightly numbers of you for a little while until Sky comes and sets it all up again. Move on 11th that's if I make it, I am so so very tired, hope I make it. Darling when I said if only you had said something I meant when we were in the HALEM Towers Sheffield. I was there 4 nights and the last night standing in front of you a hint would have been good, oh dear what a mix up and more to follow. Just know I would NEVER have done that, why would I lose the person I love most in the whole World - would that make sense No it wouldn't I need to come and talk to you and I don't know how to do that. There must be a way as I believe that you and I both have the right to know the Whole Truth and should anything happen to me before that happens, just know that I did not See the last section until the M8 and it was 1year later that I heard and I came to the Palladium but I was too late and so it goes on and still does.I told you once I would always be here (in the World) for you and that has Never altered and I am here in this World only for you, this is always in my heart.1970 that LP LAB came into my life and changed it forever. I would never hurt you my love forgive my ignorance and to think that all I ever wanted was to be happy with the man I love, how terrible is that so close and it takes decades to get the truth but at least we now know the truth' That is very important. Thanks for all the great shows, oh and you have a wonderful laugh On The Move T.BENN. As for the Wooden hearted Princess on Smothers is that me ? I would love to come and Smother you with my love. You take very good care of yourself from me to you babe xxxxxx

United Kingdom
(343) V Wighton
25 March 2018 19:09:42 +0000

Hello my dearest, I do hope that the pain in your back has subsided and you are managing to cope. It is a terrible thing to deal with constant pain. I was very concerned about you at the Perth and Glasgow Shows but glad you have someone to care for you. Wish I could have cared for you all these years, if only I had known something, anything, but alas I did not. Never knew it reached that level with the other party. I think that is why I have been brought back to this dastardly little place, so dismal, dank and obviously I do not like it, however had I not come back I would have remained in the dark till I perished. I am glad I know things now and I have seen you again, other than that I have had a horrible existence here. I did not come to see you to upset you or your life, I was compelled to, purely due to my feelings for you. I was so happy to see you in Feb. and you sure came through for all your Fan's even with the pain and cold. I am about to move again early next month. The lady owner of this flat is selling it, so have to move, but, I was going to move anyway as this place is freezing never been so cold in my life, quite frankly I do not know how I have survived the Winter here. Got a flat in view, not really me but it will have to do, a big difference to my home in South Africa, should not have sold it, silly me. Oh well, will not be able to have my wonderful evenings listening to you until I get it all organized again, here's hoping. So my beloved please take good care of yourself and stay strong, Your one and onlyxxx

United Kingdom
(342) Hanwinmg
27 February 2018 15:10:20 +0000

I'm interesting in music.

United States of America
(341) Susan Rutkowski
26 February 2018 00:52:35 +0000

I am leaving for Palm Springs in the morning, (2-26) so I can be there Saturday for the show at the McCallum. I was invited to your after-party in the green room two years ago and I was hoping I could get an invitation again this year. I was going to piggy back on your invite from last time but when I started typing on it, it vanished. Technology! The reason I still had that old Email was because I was going to thank you and say how much I enjoyed the show, but there just were not words to say how wonderful I thought it was, how your voice has gotten so much stronger over the years. I was tongue tied for TWO YEARS. And I think I did embarrass myself when I met Jack. I was a babbling idiot. Guess I never grew out of the star struck stage. I'm sure you won't sing "If you ever leave me" huh. I consider that to be like honey being poured over velvet.
Looking forward!w

United States of America
(340) Shiona Ferriday
2 February 2018 23:26:04 +0000

Thanks for a great evening in Birmingham, we loved it!

United Kingdom
(339) Pauline Riley
1 February 2018 15:35:51 +0000

Hi Jack

Would you say hello to my husband Keith and myself at the Birmingham Concert. We have seen you many times throughout the years, and love your music. Many congratulations on your 80th, we are not far off, ourselves and we celebrate 50 years of marriage next year. ( Don't know how we have done it) Anyway we will see you tomorrow.

