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(413) Tony Allcock
22 November 2019 20:57:29 +0000

A message to Jack from one of your most dedicated fans in the U.K....
When can we expect you back in the UK to do some live shows? It’s been a while!
And when will you release a new album? it’s been a while! Your tribute to Frank Sinatra was one of your best ever albums. It proved you are at the height of your vocal powers and only whetted the appetite for more.
A couple of suggestions.
How about an album of movie theme songs. There are so many out there that you have not recorded - including dozens of Oscar winners.
Better still: an album of classic standards from the Great American Songbook that you have never recorded. Ideally featuring the great Mike Renzi on piano.
It could be a definitive Jack Jones album that would be a legacy of your talent and resonate for decades into the future.
You have given so much pleasure to so many, for so many years and deserve to take it easy.
But your fans are hungry for more not less.
You have so much more to offer.
Here’s hoping!

United Kingdom
(412) judy moss
13 November 2019 23:13:53 +0000

female vocalist for many years. Huge fan of Jack Jones a "singer's singer".

United States of America
(411) V.Wighton
3 November 2019 19:04:13 +0000

Hello my love, I just want to tell you again, that what I have told you, all the strange things that happened to me because of you and all I have learnt since coming back here are true. The truth is always the truth and cannot be denied. Why would I want to destroy the most beautiful and happiest moments of my life which were spent with you! does that make sense it doesn't. The next time round it would have come right, I was going to surprise you but then I thought you moved on, due to you know what. I know you still don't believe me., what can I do! Take good care of yourself I love you. Hugs and xxxxxx's always v.

United Kingdom
(410) V Wighton
28 October 2019 00:04:03 +0000

Hello my beloved, Thought I would drop you a line to let you know I am still here. I trust all is going well for you and all your family, way over there, so far away. In 2 days time I will have been on Scottish soil for 6 years and still haven't got myself together, I just cannot adjust to this place. I have tried and tried but nothing seems to go right. Been listening to your Album on the Golden Sunday Nostalgia Vinyls Side one brilliant haven't heard those numbers before other than The Shining Sea and I don't care much, heard last number on your Bewitched Album, which by the way, I thought was the odd one and was for me in some way. I used to think like that when listening to you in South Africa and get all up-tight. One was Summertime Promises and I used to sat to the CD 'I never gave you S.P.I do play 'Here's that rainy day' with you and Milt Jackson {I do like Vibes} do you know why I play that? because the first time I came to your performance you said to the audience 'any requests' I heard them calling out 'Gingerbread Man' and The race is on' and I sitting up in the balcony, which came right over the stage, I called down to you 'Here's that rainy day' and you pointed up to where I was and said 'I'll do that one for you' and I said 'thank you' you didn't know that, did you! I do so wish I had got Internet years ago, but I thought you moved on and had found real happiness and so it continued. I will somehow come over and talk to you before I leave Planet Earth, somehow I will find a way. You know I have a heart problem now, aswell as a broken heart due to a terrible misunderstanding but I have Never never never never never faltered in my love for you, be sure of that. I had better end now. Please look after yourself and thank God you are not near these terrible fires in California, poor souls losing everything plus all the loss of live people and animals. I can't understand why these fires are occurring, I hope it is not humans who are creating this! Well my love stay safe. You are everything to me lots hugs xxxxxxxxv

United Kingdom
(409) Christine wicks
27 October 2019 22:25:56 +0000

Mr. Caps.

Your remarks regarding Mr Jack Jones critics is misleading. I have never heard or read a bad review of his work. He is a polished performer and always will be to his fans. They are the ones that matter.

United Kingdom
(408) John Caps
26 October 2019 14:40:06 +0000

Though it's good to see appreciative reviews of Jack's latest recordings, it's misleading when a critic emphasizes the aging qualities in Jack's singing. Of course by his 70s, even such a pure and clarion voice as Jack had in his prime (beauty of tone; complete control at all volumes and over two octaves) would have worn a bit and tightened. But in exchange for that youthful elasticity and clarity he is "acting" the lyrics more -- not so successful when he speak-sings instead of reaching for the melody -- but more productive when it deepens his interpretations. It's unnecessary, then, to worry about aging: although his voice sounds somewhat dry in the A + M Bergman tribute CD when set against Mike Renzi's luxurious piano, it's all still smooth and warm and skillful singing. And in his even later album of Sinatra standards with the Pat Williams orchestrations, his singing is lyrical and thoughtful and controlled at every dynamic level. In fact, it's one of his ten best albums ever (Others? "Impossible Dream" "JJ Sings" "Where is Love" LA Breakdown" "Sings Legrand"). So give Jack his due: and consider how age itself might be a blessing. In any case, we're grateful to still have him around.

