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Love BalladLove Ballad; Four-time nominated and two-time Grammy-winning recording artist Jack Jones is back front and center with a new album titled “Love Ballad,” a very personal take on love found and lost. “Love Ballad” will be launched September 20 by Aspen Records and available via BFM Digital Music Services on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, and Nokia, among others, as well as in stores.

“There is a personal story behind each of the songs,” Jones says. “The title song, ‘Love Ballad,’ was being played as my wife Eleonora and I were first introduced. It expresses the hope of finding the perfect lifetime partner, who must exist somewhere.

“Being a parent, I see ‘Not While I’m Around’ as a wonderful adult version of ‘Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?’ from ‘Sweeny Todd,’ with a much darker meaning.”

Jones considers one of the most moving moments in his life when he sang “The Impossible Dream,” for hundreds of wives of MIAs at the Washington Armory. “We were all wearing wristbands with MIAs’ names on them,” he recalls. “You can imagine how hard we all cried at the end of it.”

“Call Me Irresponsible” came about after Sammy Cahn asked Jones to come to Jimmy Van Heusen’s house to hear a song they wanted him to record. When he got there they played Frank Sinatra’s recording of the song, which caused Jones to ask, “What do you need me for?” They explained that Sinatra’s performance was too realistic and too good to be a hit, which is why they called him. Choosing not to take issue with this, Jones recorded the song – and “was subjected to having a major hit record on his hands!”

Jones, who has always been actively involved in the creation of his records, is credited as producer, personally selected all the songs and did the in-studio mixing and mastering of all the tracks.

Jones continues a busy schedule of live performances in performing arts centers throughout the year. He just completed appearances in front of 12,000 people in the Philippines; the McCallum theater; the South Point Casino Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas; and is scheduled for his biennial tour of Great Britain this fall.

SOURCE: Henri Bollinger Associates

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