Lots of Love

Pauline and Keith xx

United Kingdom
(338) William Paul
1 February 2018 05:42:33 +0000

Mr. Jones,
20 years ago in June you appeared in Hamilton Ontario. My wife's 50th birthday was spent at your show where she was pictured with you. She will be 70 this year and with her friend she left Canada for your show in Glasgow next week. They have seen your shows in Glasgow, Toronto and Hamilton Ontario over a span of 30+ years. It would give her and her friend the ultimate surprise if there was any way to acknowledge their presence at the Glasgow show next Monday. Jennifer and Maude (Scotish and Irish) both live just outside Toronto, Canada.
I have also been a great fan of you and the music you make. ( Bread LP is my favourite).
Happy Birthday . Enjoy your tour in Scotland my home country.

Bill Paul

(337) Joe Betty
31 January 2018 17:36:01 +0000

Had the privilege of seeing Jack at Malven Theatre last night.
This guy is still amazing at 80 what a show!

United Kingdom
(336) Catherine Howe
30 January 2018 22:35:47 +0000
url  email

Have just come home from your Malvern show. Wonderful. This is Catherine Howe. I wrote a song back in 74 which you might know called Harry. It was your and Andy Williams and Bobby Scott's work which set me off. Thanks for a great great show.

United Kingdom
(335) Jackie Wright
29 January 2018 16:36:56 +0000

I was in the Cadogan Hall in London last night with my partner Norman to see Jack. What superlatives can I use to express his wonderful performance? Pure magic - Jack, please never stop singing, you were superb (and not a bad band either!!).

United Kingdom
(334) Lorraine Mccarroll
29 January 2018 10:31:23 +0000

Dear Jack , my mum and I are coming to see you at the Bridgewater Hall Thurs 1st Feb . My mum has seen you a few times and has loved you for over 50years . She is so excited to see you it would make her night if you could say hello to her ,even better if she could meet you . Her name is Kath Widdup and we will be sitting in the stalls . Here's hoping
Lorraine Mccarroll xxx

United Kingdom
(333) Joyce Telling
27 January 2018 09:31:26 +0000

Thank you Jack for a memorable concert in Aberdare. My sister, Daphne & I first saw you in London in the early 70's in The New Victoria theatre and we still love you after all that time. We managed to have a chat to Eleonora after the show which was completely unexpected but most enjoyable - a lovely lady. Thanks again, Jack, for the great concert & for all the years of being able to listen to your unique voice. Must mention how great we thought your pianist was.
All the best,
Joyce & Daphne

United Kingdom
(332) V Wighton
23 January 2018 23:42:33 +0000

Hello My Maestro Welcome to the U.K. 'Break a leg' May you and all who travel with you have a safe and sound Tour - back 'On The Road Again' I'll be seeing you very soon. Hope you get this. With my endless love Vxxx

United Kingdom
(331) Peter compton
23 January 2018 03:28:37 +0000

Happy B Day...sent you a note on the old e mail I have for you. Have a great b day tour..get in touch if you get close to us . Peter and Eli Compton

United States of America
(330) Peter compton
23 January 2018 03:28:34 +0000

Happy B Day...sent you a note on the old e mail I have for you. Have a great b day tour..get in touch if you get close to us . Peter and Eli Compton

United States of America
(329) Terry Wale
18 January 2018 13:58:51 +0000

It was back in 1964 that I first heard you sing. I was taking time out from acting in a season of Shakespeare plays at the Ravinia Festival just north of Chicago when, along with several colleagues, I visited a club called 'Mister Kelly's', where I found myself being sung to by a young Jack Jones, whose style, tone and repertoire were deliciously reminiscent of Sinatra's, and who made that evening all the more memorable for me when he coolly reprimanded a group of particularly noisy patrons sitting just below him by saying: “Gee, I wish I was down there with you. You seem to be having so much more fun than the rest of us.” Needless to say, they were under your spell for the rest of the evening!

As an 80th birthday present from my wife, I'll be out there in the audience when you visit the Perth Concert Hall, and I hope you have a Happy Birthday too! Terry Wale

United Kingdom
(328) myra casey
16 January 2018 07:18:36 +0000

Dear Mr. Jack Jones - I'm 79 years old and have loved you since the first time I heard you sing "It only takes a Moment" Whenever I'm feeling sad, I listen to you sing and my happiness comes back. Bless U

United States of America
(327) Celeste DiGenova
15 January 2018 05:57:58 +0000

Dearest Jack Jones, I want to wish you the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS YET! with many more to come!

United States of America