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2015 – Seriously Frank

2015 – Seriously Frank

Buy the album Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Frank Sinatra. Arranged and conducted by Patrick Williams. Also with Dave Grusin...

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  • 1961 : This Was My Love (Lollipops and Roses)

    1961 : This Was My Love (Lollipops and Roses)

    Grammy Winner: “Lollipops and Roses” won Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance Track listings: 1. This Was My Love 2. There Will Never Be Another You 3. Lollipops And Roses 4. Moonlight Becomes You 5. They Didn’t Believe Me 6....

  • 1961 : Wildcat (OST)

    1961 : Wildcat (OST)

    Track listings: 1. Hey! Look Me Over 2. Corduroy Road 3. You’ve Come Home 4. Give A Little Whistle (And I’ll Be There) 5. Dancing On My Tippy, Tippy Toes 6. Oil 7. Tall Hope 8. What Takes My Fancy...

  • 1961 : Shall We Dance

    1961 : Shall We Dance

    Track listings: 1. Shall We Dance? 2. The Spin I’m In 3. Changing Partners 4. At Long Last Love 5. A String Of Pearls 6. Take Two To Tango 7. Dancing On The Ceiling 8. Carioca 9. Ballerina 10. Invitation...

  • 1959 : This Love of Mine (Jack Jones in Love)

    1959 : This Love of Mine (Jack Jones in Love)

    Track listings: 1. This Love Of Mine (Parker, Sanicola & Sinatra) 2. This Could Be The Start Of Something (Steve Allen) 3. * Where Can I Go Without You? (Victor Young & Peggy Lee) 4. Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis &...

  • 2002 – Cruise of the Gods

    2002 – Cruise of the Gods

    Synopsis: The former stars of a TV sci-fi series are reunited for a cruise with members of their fan club. Cast: Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, Brian Conley and Special guest appearance by Jack Jones (Himself) Crew: Directed by Declan Lowney...

  • 2001 – Man of La Mancha

    2001 – Man of La Mancha

    Synopsis: Jack Jones earned raves for portraying Don Quixote in a national tour of “Man of La Mancha”. Cast: Jack Jones (Don Quixote/ Miguel De Cervantes) Reviews: MAN OF LA MANCHA CAST BRINGS ‘MAN OF LA MANCHA’ TO LIFE –...

  • 1995 – Guys and Dolls

    1995 – Guys and Dolls

    Synopsis: An extended 3-month run as Sky Masterson in this famous musical play at the Sheraton Desert Inn in Las Vegas in the spring of 1995. Cast: Jack Jones (Sky Masterson), Frank Gorshin, Kim Crosby and Maureen McGovern

  • 1978 – The Comeback

    1978 – The Comeback

    Synopsis: Jack Jones plays a singer who is haunted by the death of his estranged wife, and led into a confrontation with the killer, in THE COMEBACK. A sleek and entertaining slasher film from director Pete Walker, it is a...

  • Jack Jones : Call Me Irrepressible

    December 2011 – By Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics Jack Jones is truly a singer’s singer. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Mel Torme are among the pop icons who have lavishly sung his praises. The Grammy-winning Jones has recorded more...

  • Jack & Eleonora’s Wedding

    Dear Friends, I am proud to announce my marrigage to Eleonora. The wedding took place in Napa California at the home of Peter and Kaylea Bakker, surrounded by our 4 daughters, Colette, Nicole, Nicole and Crystal, sons in law, Doug,...

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