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(506) V Wighton
24 January 2022 21:51:02 +0000

Hello Dearest, Just wanted to say, hope you had a really good birthday, I sang Happy Birthday to you, as I have done over the past 48 years I do vary it though, sometimes I swing it etc., I even do my M.Monroe version. I haven't been able to sit at this laptop as I put my back out and it is very difficult to get into this space, that's what happens, when the flat is too small. I have been trying to fall out of love with you, but, it is not working, guess you are too embedded in my mind. So, my dear I am signing off and wishing you, happiness, health, stay safe, that goes for all your loved ones too. My best love always V.xxxxxxxxx's hugs xx

United Kingdom
(505) PhilT
14 January 2022 13:37:56 +0000

Happy Birthday, Jack!
Love the new album-Please make more!!

United States of America
(504) Jackie Wright
14 January 2022 10:46:53 +0000

Happy Birthday, Jack!

United Kingdom
(503) V Wighton
1 January 2022 23:15:28 +0000

Hello Mon Cher, I managed, yet again to get this laptop working, I honestly don't know how. I just wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.I do hope it will be a better year for all the World and of course us and your family, I always include them. So many terrible things happening, personally I think the Planet has gone insane. You must take great care of yourself, I cannot be without you. Did you not know that I would lay my life down for you, then and now, I wish you had realized all these things, a long long time ago. I am always with you and in case I can't get this L/Top working again I shall be singing Happy Birthday to you on the 14th and wishing you many many many more, just make sure that happens. My best love and I'll be seeing you, one of these days Please God.I love you in a place where there's no place no time,forever yours moi hugs xxxxxxxxx's

United Kingdom
(502) Dario Western
1 January 2022 06:39:35 +0000
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I was just wondering if any footage exists of The Jack Jones Show from 1973 - 1977?

I am a fan of Mud and Pan's People and Lynsey De Paul who featured on the show, and my parents recorded episode 1.3 (from 3rd February 1974) on cassette but unfortunately it's been either lost or misplaced.

Any help would be much appreciated.


(501) V Wighton
27 December 2021 00:11:39 +0000

Hello Darling, A belated Happy Xmas to you and all the family. Hope you had a good time. I couldn't get into thia Laptop but have managed yet again without any knowledge of what the heck I am doing, how about that! I was out for dinner at my friend Jennifer's house for Xmas that wasa really nice change for me, instead of sitting all by myself in this place. I was really surprised last Wednesday when I was in Broughty Ferry checking out the shops, this man came over to me and said, 'you are Valerie d'Lindsay aren't you ! I replied, Yes I am. {That is my singing name} He said I used to come and listen to you at The Barracuda [Big Ballroom]That wasin 1975 and I had my mask on. How could anyone know me after all that time, of course if I had not been wearing the mask he may not have recognized me. I did a 6 month Residency there. He said he used to chat to me, well, I spoke to many people.I had just finished that gig when I came through to Edinburgh and we all met up in the Caledonian Hotel. I think that is amazing, don't you. Well I will have to jump a lot of hurdles to get to you, did your other women ever have to do this? So, my love shall end off now, think of you constantly and hoping you and all your family are staying safe. Keep strong a;ways keep singing. Hope I will be able to get into this again. I love you, miss you. Send hugs and xxxxxxxx's moi x

United Kingdom
(500) Don Gaskill
23 December 2021 03:24:35 +0000

I'm 55 and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Jack Jones.
My favorite Christmas album for the last 40 odd years. Thank you Jack.