United States of America
(407) V Wighton
11 October 2019 21:46:31 +0000

Hello My Sweetheart, How is everything with you way over there? hopefully all is well with you and your family. I wrote a whole lot of things to you last night, but, just prior to ending it off it vanished. I have no idea what I did! So glad your gigs at The Catalina wowed the audience of course you always wow the people. I wish I could have been there, one of these days I will be. I have been organizing all my photo's, our photo as I call it (Edinburgh 100 years ago) they have always been together face to face in my Scrap Book but they were getting ruined so now they are together in a big photo album face to face and so they will remain till ----. I am wondering did you call to me on your 'Farewell Concert Tour' as that is when I put my apartment up for sale as had to come to see you. I know you think I never was affected by what occurred and which I was unaware of, but you are wrong if you think that, you have always been with me. I did try many times to get in touch, to no avail I really tried. I will tell you one day. I am not writing much more, in case it all disappears again. I hope your back is a bit better just take it easy please and always stay strong and safe. I have always missed you even though you never knew it every time you left I felt empty, but I thought you moved on. I love you never question that. Forever v hugs and xxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(406) Alan London
5 October 2019 21:00:23 +0000

Saturday September 21st - Catalina Jazz Club
Following on from his Friday evening show, Jack played to another full house on the Saturday.
The Catalina Jazz Club - its décor and atmospheres continually remind of the Dino's from 77 Sunset Strip. Having just had the car parked by Kookie, it would be no surprise if Bailey and Spencer slid in for a quick cocktail between cases! The place just has that aura of 'old' Hollywood - and Jack clearly revels in it. "We're gonna have some fun tonight", were his opening words, The patrons clearly love him, and were blatantly keen to be part and parcel of his party! And so he proceeded to charm with his personality and cool wit, and amaze with a display of vocal gymnastics. Time after time, he causes one to wonder, as of an Olympic pole-vaulter: 'Just how high can he really go???'
Jack opened with 'The Gypsies, the Jugglers and the Clowns' - it's been a-while, and it reminds just how great a composition it really is.
The programme was scattered with such favourites as 'I Am a Singer; Without a Song; Love Boat', and selections from 'Seriously Frank'. But in essence, this was a revamp or new show.
Amongst the 'inserts' was the emotional 'Jodie'. This song is personally very special to Jack, and his feelings truly showed in the singing of it.
In contrast, there was much whooping, hollering and foot-stomping generated when he wrapped up with 'Dangerous Mood'. It's great, and if you not yet heard it, listen to 'The New Jack Swing' album. And then, if you can, try to imagine it performed live, to a wildly enthusiastic audience, with brilliant individual inserts from Christian and the crew, plus a belting organ solo by close friend Paul Lowden. The Club Rocked!
But the standout, not only my opinion, but that of many I spoke to post-show, was Jack's 'Gershwin Assembly'. Primarily a 'Porgy and Bess' mix, 'My Sweet Embraceable you is neatly slotted in. The selection commences with the evergreen 'Summertime, and concludes with 'Bess, You Is...' which in turn concludes in a powerfully long crescendo. Listen to the 'Live at The Palladium' album - the medley is one of its highlights.
A great evening, a great, enjoyed by a great audience who showed their appreciation....and then some!

