I Am A Singer

Track listings:

1. I Am A Singer (G. Kenny & D. Shephard)
2. Love Dance (P. Williams, I. Lins & V. Martins)
3. Foolish Heart (S. Perry & R. Goodrum)
4. You’ve Changed/Round Midnight (C. Bill & F. Carl)-(H. Bernard & W. Cootie)
5. Leave A Tender Moment Alone (B. Joel)
6. Wind Beneath My Wings (L. Henley & J. Silbar)
7. Another Rio (J. Jones & B. Florence)
8. The Other Woman, The Other Man (G. Kenny & B. Mason)
9. All Because Of Love (G. Kenny & B. Shephard)
10. Lovesick (S. Kipner & J. Parker)
11. You Are The Love Of My Life (M. Masser & L. Creed)
12. Here’s That Rainy Day (J.Burke & J. Van Heusen)


Produced by Jack Jones
Arranged by Jack Jones, Bob Florence & Dan Micheli
Executive producer: Martin Braude
Keyboards: Bob Florence & Dan Micheli
Bass: Tom Warrington
Drums & Percussion: Mike Stephans & Luis Conte