Merry Christmas,

United States of America
(499) Alan London
21 December 2021 02:59:19 +0000

So let me start out by assuring followers of Jack's site that I do not profess to be a music critic! In fact, I don't consider myself to be an expert on anything at all except, well except perhaps, the things that 'I' like! And I like, no, I love, this latest album from Jack. And so, I guarantee, will any first-time listeners.
It's snappy, it's bouncy, infectious and contagious - a real please be careful when listening and driving!
I confess that it took Will Friedwald, who wrote the album's introduction, to educate me in that Blues music is 'slick, smooth and polished - his words. And this collection meets all of that criteria, with some subtle humour mixed in for good measure.
And Jack has negotiated this trip into 'fresh fields' with a casual ease. Unmistakable JJ interpretations, brilliant arrangements, plus a gathering of outstanding musicians, have resulted in another 'Jack Jones Signature' recording that rightfully belongs alongside his many other classic music contributions.
Many of the songs were new to me, but thanks to You-Tube, I was able to listen to prior recordings, some of them by the original artists. They are great, as is, but on the 'Every Other Day' album, each one has received the special JJ treatment!
And also, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have been able to read the lyrics of each song. In each, I detected a combination of smiles, giggles, and at times raucous laughter, in the composers' messages, and it's so apparent, when listening to the album, that Jack himself, had a lot of fun in putting this all together.
But....there's a couple of points I MUST mention:
'I Guess I Showed Her.' Now that particular track exposed for me some raw and painful nerves that I thought I'd long put behind. I really never expected to be reminded of those sad 'back-than' days. Days when I struggled, mostly in vain, to self-convince that I was the one 'Showing THEM!' When in reality, I was the one 'cutting off my nose to spite my face!' Ah, those lovely ladies; without ever looking back, each one breezed off to their 'Happy-Ever-After' life, leaving me, lonely and sad, with nothing else to do but sweep up the fragments of me broken heart! I GUESS I REALLY SHOWED THEM!
And then Keb Mo stuck it to me with his infernal 'Itch!'
Have you ever experienced, just now and again, a phrase or word, that sticks in your mind, that haunts and torments, and just will not go away?
So, the other week, I'm playing golf, and pretty poorly too. Things were not going well at all. And on the fourth hole, I scared a couple of windows with a horrific shank - and by the way, within the golfing community, that word is looked on as blasphemous! My do-over fared no better, and as the second ball sailed over a hedge to join the first in the landscaped flower-bed, in total shock, I blurted out: 'I Did The Same Damn Thing All Over Again!'
"What was that? questioned one of our foursome, as he scratched his head in puzzlement.
"Nothing in particular."
But then, a couple of holes later, two more atrocious shots and, '......did the same damn thing....'
To make matters worse, on the eighteenth green, when I badly stubbed two short putts, a tuneless, and very embarrassing refrain drifted across the fairways: "HE did the same damn thing all over again!"
That straw broke the camel's you know what! My friends tell me (I was too dazed to recall)that I was last seen scurrying off to the bar for a much needed drink!
That tune is now deeply embedded - it won't go away. I can't believe how leary, how careful I am these days. I'm so desperate not to repeat a mistake, not to blurt out something foolish -twice! Will it ever move along.......perhaps to someone else.....or do I need some professional help?
You know, I started out this piece, just wanting to chat, at this time of year, with some of Jack's friends, and pass onto them how great I think his latest album is.
Somehow, along the way, I reckon I took a left turn, instead of a right. And so I've wandered all around the houses, and peeped into every nook and cranny! Mebbee, instead of toe-tapping, I got carried away, and began finger-tapping across my keyboard. Or perhaps it that this has been such a crazy year, that things finally got to me.....and I cracked! But my lovely wife, Maureen, insists that the cracking occurred decades ago!
Whatever, at least I have managed to navigate my way back to the originally planned route. So my friends, I reiterate...Every Other Day is a fantastic album, one which all lovers of good music cannot fail to enjoy. There is still time to add it to your Christmas shopping list, and also, thanks to the very attractive Sloan Robinson sleeve design, you don't even need to wrap it - it will look just fine as is under any tree.

Yup, I know that I ramble on - but it's all in good fun.
On behalf of Maureen and myself, we wish all readers of Jack's website, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and hopefully, less turbulent 2022.

Alan London
Seal Beach

United States of America
(498) V Wighton
3 December 2021 22:06:11 +0000

Hello Darling, I am sorry haven't been in touch but had many things going on here. Had that awful Storm cut lights off for a while then, my gas boiler had a had 4 days and nights without any heating or hot water, I was frozen -2 well got through it and here I am. How I have managed to get this laptop to work tonight I don't know, as iExplore will not open the Comp.shall have to somehow get assistance but difficult to get help, anyway if I can't do it again please do not think that I haven't tried. Hope you are staying well and all your loved ones. I have missed not hearing your voice as it makes me feel close to you and you fulfill me musically. I do so wish I could come and see you but where would I find you goodness knows I have tried over so many years to contact you, you are not easy to find, of course i do understand that, but where would I go! I have no idea of how much it would cost, I know it was quite a lot the last time and sure it has risen plus the Heath Insurance at my age and heart problem probably a hell of a lot, I would have to b e very sure that I would see you to have the CHAT I have waited for a long long time, what a tragic scene it all is. Have you got my Cell number or has that vanished too? To be honest if I had known what was in store for me in this Country I doubt I would have sold my home and it's comfort for this place and all the issues I have had here. The only real happiness I have had was when you were near the rest of the time is spent thinking of you. I hope that I can get into this again. I send you all the love I have locked inside me to you. Go well keep strong and always keep singing. Remember if anything happens to me I have told you the truth even with all it's strange happenings, thdey happened. Take care my beloved send hugs and xxxxxxxxxx's v