Alan London
Seal Beach

United States of America
(405) Joni Wilson
4 October 2019 01:26:58 +0000
url  email

Hello Jack,

After discovering your site, I had to let you know what an amazing time my mom & I had at your show in March at The Palladium in Carmel, IN. I grew up listening to your albums & seeing you on TV. My mom has been a long time fan & I couldn’t wait to get tickets to your show. We had a ball singing along, laughing at your stories, it was a really good time. We’ve been to several shows there & this was the best ever. We heard that you usually do a little meet & greet after your shows. We decided to stay & at least get an autograph. You really made the evening especially for mom. We waited as you and your sweet wife entered the lobby. You spoke to mom first. She was seated & she stopped you like a long lost friend so I could take a picture only to realize I was videotaping. I still just die laughing about when you said to her, ‘I know you right.’ You were so nice & a real pleasure to meet. The ushers began locking up the place as we were the last to leave. We walked out with you & your wife, while saying what a great show it was & how awesome your voice is... & you said again ‘I really do know you.’ I kept asking her ‘what was he talking about, how’s he know you?’ All in good fun of course. It was so sweet & she still talks about that. We sure hope you come back for another show, because we’ll be there. Thanks for all your great music and for being part of my parents’ favorite singers & one of mine!

United States of America
(404) V Wighton
20 September 2019 20:22:26 +0000

Hello Darling, I did not realize that it is tonight that you are appearing at the Catalina, 'Break a leg' you will be wonderful, as you always are. What a pity I cannot be there, but it would not be the place for me to come anyway. Your lady and family will be there and so they should be. One day I will get over there to see you. I will be seeing you again, I know that. Have a fabulous 2 nights. Lucky people. I send you all my love as I always do. Take care stay safe. Always yours always vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(403) Barry Watson
8 September 2019 21:11:34 +0000

Jack Jones is a superb singer.

United Kingdom
(402) V Wighton
1 September 2019 18:02:20 +0000

Hello, Prince Charming I say that as I have just been watching Cinderella and the first lines that came up were from the Prince saying to Cinderella, 'I hope I will see you again and she replied, 'I do too', does that remind you of long ago! That brought tears to my eyes. I do like romantic Movies especially with happy endings. I haven't been on my laptop as much as I have to go to bed before 12.30am I am very tired and look like hell. Thanks Bonnie Scotland sure have lost myself here, the only good thing that has happened to me is seeing you again. Another year older since I last wrote to you. See you are performing again at the Catalina Jazz Club this month, well can't come to that unfortunately, but, hopefully one of these days I will see you again. I am going to look at a Retirement Home this week, horror of horrors probably be the end of me. They have apartments one rents I'll go and check it out. I am going to make my dinner now. I hope all is well with you and yours. Please stay safe and healthy. I don't think you will ever know just how much I have loved you, all these years.Till next time hugs and xxxxxxxx's v

United Kingdom
(401) Tony
22 August 2019 18:28:18 +0000

Please, Mr Jones,

For your next album, please be sure to include Here's To Love, and All Cried Out, to fully enclose my favorite Harbour.

(400) Tony
22 August 2019 18:24:17 +0000

Thank you so much for the autographed "I Never Had It So Good" CD, which arrived two days ago. It played in the car, from the beginning of a long drive: and there I was, singing along to every good memory of my youth which you brought flooding back on that trip.

(399) V Wighton
11 August 2019 22:54:27 +0000

Hello My Dearest, I wrote a letter earlier today to you and it was quite a long one but, just before I was about to send it to you it vanished, I don't know if I pressed something, anyway, I couldn't sit and write it again. I see that you have lined up gigs at The Catalina next month. I don't think I would come there, as I know your family and Lady will be there and I would hide away in the corner, I probably would not be able to talk to you. I was wondering about the songs that you have written, you mentioned them on the video Barry Mann number, well I would love to hear a few, as I am sure many of your followers would like that too. I know that they will be good you are probably too critical of your work, so please put up a couple of them, Pretty please. Are you annoyed at me, I do hope not. I never know quite what you think! So, my beloved I am off to try and sleep. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and healthy. I am shocked at the awful things that are going on in the States, so much evil in the World, if only I had a magic wand to wave across Planet Earth and create a beautiful, caring, loving place for all creatures great and small. Goodnight darling, I love you xxxxxv

