Love Makes the Changes

Track listings:

1. That Face
2. It Might Be You
3. I Won’t Believe My Eyes
4. Nice ‘N’ Easy
5. The Windmills Of Your Mind
6. In Another Life
7. The Summer Knows
8. Where Do You Start?
9. The Way We Were/How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
10. On My Way To You
11. Love Makes The Changes
12. What Matters Most

Jack’s words:

For years, my dear friends Alan and Marilyn Bergman have had the ideal loving and pure relationship, truely sharing almost every ounce of life.
So I wondered, “How could they possibly perceive what it feels like when the music doesn’t keep playing?”
Well, on this CD We pay tribute to the most perceptive and creative couple I know.
They have inspired me to put many of their wonderful creations into one of my weak story lines. (Hey, if they can take all of Abba’s hits and work them into a plot about which of 3 guys impregnated the leading lady, then, what the hell.)
Each of these song tells part of the story, most of which you and I have lived through.
You write your own story as you follow the songs, and even if it doesn’t turn out to be much of a book, it will be one hell of a score.
— Jack Jones



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With Mike Renzi on piano, Chris Colangelo on bass, and Kendall Kay on drums
Recorded in New York at Nola Studios.

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