United Kingdom
(497) PhilT
25 November 2021 13:48:39 +0000

Happy thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for Jack's new album!
Best of all, in an interview on "Paul leslie", Jack says another one's on the way next year!It will feature songs he's always wanted to record, and a couple that he wanted to record again. It's a great time to be a Jack fan!!

United States of America
(496) Tony Allcock
18 November 2021 15:07:17 +0000


My favourite all-time Jack Jones album is “Sings Michel Legrand”. I have just been listening to an album by Broadway star Melissa Errico titled “Legrand Affair - The De Luxe Edition”. It started me thinking.
Melissa’s “De Luxe”album is an extended version of her earlier “Legrand Affair” album, which includes some of Legrand’s lesser known songs with lyrics by the Bergmans. There are 10 or 12 songs featured which I don’t think Jack has ever recorded, all of them beautiful pieces of work.
I wonder whether Jack could be tempted to record a new Legrand album using songs by the Legrand/Bergmans combo which he as overlooked?
Songs such as “I Was Born In Love With You”, “Maybe Someone Dreamed Us”,”I Haven’t Thought Of This In Quite A While”, “Hurry Home”, “Something New In My Life”, “Once Upon A Summertime”, “The Way She Makes Me Feel” - and more. All great songs!
There’s more than enough material to make up a second volume of “Sings Legrand” by the man who Legrand himself dubbed the greatest singer of his songs.
How about it, Jack? All your fans would love it!

United Kingdom
(495) V Wighton
14 November 2021 21:32:15 +0000

Hello Wonderful You, Just to thank you for all the magnificent numbers that I am able to bring up, they do brighten up my rather boring life although, after they have ended, I do go down in spirit, as you are so far away. I was going to tell you a story, but, not tonight my love, however I want to know if you got my letter when you went to The King's Theatre, Edinburgh 2016. I somehow feel that you did not receive it, had you got it you would have known that I was unaware of the very important 'thing' that happened so very long ago. I put that through to the girl at the Stage Door quite a while prior to the show starting and she promised it would be handed to you. When the Show ended I again went to The Stage Door and she told me it had definitely been put through to you, if you didn't get it WHERE did it go?Seems not one of my letters seem to reach you, same as the card and letter I sent to The Palladium 2013 it was not re: Farewell Tour, I was not given that info, it was 40th year Anniversary Card and letter of our First MEETING I know you did not get that because of what you said to me 2nd night Vegas. I phoned the Palladium from South Africa got all the details and enclosed your Card/Letter in separate envelope and wrote a covering letter to The Manager and placed you envelope into his and sent it in plenty of time for you to receive that WHERE did that go. I would have thought that the Palladium would have given it to you so who got it? You think you are easy to find but you are not God knows I tried a number of times over the years and Nada. Well I hope you and your family all well and keep safe. I NEVER stopped loving you and you know I never will. Keep smiling and one day who knows what the Fates have in store! Oh hope your back is less painful darling. Lots love, hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx's MOIXX

United Kingdom
(494) V Wighton
24 October 2021 21:44:00 +0000

Hello Sweetheart, As always I hope everything is going well for you and your family. This is a short and sweet note, I have to be up very early tomorrow, must start organizing many things, things I have put off for too long. I have to get my Booster Vac. 30th Oct. fingers X'd. I have now been 8 whole years in this dreary place and it sure has taken it's toll on me, however, I am still in the land of the living, oh sorry, existing. I will somehow come to you, even if I have to row over the Atlantic, catch the train from New York and ride through the Desert on a horse with no name. I will write end of the week again. I love you although I may not be your No.1 You are MY NO.1 ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. On that note I will sign off. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and keep strong we'll keep the music playing forever.Always yours V hugs xxxxxxx

United Kingdom
(493) PhilT
19 October 2021 01:13:55 +0000

Jack, I love the new blues album!
At an age when most singers would be rehashing their old hits, you've crafted a
boldly original work.
The lyrics are witty and engaging.The band is incredible-and your voice sounds earthier and more soulful than ever.
Hope there are more projects in the pipeline. If not, thanks for 60-plus years of magnificent music!

