Jack Jones Album

Track listings:

1. Race Is On (Don Rollins)
2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Paul Simon)
3. Lyin’ Eyes (Glen Frey & Don Henley)
4. My Life (Billy Joel)
5. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Neil Sedaka & H. Greenfield)
6. Just The Two Of Us (Bill Withers, William Salter & Ralph McDonald)
7. Chase the Rainbows (Irem Koster)
8. Long And Winding Road (Paul McCartney)
9. My Fault (Jack Jones & Dan Micheli)
10. King, Taylor, Gershwin Medley (King, Taylor, Gershwin & Heyward)


Produced by Jack Jones
Rhythm arrangements by Jack Jones & Dan Micheli
Back Ground Vocals Arranged by Jack Jones
String arrangements & string sessions conducted by Harry Betts
Rhythm sessions conducted by Dan Micheli
Keyboards: Dan Micheli
Drums: Jim Blakemore
Bass: Bill Torma
Guitar: Bob Thomas
Conga: King Errisson
Executive producer: Martin Braude
Keyboards: Bob Florence & Dan Micheli
Bass: Tom Warrington
Drums & Percussion: Mike Stephans & Luis Conte
Sax: Pete Christlieb
Conductor: Dan Micheli
Background Vocals: Donna Fein, Merry Greene, Beth Anderson & Jack Jones
Concert Masters: Sidney Sharp & Murray Adler