LA Jazz Scene

The audience was ready. The trio-pianist Christian Jacob, bassist Chris Colangelo and drummer Kendall Kay were ready to welcome vocalist Jack Jones to the stage. He began with a spirited “My Favorite Things,” his voice steady and clear. Jones is trim, with snow white hair, and looks handsome. My guess is he has lived a good life. His enthusiasm for the material is genuine and the audience thought he was terrific. His version of “Climb Every Mountain” was quietly spectacular as he built anticipation. Jacob was especially sensitive as Jones ended with a powerful close. The crowd whooped with delight.

“I Am A Singer” was a lament with great lyrics, “I have no other talent, I have no other choice!” was sung defiantly, proudly. It was written by Jones and it was a show stopper!

“All or Nothing At All” was slower paced with a jaunty feel. Kay used his sticks to tap out the time. The trio was more aggressive with their approach as Jones ended on a high note. “For Once in My Life” began with a quiet intro. What a pleasure to hear the lyrics easily, almost casually before a thunderous ending. “Without A Song” began with a quiet intro as Jones sings with clear enunciation and phrasing. Jones is telling his story slowly, but with a tremendous emotional truth. The audience was crazy for it. “The Best IS Yet To Come” was given a slow but very eventful delivery.

Jones went to high school with Nancy Sinatra. She told him one day that her dad was coming to sing for the students. Jones loved the material that Sinatra sang and decided to be a singer himself. He did the work so he’s been successful for decades. “Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry” affected him a lot. He sang the lyrics with a quiet passion. During the entire evening Jones became a fine “actor” as he creates very evocative versions of a popular tunes.

“Girl Talk” was slow and steady at a fine pace with superb backing from the trio. They added a bit of drama to every tune. “It Was A Very Good Year” was a strong version, interesting, deep with emotion. “Please Be Kind” was sung as a funny parody. “Hey Little Girl” was great as was “The Love Boat.” For “Man of La Mancha” Jones recited the words with a calm passion. His delivery was quite stirring. He performed Man of La Mancha” many times as a cast member. “The world will be better for this, to reach the unreachable stars…” Wow! And wow again! For his encore Jones sang a lovely, thoughtful “We’ll be Together Again.” The audience stood and cheered the artistry of Jack Jones and his fine backing musicians. It was one of the best evenings I ever spent in Catalina’s. Jack Jones delivered an exciting, well paced program of fine classic tunes. Bravo!