United States of America
(492) V Wighton
26 September 2021 17:02:52 +0000

Hello my love, I just lost the letter I wrote it vanished, what a schlep. So happy that you are doing so much musically again, I unfortunately cannot see and hear any of it due to my lack of knowledge. I am going to have to pay someone to teach me, as to where I find that person is another story. I must get your new Album Every other day I have the Blues shall ask the people at Costa to help me, they are all very nice to me. I hope that someday soon I will resolve all the issues that surround me at present and get back to a lifestyle that would give me more comfort. I do sit and ponder over the wondrous moments we had, which, have Never died within me and I wish I had not thought you had left me behind but The Palladium made me think that. I did think something with the next LP and was so happy went out got a new outfit, thinking I must try and look good for you I was so happy and Mummy was happy for me. I used to write and tell her all about you anyway I was ill after that and Manchester I became very ill my whole life changed after that, so don't ever think that I have not suffered. Well here I am, decades later still loving you which will never change. I am very sad today my friend Sandra, that girl who used to come to the shows passed away 2 days ago Cancer. She was like a little sister to me, known her since 72 when I came back from Mozambique 11 yrs younger than I. Remember she said to you 'would you like a cup of tea' in Hallem Towers. We were talking about that the last time I saw her, I shall miss her so much. So my darling you must take care and stay strong and healthy and I still have hopes that I can get to the USA to see you. Sending lots of hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's Forever V XXXXXXX

United Kingdom
(491) Lawrence Gitterman
11 September 2021 17:57:24 +0000

I can’t stop listening to “Live for Life”. It reminds me of my misspent youth.

When will you come to Canada?

(490) Angelika Frost
24 August 2021 11:43:59 +0000

I am and always have been, in love with your songs! I, more or less, grew up listening to you. You are very beautiful, still. GOD bless you, Jack Jones.

United States of America
(489) V Wighton
22 August 2021 14:37:55 +0000

Hello My Beloved, How are you doing all these thousands of miles away? hopefully all well with you and yours. I haven't been on this lap top for a while had a few issues to contend with, regarding this dwelling. Have gaseous fumes rising, not the gas boiler being carbon monoxide but definitely Combustible. I purchased a detector and it detects. I have had this since moving to this place and reported the Acrid smell then. It is definitely destroying me. A man came 2 weeks ago and cut a hole in the wooden floor in the hallway now I am waiting for the next Company to come and ascertain as to what is rising up from the earth under this building. I believe hassomething to do with the very high tides and I know water comes under loads of buildings right down this coastline, has done so for years but now the tide has risen and of course the water has intensified. The smell rises early hours of the morning and lasts approx.8 hours at it's height it is really bad and then it eventually disappears. It takes the oxygen out if the air, no wonder I feel the way I do, can you imagine this! Well, that is the story of my life at present. This is something very different for you to read. When I get some life back into me I still live in hope that I will be able to come and say HELLO to you personally. I know that there are terrible things taking place in this World and my situation could be a lot worse, but it still is hard to deal with every day. I love you, I have since we met, so very long ago but it has Never changed and never will. Oh I am now 960 months old, I have decided that it sounds less than Years that happened a week ago HELP. Take care, stay safe You are everything to me. Hugs xxxxxxxxx's moi

United Kingdom
(488) mark fox
8 August 2021 15:00:11 +0000

Add me soon Please-Regards,Mark Fox

United Kingdom
(487) V Wighton
27 July 2021 23:05:23 +0000

Hello My Love, A quick note before I go to sleep. I have to tell you that somehow I will see you again, that's if you come and chat to me. Surely that cannot be against the Laws/vows or whatever, after all I have known you for at least a hundred years, or so it seems and you are always on my mind even though you don't believe that. We in the UK are unable to enter the USA at present, so I will try and get myself together to be prepared for the BIG EVENT. That musical piece called madness, sure depicts the way the World is, so many terrible events everywhere. Sad Planet Earth. It's strange but all I ever really wanted was to be HAPPY with the man I love, he is my home, my life all that I would have wished for, but somehow it all got muddled up. Well, better end off and remember it was not what you thought. I love you forever, take care and stay safe always yours moi v.xxxxxxxxxxx's and lots of hugs xxx

United Kingdom