United Kingdom
(398) V Wighton
6 August 2019 22:21:43 +0000

Hello Darling, Just a note to tell you I am back from Blackpool, with my tail between my legs. Wasted journey, a bit like an obstacle course, nothing went right. Got back last Wednesday night totally exhausted. Missed my nightly music, but I did take my photo of you, with me. I will write to you Sunday. Hope all ok with you my love. Have to get some shut eye as still tired. Oh, by the way before I forget, I have Never ever said Goodbye to you, that word will never be uttered when it comes to you. Look after yourself, stay safe, stay healthy and always remember I have always been in love with you. Till Sunday that Sunday in Spring lots of love, hugs and xxxxxxxx's v

United Kingdom
(397) V Wighton
21 July 2019 16:39:20 +0000

Hello my darling, Just a little note to tell you I am going to Blackpool tomorrow to look for a flat, as I really cannot live here anymore. It is not my 1st choice but I was there 30 years ago, oh my,
I did lots of gigs there so it is familiar, of course I would rather be close to you. I will check it out. I at least know a family there whom I met all that time ago and have remained in touch with ever since just as I tried to remain in touch with you, but the letters never seemed to reach you, why, I know not. Hopefully, I be able to co-ordinate renting there and give the 28 days notice required in this flat, as I don't want to end up paying 2 rents again, fingers X'd. If all goes well I shall get things in order and then try to come and see you. Wish I knew what I am supposed to do, I really need direction. I am going to miss my nightly viewing of you, but, I just close my eyes and you are there, actually I don't even need to close my eyes as you are always there. I do hope all is well with you, all those thousands of miles away, so far from me. I do wish I could come to the Catalina Jazz Club. Have to go and finish my packing, I am travelling light this time, first time in my life. Take care of yourself my beloved, I love you so very much I always have. Wish me well. As always, yours alone vxxxxxxx and hugs

United Kingdom
(396) Edward Ponas
14 July 2019 21:11:12 +0000

Jack, my name is Edward Walter Ponas, Ive been doing ancestry, and just found out that your father is my Uncle, you are my cousin My dad is Edward Williams Jones, I was born In Old Forge, Pa. My grandfather and your father were brothers. My grandfather was John C Jones. I know this is a long shot. But, I would love to talk to you. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this little note. Sincerely, Edward Ponas

United States of America
(395) V Wighton
30 June 2019 16:26:50 +0000

Hello my wonderful man, I was going to write and tell you about what happened before Sheffield, but I can't go through it all. I will only tell you that the week before your show, I had to organize my Father's funeral, hadto get my Mother back from Africa, where she lived and so many things. Daddy lived in Yorkshire. My Aunt came with me and I thought I had arranged every thing. Friday 13th February was the date of the funeral, well, unfortunately my Mother never got to the funeral, her flight was delayed and she missed her connection. See how things go wrong in life. I had not seen my mother in five years, she was devastated, so was I. On Saturday, I said, 'Mummy, I hope you will understand and not be upset with me, but I have to go to Sheffield tomorrow as I have to see Jack, please forgive me.' Mummy said, I understand , you go and I will see you when you gat back to Scotland. My mother knew everything as I used to write and tell her, how wonderful you are. I would never have left my mother but my love for you was and is so great. My emotions were all over the place, so many shocks, from the depths of despair and when you came in view, to this immense happiness that you create in me. Then when you walked off, the last night, I was again crashed and back in Scotland I crashed even further. I had to look after my Mother, I looked after my mother many times. Perhaps you can understand that my mind was all over the place and not taking in things. I ask your forgiveness, but I didn't know. I wasn't going to write all this, but I have. I do hope you are ok and doing well. I have lived all this time thinking the wrong thing until 3 years, come August. You'd better go now 'cause I love you much too much--a lot.vxxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(394) V Wighton
26 June 2019 23:17:37 +0000

Hello My Darling, Have I told you lately that I love you. No, well I do very much. I will write to you at the w/end. I do so wish I could talk to you and hopefully one day I will. It is difficult to keep inside me all the things I want to say and for so many years. Next letter I will tell you about the week prior to my coming to Sheffield, perhaps you will understand things then. I would never ever have done that, I am not a coward, you know. I must try and sleep tonight and not go through all the beautiful times, which I have done oh, so many times over the years, I even talk to you as if you were there, how bad/sad is that. Goodnight Sweetheart and as always, KEEP SAFE AND STRONG AND HEALTHY and Always keep singing. With all the love in the World VXXXXXXXX Keep the Faithxxxxx

United Kingdom