May 5, 2014 – By Matthew Hoekstra for Richmond Review

Jack Jones

Jack Jones

It’s a song that’s hard to forget for TV fans of the ’70s and ’80s. For a decade The Love Boat brought viewers along on romantic and comic tales aboard the Pacific Princess cruise ship—and each show opened with a theme song so smoothly sung by Jack Jones.

“The Love Boat” was just one of Jones’ many hits in his long and successful career. The silver-haired crooner, now 76, will perform at Richmond’s River Rock Show Theatre on Friday, May 9.

Born in Hollywood, Jones’ first break came in 1959 when his demo found its way to Capitol Records, which picked up the budding artist. He released his first album with the single “This Could Be the Start Of Something Big.”

His career took off, and his commitment to the art earned him two Grammys in the early ’60s. Fans will remember the songs: “Lollipops and Roses” (1962), “Wives and Lovers” (1963), “Dear Heart” (1964), “The Race Is On” (1965), “The Impossible Dream” (1966) and “What I Did For Love” (1975).

In all, Jones has over 50 recorded albums to his credit.

Jones has also found numerous acting roles in his career—his most recent was a minor part in the film American Hustle as a lounge singer—but he’s perhaps most known for his live shows.

He’s performed around the world, and lands in Richmond May 9 for an 8 p.m. concert. Tickets, starting at $29.50, at and 1-855-985-5000.

1. First venue you performed at?

“At the Thunderbird Hotel in 1957 in my father Allan Jones’s act.”

2. How much do fans want to hear the “Love Boat”?

“I have raised millions of dollars over the years, for charity, by threatening to sing that song. Charlie Fox and Paul Williams (co-writers of the song), dear friends of mine, would not be laughing at that. The truth is the fans look forward to hearing that part of the Jack Jones experience they’ve come to revisit.”

3. What did you think of The Love Boat show?

“It was innocent and light entertainment. Much different than the norm of today, which is one murder after another. I actually wrote one of the stories that was on the one of their Christmas presentations.”

4. How do you maintain your voice?

“Gargle with formaldehyde. Seriously, I don’t smoke and I keep singing. Singing is the greatest therapy one could ask for and I feel for those who can’t carry a tune. It’s a wonderful gift from God.”

5. Favourite way to exercise?

“Riding my bicycle.”

6. What has been a memorable performance?

“Jack Jones with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. It was a wonderful production…and is available now, I see, on YouTube.”

7. Any concert superstitions?


8. What’s your favourite song to sing?

“We’ll Be Together Again.”

9. What’s the state of pop music today?

“The songs are getting more repetitious.”

10. Appeal of Las Vegas?

“For the older people, it’s the thrill of gambling and keeping arthritis out of your right arm. For the younger people it’s the ecstasy of dancing to DJs.”

11. Who do you owe most for your success?

“Dave Kapp, the man who signed me to Kapp Records and picked all my early hits.”

12. Best advice you received as a young performer?

“Stop looking out over the audience look them dead In the eye and smile.”

13. Your favourite singer/band growing up?

“Sinatra and Tormé.”

14. What drives you to continue in music?

“The sheer love of it.”

15. What’s a hobby or interest of yours?

“All kinds of technology.”

16. Last movie watched?

“In a theatre, American Hustle. I was in it with a cameo.”

17. Your ideal lunch?


18. What city do you spend most of your time?

“Rancho Mirage, Calif.”

19. How do you stay in shape?

“Ride my bicycle.”

20. Your coffee shop beverage of choice?

“Just a regular coffee with a little milk in it.”